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lilt line Dubsteps to WiiWare on December 13th

Posted by James Newton

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Gaijin Games' lilt line is almost ready for a WiiWare release, with the company just having announced a date of December 13th for the unique musical experience.

Your mission is to guide a line of light through a series of tunnels to a catchy dubstep soundtrack, but only those with superb Wii Remote skills and excellent rhythm will be able to master the game's tricky stages.

For just 500 Points this one should be a steal – check out our lilt line First Impressions from August this year for more information, and of course come back for a full review after December 13th.


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Corbs said:

This game goes from zero to brutal in 2.4 seconds. Some of these levels are insane! Of course it's a fun kind of insane.



Omega said:

This game came out for iPhone April 2009.
Not my kind of game but I guess the Bit.Trip fans will find something good in this, too.



bboy2970 said:

This game looks very Art Style-esque. That's great since I absolutely adore the Art Style series. I'll definitely get this one the dasy it comes out at that price!



shinesprite said:

For any who are interested, lilt line is free on the apple service today.

Personally, I won't be downloading either version, because i don't have an i-device/desire to play this game.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I got the game for $3 on the App Store. Pretty fun... probably wouldn't get it again for more money. Will there be additional content or is it just a straight port pretty much>



JGMR said:

Not my favourite kind of music unfortunately. If it was Jungle, Drum & Bass or (UK oldkool) Hardcore they could've counted me in.



rwq said:

^5 shinesprite thanks for the appstore tip! Great game. I think the wiiware version provides slicker visuals, and I much prefer gaming on my wii than on any handheld device anyway.



kurtasbestos said:

iphys -> That's what I was thinking. The Bit.Trip games are great, and Light Trax is easily one of my favorite Wii games, so this looks pretty badass!



James said:

I really enjoyed this when I played it back in August; it's mad difficult and the music is great, whether you think you like dubstep or not. I'd like to see a demo released personally as I think it'd draw lots of people in like it did me.



Token_Girl said:

I picked up the free version on the app store yesterday (strangely, I get most of my app recommendations from here...). Haven't gotten a chance to play with it yet, but it'll be nice to get a feel for the game and see if it would be something vastly improved on the big screen with Wii controls. If it works great on the phone though...sweet!



imapterodactyl said:

The iPhone version is excellent. I didn't even have to pay for it, as a friend added it to my phone because they wanted me to have it. As such, I have no problem throwing some money at the Wiiware version to support these guys. Fast and fun tilt 'n tap action! It's easy to picture what the Wiiware version will be like... tilt the Wiimote to control the line and press A or 2 to tap the barriers. Should play exactly the same as the iPhone release, just like iPhone Bit.Trip.Beat plays exactly the same as the Wiiware release. The game scoring system is the reverse of most. You start with the highest possible score, which drops every time you mess up. If if reaches zero, you lose.

My only issue with the original Lilt Line is that the difficulty doesn't ramp up until the last couple of levels, at which time it does become tough, but only for those last 2 or 3 stages. Hopefully the Wiiware version adds a few more tough levels at the end, as the ending levels are the only ones I play on iOS anymore. I've gotten perfect scores on the majority, so there's no point in going back to them.

@Token Girl: I don't imagine the Wiiware version will play any better or worse than the iPhone one. The phone version plays perfectly, and I don't think a bigger screen will make any difference here.

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