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It's Ice to See this New Fluidity Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Snow more puns, we promise

Fluidity wets WiiWare's appetite today, so there's no better time to show off this new trailer from Nintendo revealing more about the multiple forms you'll be able to use in the game.

That's right: it's not just liquid entertainment, you're able to change states between ice, water and steam to conquer the game's puzzles. The video below focuses on the ice block form, showing off its unique abilities as it slides around the levels.

Fluidity is released on WiiWare today alongside a free demo, and we'll of course have our full review available for you later this week.

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Link79 said:

This sure looks good and it is made by Nintendo. Hope it turns out to be a hit.



NESguy94 said:

Wow, this looks really cool (no pun intended) I have always loved a good platformer and this seems to have a great amount of puzzles too. I hope it will be as great as it sounds!



ukiby3000 said:

I've been expecting the release of this one so eagerly! I hope I don't get disappointed haha



2-D said:

Nice to see the trailer in a higher resolution than the console can output! Always useful

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