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Help WiiWare Demos Get a Time Extension and Win BIT.TRIP FATE

Posted by James Newton

Do your BIT (updated)

Broken Rules and Gaijin Games have teamed up to offer one generous gamer a free copy of BIT.TRIP FATE. How does one go about earning this prize? By letting other users know how great And Yet It Moves and FATE are. We'll let Broken Rules explain:

As you know, both And Yet it Moves and BIT.TRIP FATE have demos available on the Wii Shop Channel for the WiiWare Service. And as you also know, these demos will go away if And Yet it Moves and BIT.TRIP FATE don't get enough ratings through the Nintendo Channel for our games to reach Bronze status.

So, in an effort to get you all rating so that we can keep the demos active we'll give you the chance to win free copies of And Yet It Moves and BIT.TRIP FATE. All you have to do is send an image showing how you rate the game on the Nintendo Channel.

In order to rate the game you need to own the full version of either And Yet It Moves or BIT.TRIP FATE, then load up the Nintendo Channel and head to "Recommend Wii Titles". It takes no time at all and could help future users to discover these games by keeping the demos available for longer, and you could even win a free game for your troubles.

For more information check out the Broken Rules blog.

Update: We've received clarification this is currently for North America only.

I’m afraid it’s only for North America this time.
However, if enough interest is generated we’ll probably do something similar once the AYIM demo is released in Europe.


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User Comments (44)



Robo-goose said:

They make a good point, if Nintendo sees that games with demos sell just as well as games without demos, then they will have no reason to give us more demos in the future, or to keep the demos running longer.



Xkhaoz said:

I guess I'll try, though playing a demo for more than an hour will be kinda hard.



shinesprite said:

This is just great . I already own AYIM for PC, so I'm not interested in the WiiWare version.
I'm planning to get FATE, but what would I do with two copies? Gaijin should've included their other non-bronze games in the contest as well.

@James Thanks for the compliment. Actually, I've yet to get VOID, RUNNER, and FATE, so your guess is as good as mine as to what I'm classified as. I really want to play them, but I won't pick them up until I can give them the time they deserve.

This article was quite confusing. Thankfully, Gaijin games has done a nice job of clarifying the contest. You can read about on their announcement page.

Hope this clears things up!



Omega said:

They're giving away 3 (in words: three) copies of Fate to the funniest/most creative people. The chance of winning is very small.



Token_Girl said:

These are two of the biggest games on WW. I'd imagine they're already at least bronze. Also, what's the point of winning a free game if I already have to own it to participate?

/scratches head confusedly.



Atlantis1982 said:

. Futile, Nintendo is too pigheaded to realize they are just going to do what they do best: missed opportunities.



Crunc said:

The way Nintendo is handling demos is just insane. Why are these demos time limited? Why aren't they available for all games? Have demos available for all download games on day of release and without expiring has worked wonders for Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade. It's great for gamers and it's great for game sales. I just don't understand Nintendo. I hope they get a clue when they get around to releasing the Wii 2.



Omega said:

@Token Girl + y2josh: You need "And Yet it moves" to participate and you can win "Bit.Trip Fate" as far as I understand.



kurtasbestos said:

I downloaded the demos for both of these and liked them both. I even downloaded the demo for Cave Story the other day, even though I got the full version the day it was released. I'd be more than happy to help get the message across to Nintendo that demos are a ridiculously good idea.



Hardy83 said:

Please, Nintendo already knows demos increase sales. The demos were on the top spots their entire time last year, they just don't care about keeping demos.

A. The system they have doesn't isn't set up for demos properly.
B. Pfft That means they aren't cavemen when it comes to online functionality.



Radbot42 said:

Wait wait wait, you have to own the game to rate it, to win the game you now own and rated? That makes no sense



theblackdragon said:

guys, Broken Rules will be giving three lucky winners a copy of Bit.Trip FATE for rating AYIM and sending in images proving you did so, as seen in their blog post here. Gaijin Games will be giving three more lucky winners a copy of As Yet It Moves for rating FATE and sending in images proving you did so, as seen in their blog post here. :3
hopefully this'll clear up the confusion :3



XCWarrior said:

@zanroll I'm kind of with him, but I guess if you only own one of them, then you can win the other one. I need to try the demos out first, I downloaded them but haven't fired them up yet due to that stupid thing called work.



Radbot42 said:

Ok that makes more sense. I have FATE so I might do this then, Just would have to fire up my camera, wherever that is



Bensei said:

Too bad. Thought since a vienne company is involved it might be Europe too. But I'll still give AYIM a good rating



Objection said:

Actually I do own AYIM and nto Fate (yet) since I only recently got Runner but haven't started it yet.



Juampi said:

@theblackdragon how? I think once you rate a game, it no longer shows up on the list and there's no way to show that you did in fact rate it...
you would have to send two pics, one showing that you have the game, and another one showing it's not on the "rate a game" list... but that's kind of complicated...



theblackdragon said:

@Juampi: I thought you could access the screen to show that you have indeed rated the game (and what your answers to the questions had been)? I'm wanting to say you had to actually look the game up on the Nintendo Channel (as if you were checking it out) and you'd be able to get to it there... or am I thinking of the pre-update Nintendo Channel? It's been a long time since i've actually bothered rating a game, lol... I could be mistaken



fixjuxa said:

I tried to help out, but for the life of me I couldn't find the section of the shop where you can recommend



James said:

It's in the Nintendo Channel, fixjuxa - if you haven't got the Nintendo Channel, you can download it free from the Wii Shop Channel. Happy voting!



MeloMan said:

Thanks to Nintendo, I have to jump through hoops, all cause they don't believe in demos as a norm. sigh. All I know is I bought AYIM, beat it, and rated it... I rate ALL of my games on the Nintendo Channel, from suck to super. So, am I too late to send in my "face of love" for AYIM to win Bit.Trip FATE? Can someone clarify that one for me?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@MeloMan: You can go under your list of Recommended Titles on the NC and see the rating you applied to AYIM. That should suffice for the screenshot, the rest is up to you. Hope that helps.

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