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Heavy Fire: Black Arms Invades with New Trailer

Posted by Zach Kaplan

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Teyon has just released a new trailer for its upcoming WiiWare title Heavy Fire: Black Arms, a light-gun shooter that puts you in the jungles of South America where you'll take on the illegal arms trade. It follows the previous release Heavy Fire: Special Operations, which debuted in North America last July.

You can rock out to the trailer below and check back at Nintendo Life for a review when Black Arms ambushes the WiiWare catalogue. Do you plan on signing up for the fight?

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luke17 said:

So the developer's name is Teyon and develop a game called Black Arms?? Hmmm sounds familiar...oh yeeeeah...Treyarch and Black Ops. But I'm sure it's just a coincidence right?



irken004 said:

It looks VERY good, but the first game played like a simplified on rails shooter. Pass.



Zach said:

@Yasume No problems here, you might want to change the quality setting - in the lower right hand corner you can pick anything between 1080p (high-def) to 360p (low-quality).



Omega said:

On my PC the video has a very low framerate too when running with 720p. When I switch to 360p the framerate is okay.

If the game would be a real first person shooter (without the rails), I would say: Wow! Looks almost as good as FarCry. But on-rail shooters don't really interest me.

I would prefer a real shooter with toned down graphics over an on-rails shooter with very good graphics. So, when do we get Doom ReBirth? Sorry, I mean Doom Classic. There's already a version for the IPhone so why no WiiWare?



Sylverstone said:

I'm just hoping that more life is breathed into this. The last one was quite empty and frankly boring.



Sneaker13 said:

Looks really good and I love onrail shooters. Too bad we in Europe still don't have the first.



brandonbwii said:

C'mon Teyon, WiiWare has a bad enough reputation as in is. Do you have to really fill it with MORE shovelware? Still, if they're able to get a demo out there I'll try it. I'm betting that Ghost Recon rail-shooter is better though.

I've played the original and it makes me wish there was a return policy on download games.




Ghost Recon Wii recieved bad revws I'm afraid although to me it didn't read as disastrous. It is an ex-radar game 0f mine which I'll prob pass on.

This actually looks not bad but I need a revw.



Porky said:

This isn't shovelware; have you seen the first game? It's been on the top 3 popular list since its release, so alot of people like that and will for this.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Being a good seller isn't a very good indicator of a game's quality, especially on WiiWare. Most of those people regret that purchase after they had a chance to play it.



cyrus_zuo said:

Got the first and I totally wish I had those 500 points back (as opposed to something like Rotozoa which was 600 points and which I'll be gifting to people this Christmas .
I have very low expectations on this and will not make the same mistake again (though I really wish this game was good as I like on-rail shooters - Ghost Squad remains my favorite of the genre on Wii...but then I'm a big fan of Time Crisis and GS is a TC clone!)



Imerion said:

I haven't played the first, so I cannot comment on it's gameplay. But I think this trailer is very impressive graphics-wise. I know it's not comparable, this being a rail-shooter and all, but some of these scenes look better than COD: Black Ops. At least from a technical perspective. And this is a Wiiware game. If they can improve on the problems the first one seems to have had, this might actually be really cool. I'm having my hopes up for the moment.

Perhaps, if this works well, Teyon might make a "real" FPS next time. With this engine it could be fantastic, especially if they make it a retail release and can really crank upp all those textures and models a bit.



salty1264 said:

i have the other but this looks a bit better but itll still suck if like the other it wont let you move on your own



Kirk said:

This is basically an entire game made out of the on-rails shooting bits in Call of Duty titles.

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