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Claire Redfield Joins the Resident Evil Mercenaries Gang

Posted by Trevor Chan

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Capcom sure is good to us, no? With the upcoming 3DS we're not getting one, but two Resident Evil games, and initial details are now ready to be shared with regards to the more action-orientated Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

The game is a packaged instalment of The Mercenaries, a mode that was first included in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on the PlayStation (And later GameCube). Relying less on a narrative and more on gameplay, the upcoming 3DS instalment will feature Wi-Fi cooperative play between players.

Controls are being reworked to offer a more user-friendly experience as the frantic action will no doubt require quick movement and camera adjustments. One such feature is the first-person aiming mode where gamers use the analogue slider to target their shooting. This change in camera view from the standard third-person is automatic, but players will still be able to move once they are in the first-person aiming mode. Certain controls will make use of the touchscreen, although this hasn't been specified yet.

Another new feature is the ability to customise characters, much like an RPG. As well as customising weapons, skills can also be levelled up. The only characters that have been confirmed so far are: Chris Redfield, his sister Claire Redfield (making her Mercenaries debut), Jack Krauser and Hunk. Characters will have different specialities in different weapons, as well as varying attacking and defensive strengths.

In contrast to Resident Evil Revelations, this game is progressing much further along the development stage, with Capcom saying it's roughly 70% complete. Whether that means it will make it in time for the launch of the 3DS is unknown, but it certainly makes it more likely to be the first of the two Resident Evil games to launch for the system. Check out the new screenshots to see how it's coming along.


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The_Fox said:

The Mercenaries mode was one of my favorite parts of RE5, so it should be interesting to see if it can hold up on the 3DS.



RyuZebian said:

Graphics look great! Especially since this is an early game, and an action game that needs to keep a high FPS. Just imagine what, let's say an RPG would look like! in 3D.... Man, Golden Sun: Bright Twilight for the 3DS can't come soon enough!



Objection said:

Tagline for the win.
Also, it looks pretty. Hope that its worth picking up as a seperate title for those who played RE4 and RE5.



Oregano said:

No gratuitous shots of Claire....

Such a let down after Darkside Chronicles.



Linkstrikesback said:

I'll get it once its around half rrp, not really something I could see myself spending a long time on, but it was decent on RE5 and I can imagine getting more use out of it on a handheld



Megumi said:

Course they give us Resident Evil games (I don't care for them, lol) for the 3DS....but not Monster Hunter!!! T_T



WaveBoy said:

All I need is Barry and I'll be happy.
Leon's too prissy and arrogant to be likable. He's such a weiner. I never did like Ada or Claire either.



Sabrewing said:

Tofu please! Or how about one of the Gun Survivor protagonists (Ark Thompson and Bruce McGivern)?



Dr_Salvador said:

I want ´em all!!!
Now that they are making "Mercenaries" as a full game, they should be able to include the entire cast from Res 4, 5 and gold + a few more! How about Luis Sera from RE 4 and with the Red 9? I still think it´s weird that he wasn´t playable in that game...
Also, how about adding Nemesis as a boss character? Maybe learning him a few new words, now that "S.T.A.R.S." won´t work anymore...
Looking forward to see how this game ends up!

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