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Brian Provinciano Addresses Retro City Rampage WiiWare Delay

Posted by Trevor Chan

Stresses that it will be the "entire game" in spite of XBLA additions

With the recent announcement that the once WiiWare-exclusive Retro City Rampage will now be launching on the Xbox Live Arcade service first, the WiiWare version following several months later, developer Brian Provinciano wants gamers to know that he apologises for the delay. "It's very crushing to see the reaction of the Wii fans towards the delay," he says, stressing that he has "done absolutely everything possible to ensure the multi-platform release impacted Wii fans as minimally as possible."

As disappointing as the delay of Vblank Entertainment's open-world action parody from is, both versions will bring with them more content in the form of additional missions and playable characters. The news that the XBLA version will support widescreen output, a challenge mode, a character creator, and video replays might be a little frustrating for Wii-only gamers, but the dedicated Provinciano tells us:

The additional content for the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of RCR which is not included in the Wii release is ENTIRELY content which is only possible on Xbox. It's only that which specifically uses certain functionality that the Wii does not have. The Wii version will still contain the entire game and everything that is not HD or Xbox LIVE related.

The game is now scheduled for release on XBLA in the summer of 2011, with a WiiWare version planned for fall 2011. Be sure to read our interview with Provinciano, where you can find out about the game's eight-year journey from conception to development.

What do you think about this turn of events? Let us know in the comments section.


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dsmaster said:

The only thing I don't understand is why they cannot incorporate a character creator or challenge mode into the game. I understand wide screen output is not possible for the wii, but why are the other features only possible on the XBOX 360?



Tethers said:

WTF? Why shouldn't the Wii be capable of doing a widescreen output? And a challenge mode is also missing? Looks like a buy is far away for me...



0-Watt said:

Personally I think he needs to create a WiiWare exclusive feature to really stop the hate against it because, frankly, saying "It's the same full game," and then "extra LIVE content" says opposite things to certain people.



Link79 said:

Those extras on the Xbox live version honestly don't sound that thrilling to me. I still don't even own a widescreen TV anyway. It really sucks that Wii owners have to wait almost a whole year from now to get the game. By the time it's ready for release I will have forgotten about it. You wouldn't think a game this simple in design would take this long to make.



Kholdstare said:

‎... still pi$$ed we don't get the character creator ... at least give us something the XBLA won't have ...



edhe said:


Digitised Mii Support!

Joking aside, this is a real kick in the nuts.

I can live with it being no longer a WiiWare exclusive, but WiiWare dodging the character creation mode, challenge mode (whatever that is) and video replay (understandable with size constraints) and getting it at least four months after the XBOX (let's be honest - Microsoft wouldn't settle for anything less when it comes to screwing over the competition) is the real kicker.

But if he tries to fit it all on, and is unable to, because of size constraints, then we can hardly blame him.

How big would you say the game is?



TheChosen said:

Im bit calmed down after my initial outburst on this games Facebook page. Sorry about that. Glad to hear there will be additional content, but I'd love those Wiiware exclusive stuff too to make up the three-four months of waiting.

And yeah, Twilight Princess had widescreen mode, for instance. I cant either figure out why character creator or challenges wouldnt be in the Wii version, unless challenges are actually achievements and character creator has something to do with those X-box avatars.



sykotek said:

Should be multiplatform release to be fair to Wii only gamers, but I plan on getting the XBLA version on day one.



Nickno said:

wait....every single Wii game i own besides Mega Man 10 (for obvious reasons) play in widescreen. I dont see why this cant....its been possible for years? and still is? ya, fail.



Radixxs said:

I love when exclusives are sold out to other systems and end up being better on the non-original system. Then again, I can understand why it would be in their best interest to release the game wherever possible, but it doesn't come without making some people mad.



James696 said:

@Nickno How would it make sense to have RCR work in widescreen on only one system if it were possible on both?

The Wii's "widescreen" feature for its Wiiware games simply stretches the original low resolution image of these games across the whole of your screen. When you're dealing with large, blocky NES pixels and more fluid sprites and polygons this "stretching" is barely noticeable (note: there are exceptions to this), but games that necessitate tiny pixel-perfect objects like Retro City Rampage look horribly distorted if forcibly stretched too far beyond their natural resolution, hence why the developers of RCR have opted to drop widescreen functionality on the Wii.

The removal of the 'Challenge Rooms' and 'Character Creator' features is a little more puzzling, for now I'm going to be optimistic and say that this is merely due to the fact that Wiiware places a smaller size limit on uploaded games than the XBLA, making it necessary for developers to cut a few non-essential features outside of the 'main game'.



The_Fox said:

There is no PSN version as far as I know.

@any possible Grumpy Gus
Keep in mind this isn't some huge studio here and the truth is that XBLA is going to bring in more money. I know it sucks for Wii only owners but I think he made it clear it isn't out of spite or selling out.



edhe said:

...and anyone quick to note "lol I'll get xbla" should remember this is a Nintendo site, and that there are people who only have (gasp) Wiis or DSes, and we can be forgiven for feeling a bit disgruntled.

@bboy (below) I wouldn't go that far.



bboy2970 said:

Whatever. I wasn't really too interested in the first place but now I'm not getting it for sure even if reviews are stellar. I hope the game utterly fails on Xbox to teach this guy a lesson about shafting Wii versions of games. It happens far too often and I wish nothing but awful sales on the studios that do it. ):<



Popyman said:

He's a nice guy, most people just argue this point once, but he's still going. Leave the guy alone, do you want him to eat and make more games? He couldn't do that with just a WiiWare release.



Timwario said:

"The news that the XBLA version will support widescreen output"

Okay, this makes sense.

"a challenge mode, a character creator"

Okay what? You're telling me these can't be done on Wii? Sounds more like M$ payed some cash to have exclusive features for XBLA. Well, I'm still getting it on Wiiware! I'd like to have the option of switching to the Wii Classic Controller, the sideways Wiimote, and the Gamecube Controller anytime I want. That sounds x1,000 better than having to deal with a crappy D-Pad on the Xbox 360's controller.



bboy2970 said:

I don't have a problem with multi-platform releases. I have a problem with studios announcing games as being Wiiware "exclusives" then later saying "oh, never mind! Its also coming to Xbox" and then the Xbox version comes a good 6 months before the Wiiware version and then the Xbox version has more features. So the game goes from Wiiware exclusive to "Well, we'll get around to getting it on Wiiware eventually and its actually not gonna have a bunch of things the Xbox version has." I don't really care that he's a nice guy because the above scenario is just ridiculous and I'm sick of it.



CanisWolfred said:

At least it's still coming to the Wii. I'll try it on my Xbox, but I'll probably get it for the Wii. The XBLA additions don't interest me much at all.



marktheshark said:

That's funny, he says that it needs to be multiplatform to put food on his plate, yet he only releases it on WiiWare & XBLA but not also on PSN. Am I missing something here?



KaiserGX said:

Don't care for Wide-Screen and replay mode. Character creator doesn't really matter seeing how small the sprites are and the main guy looks cool as is. I just want to know if this challenge mode has modes like missions or is just harder. Still get the full game.

It's good you guys get extra things since you have to pay to play online.



Slapshot said:

If it's coming to XBLA then it will hit Steam, and I'll grab it there on the cheap.

Super Meat Boy actually was up and running on PS3 and Sony didn't get back to them on the game. Microsoft jumped all over it as they should have and Nintendo was interested as well. In one of the contracts (I'm guessing Microsoft) they bought the rights to keep the game off PSN. Somewhat Sonys fault on that one, and I'm guessing Microsoft jumped all over this one as well.

Considering the games started off as WiiWare exclusives, they could stay on Wii, but Microsoft could always buy the rights to keep it off PSN.



WaveGhoul said:

It's taking so long because he's the only one basically working on the game. What I dont' understand is that the WiiWare release is being released several months later...And I can't stand XBL, but the big reason for that is because i can't stand the 360 controller which especially feels horrible for sidescrollers and anything 'retro.
this game is ment to be played with the Wii Remote retro style.



theblackdragon said:

I can't help but think of Super Meat Boy right now... didn't that go from WiiWare, to WiiWare, Steam, and XBLA, then talk of it hitting retail, and then today they tweet it's canceled for WiiWare... I don't think i'll be holding my breath for this game either, no offense to the devs -- i know they gotta make their money by getting their game out to as many people as possible, but this looks like the start of a somewhat distressing trend for those of us who only own Nintendo systems. :/



hylianhalcyon said:

I have a feeling this is going to follow the same route as Super Meat Boy, which would suck.

As only an owner of a Wii I am pretty annoyed that they pulled the "we announced it for wiiware first but now it's coming months after the XBLA version" thing.



Objection said:

Wait, so the version with less content is going to take months longer to release? I'm sorry, that doesn't make sense. Might as well join the crowd skipping WW rather than give us more lesser versions.



StuffyStuff said:

I really hope this doesn't get cancelled on the WiiWare. I only have a Wii and I've been wanting this game for some time now.



longtimegamer said:

@bboy2970: Yeah I hate when these guys do that too. Theres no way in h*ll that the xbox version should be done before the wiiware version, and to be out so many months before. Wiiware should have got it first. It's insulting that they announced it as Wiiware exclusive, then suddenly they're doing it for xbox...and "wii" get it several months afterward.
Microsoft must have paid alot to get that to happen.

Edit: @Objectionblaster: That's right. It doesn't make much sense. Microsoft probably paid him a crapload to get it first.



Popyman said:

"What I dont' understand is that the WiiWare release is being released several months later..."

Microsoft does that, it's evil and stupid.



RowdyRodimus said:

It makes sense that it will be fall of 2011 for Wii, think about how long it took Nintendo to OK Cave Story and Pearl Harbor. If there is a chance at all that there is a WiiWare game that might outsell their monthly Pokemon Screensaver DX or whatever half ed "game" Nintendo has coming out for WiiWare, they are going to delay it as long as possible to avoid competition.



the_shpydar said:

Countdown for WiiWare cancellation begins now ...
Heh, I kid. At least, i hope i do. This is one of those games (like Mega Man 9/10) that i'd rather get for Wii than XBLA, just on insane retro-principles that i invented in my own mind.



Kid_A said:

First Super Meat Boy and now THIS? Why does the universe hate WiiWare today?



KaiserGX said:

Pokemon Screen saver? I respected you man... now just a bit less. I WISH the Wii could use screen savers on the menu....



JebbyDeringer said:

This is stupid because every WII game supports widescreen other than the VC games. They must meant 720p resolution. The problem is there are so many Wii's yet so few educated users so Wiiware is not a money maker. Nintendo's online presence is the dump maniac.



fixjuxa said:

After what happened to Super Meat Boy, I just hope this comes out for WiiWare.



MasterGraveheart said:

Yeah, you know what, screw you too, Vblank. I'm sure the moneybag you're sleeping on at night with the big Microsoft logo on it didn't have ANYTHING to do with it. You're as pathetic as EA and Team Meat.



outrun2sp said:

YES!!!!. So getting this on XBLA.

Wii still has the good exclusives like the konami rebirth series so I wouldnt get too upset.



LuWiiGi said:

Unless it has something to do with memory, I see no reason why all of XBLA's extra features couldn't be in the Wii version. Most likely Vblank are like many other devs and treat the Wii as inferior. Oh well, why am I complaining, I have an XBOX and no Wii.



Big_A2 said:

Wii owners are getting something extra - the controller.

But still... better controller or extra features? Grr... I was really looking forward to this one too.

Maybe if they price the Wii one cheaper, I'll forgive them.



Sean_Aaron said:

I really cannot blame any developer for going multi-platform. I'd say people who put all their eggs in the XBLA or PSN boat exclusively are also taking a big risk.

Apparently the lack of widescreen has something to do with the way the Wii renders widescreen images and the developer doesn't like it - check his Facebook page for more info. I'm not that fussed about the aspect ratio, but I would like to see the image with built-in pillarboxing at least.

Reformatting my screen for a game is slightly annoying (especially as many games don't state aspect up-front - looking at you Cave Story).



outrun2sp said:

Im a bit worried at how this game would run under the wii size limit anyway. Im staying away from that version and going for the XBLA.

Scott Pilgrim for example while very nesified was over 200mb.



AVahne said:

No Widescreen support?
So all this time, 16:9 isn't widescreen? What have I been playing then?
Sigh, I MIGHT still get this game, since it's still a good game. But it's very unlikely. I'll stick with exclusives for now.



Big_A2 said:

@59.outrun2sp: At the end of the day, it's really Nintendo's fault for their stupid file size limit.

Like I said, Provinciano, if your reading this, I'm cool with it being on another platform with extra features that wouldn’t fit the Wii version, because those sorts of things are out of your control, but please price Wii owners less then Xbox users, to make things fair.



HeroOfTime007 said:

Several months later? Jeez, how did it get from being a wiiware exclusive and "possibly" the 360 to this?
No, character creator? Well OK, not that big a deal. Its just going to be that tiny little character right? But no reason to be left out on Wii that's literally just kilobytes of code. No challenge mode. Not sure about that but since challenges like the one with invincibility and rockets were shown on the Wii version this could just be achievements, no big deal, though it could be done on Wii. No widescreen output, well since Mega Man 9/10 didn't do it because it would look bad then I guess this is acceptable. No video replays, I guess this was taken out because it requires CPU and memory.
The Wiiware size limit is irrelevant here, all these things could FIT in the wii version/
Nope, sonic 4 ep 1. Its about 80 MB on the iPhone and half that on WiiWare. Jet Rocket was 600 MB and easily brought down to 40. Even Scott Pilgrim could be brought down in resolution and compressed for 40 MB or less.



Bassman_Q said:

Wait... so first they announce that its WiiWare-exclusive... then they say they're going multi-platform... and now they're saying that the gamers that the game was originally targeted for (Wii owners) get it several months later with LESS FEATURES!? What kinda crap is this!?

I'm fine with it going multi-platform, as the sales would probably be poor if it wasn't, but why would they announce that it's specifically for Wii if they're just gonna turn the whole table upside-down and give it to us later? It just doesn't make sense. Plus, the character creator would have been awesome, and if indeed they can't release that part for WiiWare, then I sure hope they can put it as DLC or make something new that is created specifically for the WiiWare version.



BrazCanaMan said:

LoL, things seem to have gotten a "little" tense since the last time I was on this site. As for the game... I'm getting it on XBLA, it's a way better digital download service than WiiWare... and the dumb 40Mb limit.



wallyobass12 said:

Listen. The inherent problem with owning a wii, is we are subject to scrupulous attacks from fancy PS3 and XBOX360 owners, who constantly harass our sense of gaming style. So then, in spite of them, we hold on, like a captain on a sinking ship, women and children first. Us men, who already have a hard time justifying certain games we own (insert random wii title) to our gaming system counterparts, must deal with this now too? It just seems absurd that we only have Nintendo putting out good games for this (with certain SEGA and ACTIVISION exceptions) system, when they are the makers. Then comes along COOL RETRO CITY RAMPAGE, (YOU COULD WIN AN ORIGINAL NES GAME CARTRIDGE). HAHA TAKE THAT PS3 and XBOX360 owners, we have a cool game coming out that is going to be MAN-LY! ...

alas my dreams of becoming a grown adult playing a system that fits in among the hardcore multiplayer games and gore of the other systems, comes crashing down



Leonzable said:

I heard the actual game only takes up like 2 blocks, so that rules size limit out

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