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Heavy Fire: Special Operations Targeting Europe on New Year's Eve

Posted by Trevor Chan

Teyon deploys series debut for 500 points

Teyon's first instalment in the Heavy Fire series might not have done much to convince us that it's a compelling on-rails shooter, but if you're brave enough to lay down the points for it, you'll be glad to know that it launches in Europe on 31st December.

Heavy Fire: Special Operations will be available to download from next Friday for 500 points, five months after its initial North American release.

While we wait for the second instalment, Heavy Fire: Black Arms, Europe can finally get its hands on the series' debut title, but beware, this game should be approached with caution as you'll see from our review.

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Sneaker13 said:

I love onrail shooters. So I will be getting this for sure.

Mexicans are very fond of this game BTW.



Omega said:

For the low price it doesn't look bad to me. Judging from YouTube videos, I like it more than "Zombie Panic in Wonderland" because in Zombie Panic you always have the same background per level whereas in Heavy Fire you move through the areas, even if it is only on rails.

I only wonder if this will be released in germany too without getting indexed by the USK. When even "Stop Stress a day of Fury" cannot officialy be downloaded (without changing the system language to english).



Imerion said:

I'm interested and will probably get it for that prize. Might not be fantastic, but I like the genre and want to see what it looks like.
I wonder if they have improved stuff in it since the US release? Might be slightly better now due to tweaking, which has happened with other games.

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