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First BIT.TRIP FLUX Screenshots

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the game in action!

Thanks to those who've completed Level 17 of Mission in Snowdriftland, we now have some of the first ever screenshots of Gaijin Games' upcoming BIT.TRIP finale BIT.TRIP FLUX in action.

You can check out the gallery of eight screenshots below and we'll have more information about the game coming soon.

Special thanks to SoulSilver IV for the heads up

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pixelman said:

I don't see any running or shooting though, lol. Seems to resemble BEAT and VOID the most.



Jnes4 said:

Umm... how do you play this game ?
I guess I'll wait for a trailer to see the game in action...



HipsterDashie said:

Aw yes! Thanks guys!

There simply has to be a twist, it can't just be BIT.TRIP BEAT backwards. The presence of beat combinations too wide for the paddle to hit, and the round beats might show this.

Also notice the Black/White/Red coloured music mode above GIGA in two of the screenshots, and also the two Commander Videos in the last screenshot.



Corbs said:

They probably don't want to give away all of it just yet. Perhaps that's why the screens only show stuff from BEAT, CORE, and VOID.



HipsterDashie said:


You sound like a man in the know. Is there something you're not telling us?

Also, I just noticed you changed your username.



Corbs said:

I have to be honest, Alex and the guys at Gaijin Games have been rather tight-lipped about this one. I'm supposed to get a preview build soon, so I'll know more then.



y2josh said:

I love these games, but I can't beat them. Thanks slow hand eye coordination. Don't do drugs, kiddies.



pixelman said:

What do you guys mean by reverse beat? I'm trying to imagine how something like that would play, haha.



Sneaker13 said:

Not impressed, but I have never been impressed by the Bit. Trip serie. I liked Runner though, but still thought it was overrated considering all the really high reviews.



wiiandthekid said:

i don't think screenshots of any bit.trip game have ever really told much about the game. they're the type of games you have to actually play to understand. even video is ambiguous. lol.



FonistofCruxis said:

So far, we can see elements from the first three but I wonder how they will work together? It's even harder to think of how runner and fate will fit into it.



Link79 said:

See it in action huh? Then why are these just screen shots?

If I say it's in action, it's in action.







argus said:

We won't really know until we see video, but my guess is this: while controlling the "paddle", you have to collect certain objects, shoot certain objects, and dodge the rest. So it's a combination of a few gameplay elements from the series (beat/void/fate). Power-ups could give it features from the other two - I think that's what's happening in screenshot 6 (core).

Whatever it is, I'm psyched



bboy2970 said:

Maybe it like a Bit Trip WarioWare of some kind mixing together all the previous titles with some new twists. Maybe that's where the name comes from. Because the game Fluxes between styles. I think that would be pretty awesome especially if the music is well integrated throughout it.



LittleIrves said:

I'm glad they've gone back to a more "classic" Bit.Trip style like in Beat or Core... loved Runner, but wasn't feeling the Fate, so I'm happy to go back to a trippier, more abstract take on things. Very curious to see what the heck-fire is going on in those screens. Really digging the various background elements, too.



hylianhalcyon said:

@LittleIrves: I definitely agree. I've always had more of a preference for the more abstract Bit.Trip, and it's one of the draws of the series for me. With Runner and Fate, playing as corporeal Commander Video is just missing a certain appeal that the first three games had, and the cutscenes in them seem less abstract too(except for maybe those comic strips in Fate).



bro2dragons said:

what if by FLUX, they mean they've flipped everything around.
picture this: now YOU'RE controlling the beats. that's why it looks like backwards beat... it's still actually played left to right.

but that's probably totally wrong. whatever it is, i'm going to love it. also, @SoulSilver IV: there were beat patterns too wide to hit in BEAT. you just had to be moving the paddle quickly when you hit them.



joeshabadoo said:

We return to a more abstract style because CV has shed his physical vessel. As the series comes full circle, CV will leave his final mark on his world, and understand fully why he was, is, and will be.



invmat said:

Screenshots of MEGA, SUPER, ULTRA, EXTRA and the new mode. No screenshots of GIGA-mode, meaning we don't know the name of the new mode yet...

Anyway, I expected this somehow, the music was similar to the first level of Bit.Trip Beat. The planet on the lower-left in the teaser-image also looked like the planet in Bit Trip Beat. And now the lay-out of the screen looks like Bit.Trip Beat.



zionich said:

@ bro2dragons
Thats an intresting take. See how many beats ya can get past the paddle.



wallyobass12 said:

nvm its still on, its just on the flux site... lol
I was gonna say.. come on. just cause I said it looked like BEAT....

sorry NL! DIDn't mean to curse you guys out





I only have Beat and Runner as well as the Fate demo....I may prob NOT DL this....but we'll see



Bassman_Q said:

Looks like Beat to me. Doesn't look like anything special.
And there goes my hopes of it being a genre other than the first three...



Completezero said:

In the third screenshot the squares have different colored backgrounds (Red for the outside ones and blue for the center ones). I wonder if you lose points for hitting the red ones (kinda like Void), or maybe the colors mean something else...?

GAH! The speculation is too much

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