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WiiWare Gets Second Round of Heavy Fire with Black Arms

Posted by James Newton

Shooter follow-up inbound

We may not have been completely blown away by wartime shooter Heavy Fire: Special Operations, but it obviously did the business for Teyon as the Polish publisher has announced it's bringing sequel Heavy Fire: Black Arms to WiiWare in the near future.

There's no doubt the game looks graphically impressive, as evident in the trailer below, but we're hoping for a little more depth this time around. If Teyon can address most of the problems raised in our Heavy Fire: Special Operations review this jungle-based follow-up could be one to watch out for.

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Set on a dangerous campaign in a South American jungle in a continuation of the popular WiiWare game Heavy Fire: Special Ops. As a special forces recruit you will take part in the operation to stop illegal arms trade. Heavy Fire brings players an arcade classic light-gun fun enhanced with stunning graphics and new exciting features.

Destroy the biggest weapon cartel, Fuerza de Voluntad, influential all over the continent. You can team up with your friend and experience an immersive co-op mode. Enjoy dynamic minute-to-minute game-play in various weather conditions and settings in the heart of a jungle. Smash objects and interact with them, perform quick time events and face your enemies with new more powerful weapons. With plenty of weapon types and various vehicles like trucks, helicopters and boats at disposal, put an end to the expansion of the paramilitary organization!

Take full advantage of the Wii Remote™ and Nintendo’s Wii Zapper™ peripheral as the stakes are higher than ever! Play to finish the game or just to improve your best score.

The first game’s teaser, presenting some locations and game-play, is now available at Teyon’s official YouTube channel:

Also, check out the official Heavy Fire: Black Arms website:
More details will be revealed soon.

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Objection said:

Yeah, but as #2 and the OP have said, this one is going to need massive improvements before it's really worth downloading.



pixelman said:

Looks like they've improved their graphics engine. It's going to take a lot of convincing for me to download this after their recent flop, though. That and I'm not a fan of light gun shooters at all. I want to see my gun, damn it!



MeloMan said:

I'm a light gun fan but I stayed away from the first one as the review wasn't to hot, and judging from reactions, I did good to steer clear of it. Darn shame really... I can't get enough of this kinda action. I hope HF:BA gets it right... or better, I should say.



MakeMyBiscuit said:


I loved the first game and this one looks even better!

They can do a game like this on Wii Ware but Super Meat Boy has to be put on a disc?!?!

I hope they find a way to allow you to use cover.



Imerion said:

I like rail shooters and this looks very nice, so I'm interested. The graphics are indeed very impressive. I wish they would put this engine to use in a non-rail shooter eventually. But with some more variation (perhaps learning a few things from Ghost Squad) this could be fun. I hope they will release the original and/or this in Europe now. Anyone who knows if they are on the way?



cyrus_zuo said:

I agree with brandonbwii...the first one was pretty horrible. I so wish I'd just spent the money on Ghost Squad (which I've rented 2x and beat 20x+, but it's still WAY WAY better than the disaster that was the first Heavy Fire game).
Will read the review, but my excitement meter didn't even register at this announcement .



LuWiiGi said:

On-rails? Well, it could be good. After all, Bit Trip Fate was on-rails and that was 2D!



Leonzable said:

You mean you havn't played it yet?...



Hardy83 said:

It's an on-rails WiiWare game. 95% of you are going to dismiss it regardless of how good it is anyways with those two terms linked to it.

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