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Man Steals Game Boy from Casket at Funeral, Turns Himself In

Posted by Trevor Chan

An all-around tragedy

Last Saturday, on the morning of Christmas Day, Bradley David-McCombs, Jr.,17, was killed when he lost control of his sports utility vehicle on Route 553 in Cherryhill Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

During the public viewing on the following Monday night at the Rairigh Funeral Home in Montgomery Township, Jody Lynn Bennett, 37, of Mentcle, was suspected of taking several personal items from the casket and left the funeral home when confronted.

A Game Boy, Game Boy Light accessory, and three games were supposedly stolen. The aunt of the accused said of her nephew:

... [he] has been into drugs, he's into alcohol. He's just messed up.

The Bennett family are friends with the McCombs and were reportedly stunned by what took place. When they were unable to recover the items, the police were called. Eventually, Jody Lynn Bennett turned himself in to the authorities.


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bboy2970 said:

What kind of piece of scum steals anything out of a casket?? The fact that it was a Gameboy just makes it worse! What kind of person deprives the dead from carrying Nintendo with them to the grave? No one better try to swipe my 3DS from my casket when I'm dead



NESguy94 said:

I thought I had heard everything, but this is new. Why eould you steal it when you can go buy one from a 2nd store for $10 or less. Let the poor guy rest in peace with his Gameboy.



komicturtle said:

Wow, the guy even has a Gameboy Light. But that's screwed up. Luckily he turned himself in else Karma would have chases him down.



Token_Girl said:

What would make someone steal a gameboy from a dead man? He can sell it for drugs. It sucks that some people have these problems, but addiction is an unfortunate reality. Hopefully, this will be his "rock bottom" and he'll be able to get the help he needs.



Aviator said:

kleptomania |ˌkleptəˈmānēə; -ˈmānyə|
a recurrent urge to steal, typically without regard for need or profit.



dizzy_boy said:

damn, that guy is going to get haunted for sure. a second hand gameboy and accessories is lucky to be worth some cheap spirits at the local morrisons.



StuffyStuff said:

@6 - My thoughts as well.

You have to be messed up to steal something of little monetary value from the deceased.



NintyMan said:

What a rude and selfish thing to do. Those drugs must have soured his brain to make him do something like that. He ought to be ashamed of himself.

@9: That's what I would want to know too.



LordJumpMad said:

How poor are you, that you need it, to steal a Dead Man's Gameboy!

agh!, people this day of age!



Gameday said:

That just makes you think who was he to anyone of the family that he didnt give 2 cents about the unfortunate/family. Seriously have a heart (which he did give it back but...) but better yet get a job... better hope that kid doesnt haunt you cause if you stole my beloved systems id haunt you and wreck all your systems and gameplay for all eternity.



SMBSS said:

If I die, I want to be buried with a Virtual Boy strapped to my face



Wolfenstein83 said:

Hahaha, wow!
The guy is obviously off of his meds, and if he isn't on meds he needs to be.
What a scumbag.



SilverBaretta said:

in a gentlemenly voice

You, Mr. Jody Lynn Bennett, are completely off your rocker.

in a Hamlet-esque voice

Get thee to a nunnery!



Capt_N said:

1st, I am not for putting things in caskets, since as a Christian, I believe the person is no longer in that humanly body, but either in Heaven, or Hell from the very moment their body shut down for the last time. Also, said item(s) won't be used @ all. However, my own views on placing item(s), or not, is not necessarily everyone else's views, & I don't say as such. If a family chooses to do so, their wishes must be respected.

2cdly, How certain are the authorities that the accused is really on drugs?! Maybe he just stole, felt guilty later, & turned himself in. He should have still respected the family wishes. I can understand if the thief was a little kid, but a fully grown adult?! I can only understand that, only if he has a mental retardation of some sort. Then, it's understandable, but still wrong.

3rdly, W/ all the problems such as this in the world, being alive, yet still in some small troubles, such as economic issues, & other meager issues, is nothing to complain about, compared to the likes of this. Being alive, healthy, having all my family amongst the physically, & eternally spiritually living, & all of a sound mind, & body, money issues, & small Christmases are nothing to complain over.



wes008 said:

Wow. How sad
@komicturtle92 I have a GB light Man, the days before backlight screens.
@Capt N I'm a Christian too. However, I'm not totally opposed to putting someone's belongings in their casket. So long as it's not the belief that they will carry those items on to Heaven (or H**l, or Purgatory). Putting things in the coffin can be a good reminder of that person's life.



jaw51 said:

That's very sad for the family, a teenager dying on Christmas day. My friend's grandmother died on Christmas as well, and it's been hard on him.
That thief must be crazy; what could drive someone to steal a gameboy from a dead person?



Bassman_Q said:

Well, as zezhroom mentioned, it's not like the gameboy was going to be used in the dude's casket... Not that I would do it, anyway, NO.

But it WAS pretty rude of the guy to just steal it. At least he didn't kill the guy, right? RIGHT?



RyuZebian said:

Getting buried with your belongings is just ridiculous viking cr*p.... And when it's a fine piece of electronics it's just even stupider! Stealing it is just wrong though. So what should have been done with the Game Boy? Child's Play, of course!



shinesprite said:

Wow! So shockingly sad! Besides, pawn shops only pay 10¢ per $1!

However, it makes me wonder. How many cascets would they need if that was Corbie? (I've seen that grim reaper following him around before)



Shirma_Akayaku said:

O_O thats just wrong. come on if he couldnt buy a gameboy then he is some cheap bastard living wit his aunt.



Onion said:

I would never steal a Gameboy from a dead person!

I'd steal a GBA SP. The gameboy didn't have a backlight, hence the need for a hokey plastic light being required to place on it.



Pokeman said:

Gameboys,so 2008, if there was a DSi or something like that I'll take it! But just killing someone for a gameboy you can buy for only five bucks, such a shame, poor 17 year old junior.



Onion said:

So... Is anyone else going to correct Pokeman or should I do it? Guess I'll do it...

First of all, the gameboy is more 90's than anything. Considering the model of the Game Boy (Color, Pocket?) isn't specified, I assume it's the old green-screen model. Oh, and if you can find one for 5$ (that works) then more power to you. The cheapest one I ever saw was 20$ and the condition was terrible. They typically sell for 100$+ on in new condition, and about 30-50$ used. So.. Yeah. Good luck with the whole 5$ Gameboy.

Second, he wasn't killed for the gameboy. He died in a car accident and someone swiped the gameboy from his casket. Did you even read the story, or just the title?



StarDust4Ever said:

They wouldn't have enough room to fit all my NES carts with me. Besides, like Capt N., I have secured a place with Jesus and thus won't be needing them anymore. Personally, I would rather that they be sold or passed along to be enjoyed by another person, than be buried in my casket to rot away...

Seriously though, stealing out of a casket is really low. Maybe he thought they wouldn't notice they were missing... Perfect crime indeed!

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