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Next March, North American Pokémon Fans Can Catch 'Em All in Black & White

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Do you plan on capturing Oshawott and co. next year?

Nintendo has just announced that they're releasing the next entry in the Pokémon series, Pokémon Black and White, on March 6, 2011 in North America. Many have criticised the previous releases for sticking too closely to formula, but this upcoming title seeks to change things up a bit with a new setting, new look and all-new cast of collectible creatures, the first of which we've already seen. We expect that the 3DS will hit shelves around this time as well, and perhaps this is proof that Nintendo will indeed continue to support as previously announced.

Will you catch 'em all next year in this new release or save your money for the 3DS?

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Bass_X0 said:

Sure I'll be getting it. I'll even import the American version unless the European version is released near the same time.



CHOVI3 said:

I'll get it, unfortunately for my pocket i love pokemon. I hate that it's so repetitive though



danschemen said:

cool and i would think it would be a good idea to make games for both the 3DS and the DSi for a while so people can adjust.



Yasume said:

Pokémon Pearl and Diamond came out in Europe 3 months after the NA release, and I don't want to wait that long again. I think I'm going to import it.



Burn said:

Maybe Black/White will have some special features when played on a 3DS...?



Gavin_Rozee said:

Anyone importing, be aware that the games will only play on a DS or DS Lite, unless you have an American DSi/XL, due to DSi Enhanced games being region locked on DSi's.

Hope the EU version is out before March 17th; my birthday.



Sneaker13 said:

I have no idea if I will get this game. The Pokémon themself sucks and the names are even worse.



bboy2970 said:

CRAP!! When I calculated all the money I'll need for Wii/DS games leading into March as well as the 3DS and 3-4 launch titles I completely forgot about Pokemon Black and White coming out! Oh well, off to ebay! I hate to say it, but I might be going with the Oshawott for my starter. I hate the look of Oshawott but I like the final evolution so yeah. My interest in Tepig was completely crushed as soon as I saw the final evolution.



zezhyrule said:

Nope. I'll wait for Grey.

For one thing, there are tons of games I want that are coming out the first few months of 2011, and I'm also saving for a PSP. Or at least... Trying to...



Hokori said:

Ill get both and be happy with my 40/40 game as well as my non HD SSF4



CosmoXY said:

Imported Black from Japan already and I'll get White on March 6. I have enjoyed Black even without being able to understand all the text.



Rensch said:

Don't get your hopes up thinking this is gonna be the game that reinvents the series. It's not! In fact, this is the most uninspired Pokémon game ever. It's fun as ever but I wasn't impressed by the Japanese version. In case you are looking for something new, don't get your hopes up like this news post suggests. It will only lead to dissapointment. The new season cycle is a fantastic addition though and the multiplayer is better than ever before. Other than that, it's been there, done that.



pikku said:

I won't be getting it, but my borther will. I'm gonna wait for Grey and get Soulsilver in the meantime. (after I save up enough for the 3DS ) but if I did get it, I would hoose the grass starter as always.



thaneds said:

the only thing unlocked on the dsi and 3ds is the ability of video chat, but both online and story wise... and no more need to poke center mart with another b/w user you can just use the touch screen for trading and such.... i play the japanese version.... same thing.... i beat the easy game



Sylverstone said:

I'm usually intent on picking fire-types first.... but Smugleaf (Snivy) just looks too awesome to not pick.



Objection said:

"this upcoming title is set to change things up a bit with a new setting, new look and all-new cast of collectible creatures"

Pretty much every core title does that. Which is why I'm probably not getting this one, it really isn't doing much that hasn't been done. Graphics upgrade in battle make it look like it's finally a GBA or SNES game.



Robo-goose said:

I hope that you guys don't buy Pokemon games for their stories.
The true goal of Pokemon is forming unbeatable teams, then destroying your friends and people online by using said team.



DarkLloyd said:

curse oh well i'll be getting a 3DS plus some 3ds games and pokemon black and white woooot



TTGlider said:

Really looking forward to Black / White. It will be the first Pokemon game I really get in to. I'm curious to try out the web-based gameplay.



The_Fox said:

I hate Pokemon.
No real message beyond that, I just had to counter the poke-love.



Simon_Deku said:

I'll get the otter thing. The 2nd evolution is epic so once it evolves, I'll give it an everstone. If they take everstones out of this, I will kill nintendo and my DSi will officially be replaced with my iPhone. If only they had kirby on the iPhone



Simon_Deku said:

I just realized that there will be 649 poke's after this. The last is this epic robot bug!



BulbasaurusRex said:

After missing the 4th generation due to lack of DS, I'll be getting Pokemon White as soon as I can get a 3DS. I'll be starting with Oshawott, as its final evolution looks awesome (unlike Tepig's final evo), and Snivy's final evo has a terrible moveset.

@19 The season cycle isn't the only thing that makes this generation refreshing. We also get no old Pokemon until after the Pokemon League, a final battle against the bad guy during the Pokemon League, ability to choose the order to battle the Pokemon League, triple and rotation battles, version exclusive areas and a 3D (meaning polygons) city, reusable TMs, the Dream World, multiple gym leaders where it depends on which one you battle at a couple of gyms, and so on...



Aviator said:

I don't care for Pokemon anymore.

The 4th one barely brought me in, but they have killed it now.

I'll stick to playing the classics thank you.



Yasume said:

The European releasedate seems to be March 4 according to Pokéxperto. I'm not sure if that's a reliable source, though.



Punny said:

I won't spend a single penny. I'll ask for them both on my Birthday.



SuperLink said:

I might wait for gray, or not get anything. Yes, I'll admit that the Pokémon games are timeless treasures (well, the early ones anyway), but they're just gonna run out of ideas eventually.



J-Forest-Esq said:

Will import the american version probably, never bought a DSi so I don't need to worry about region locks and whatnot. Everyone seems to be going for the otter so perhaps I'll choose the snake...



NassaDane said:

The best part of the game is all the awesome new pokemon but besides that it goes backwards in stuff compared to HG/SS. Its hard to have a good game then go to the sequel and have all the good features taken away and you are left with old features. I'll still play it but probably keep playing SS.



Link977 said:

the starter pokemon remind me of Piplup, Cynaquil, and Treeko... I think they were playing to much other pokemon games before they made the starter crew...



Omenapoika said:

I'm gonna catch 'em all! The awesome releases of course, including both 3DS and B/W. Just don't know yet which one! :7 Maybe white because of Zekrom or black just because of being black...

It'll get kinky for me if the european release is later than march since I know japanese I've been on the edge of importing this game, but I've been waiting for the european so I can buy it together with my friends. But I'm also going for an exchange in Japan in the end of march, so I might have to wait and import the european?! But I bet the european release can also be found somewhere on the islands, or I'll just buy the japanese one : P

And thirdly! I'm verrrry positive the third game won't be called Gray there's just no way, it sounds so dull. I'd go for Ash or Marble instead.



WolfRamHeart said:

I will be getting Pokemon White and a black 3DS. Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony.



Robo-goose said:

*Yes, but only after beating the Elite Four. Also, they cannot hold items or know HM moves when being transferred.

*There are a few event Pokemon that may be transferred before beating the Elite Four.



aaronluis26 said:

I had my first experience with Pokemon playing Diamond after my cousin gave me her copy in August since she had SoulSilver. I absolutely love the game and I'm really looking forward to get either Black or White when I have the chance



Bassman_Q said:

I still don't get how everyone can get so hyped for a game that everyone already has played time and time again. This game doesn't seem to do anything different aside from some graphical updates, and the different Pokemon seem so uninspired this time around that it just makes me think that Nintendo and GameFreak have really lost their magic with imaginative creatures. Needless to say, I'll pass on this one and any other upcoming Pokemon games that are coming our way.



IronMan28 said:

I'd say "save for the 3DS" but I'm saving for Thailand, then when I get back from there (if I'm not broke) I'm going to get a 3DS.



CosmoXY said:

@ 60. Qwikman & Bass - Then you totally miss the point of Pokemon as has been said above by a previous poster.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@60 Read my post at #37. These games actually reinvent the series more than any others except possibly Gold/Silver. The core fans (including me) would never accept changes to the core gameplay/mechanics, anyway.



motang said:

I just got heart gold two days ago, so my money will be going towards the 3 DS!



snivy_is_awsome360 said:

i've always been a pokéfan, that's what i grew up with,the first pokemon game i played was leaf green. i have to say though, i'm really excited for this new game.



snivy_is_awsome360 said:

by the way, what i think would really be refreshing, is that they let us customize our character, you know, really getting the player into the game.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I shall wait until the 3DS2 comes. Besides, I am planning on buying 2 Pokémon White and 1 Pokémon Black copy for my brothers and me, you know, so that we all start at the same time.



Knux said:

More than likely, I'll be buying both Pokemon White and the 3DS this March.



darkethan34 said:

Which starter do you think is best? I prefer Snivy even though choosing the grass starter in SS was a terrible FAIL.

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