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Get a Taste of Ghost Trick With Free Flash Demo

Posted by James Newton

Who did the killing?

Ghost Trick isn't far away now, so if your excitement is reaching supernatural heights you might want to check out this free Flash demo from Capcom that will help ease you into the game's unique universe.

With plenty of cheeky dialogue and some moderately mind-bending puzzles it's well worth a play even if you're not particularly interested in Shu Takumi's next adventure.

Ghost Trick is out in North America on January 12th, with a European release following on the 14th.


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theblackdragon said:

already replied in the forum thread about this -- holy hell i want this game so bad :3

... what's up with that source link, though? lol



shinesprite said:

I've already played through most of it, and I'm wondering, do these this type of game usually have so much mandatory dialogue? I mean. for a stealth game, the characters are absolute blabbermouths!



theblackdragon said:

@shinesprite: This game is by the dude who also created the Ace Attorney series. The dialogue sequences are laid out and paced almost exactly the same as that series (the blue paranthetical inner thoughts, the brief flash and 'ping' and whoosh noises, the reactions of the characters on the screen, etc. and so forth), so if you're not a fan of that or think it's too wordy, i'd imagine you'd dislike this game. Another thing to consider is that this is a demo, and the retail version probably won't have to pack quite so much information into such a short sequence -- they'll be able to spread it out and/or rely a bit on the information booklet to get some minor things across without holding your hand the entire time. :3

also, if you paid attention, you'd realize that the character(s) in question are kinda dead, so whether or not they talk a lot isn't a huge issue in that regard -- the living can't hear them anyway :3



shinesprite said:

@TBD I understand. I probably could grow to like this game, but would only consider it if the price was right.



blink83 said:

The entire demo was just "retail version this, retail version that, you'll find blah out in the retail version! this is just a demo so we can bend rules and not explain stuff to you!"
Loved every second of it though. I was thinking the opposite of shinesprite I thought there was alot of gameplay compared to pheonix wright games.



Omenapoika said:

It was cool how the demo stated itself as just the demo, brilliant the game also seems intriguing, I'm quite positively getting 'the retail version'!



JayArr said:

I will be buying this day one. Not gonna play the demo though. Spoiler alert!



James said:

@Des I have no idea what that source link was about, how weird!

@JayArr They've actually gone out of their way to distance this demo from the full version so you should be fine.



Yadoking said:

It was very fun, and light hearted.Loved the characters. Seems like a good game.

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