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EA's Gardening Game on the 3DS Renamed and Rated

Posted by Trevor Chan

Perfect for gamers who live in apartment blocks

Back in September, we reported on EA announcing its first 3DS title that's currently in the works. The gardening game, previously known as My Garden, has now been renamed and rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Gardens is now the second 3DS title that's been passed by the ESRB, the first being Madden NFL Football, also published by EA.

It's looking likely that this will be a launch title for the 3DS as EA had hoped. Will you be picking up the spade and digging this?


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Yadoking said:

Dunno. It has a long list of other games to go through before it reaches my priority.



NGpenguin said:

Maybe, but theres alot of 3ds games I want more than this game. I might pick it up later in the future of the 3ds though. :/



Phobos said:

I suffer from hayfever (worsened by asthma), and whenever I look at those flowers, I feel like I'm going to drop into a sneezing/coughing fit and drop dead.

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