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WiiWare Developers Take On WarioWare: DIY

Posted by James Newton

Big and little names lined up

If you've hit a plateau with your game-making inspiration in WarioWare: DIY for DS, Nintendo's next series of downloadable minigames might put the spark back into your ideas.

A string of WiiWare developers will be bringing their ideas to life in the coming weeks, kicking off on Friday with a game from Max and the Magic Marker developers Press Play. After that, Fabian Akker of Swords and Soldiers gets in on the action with the game 'Om Nom Noms!' that sees you filling the mighty warrior Redbeard with meat.

Two Tribes release a Toki Tori minigame on December 3rd, followed by Manfred Linzner of Shin'en on December 10th, whose game will feature Jett from Jett Rocket. After that it's the turn of Felix Bohatsch, the man behind And Yet It Moves, with the promise of a "fast and simple" minigame.

The minigames will continue on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve with two games from the same developer, though Nintendo isn't saying who. Gaijin Games, Frontier, Nicalis – whose microgame would you like to play most?


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edhe said:

Great! They haven't released a Big Name game for ages - especially in Europe where we didn't have those nintendo show hosts to make us any to play.

Weren't Nintendolife going to do a feature where you showcase some of our games? (Comment 16)(I originally got the wrong end of the stick, thinking you, the admins would be making some games to show off) - If so, I might break out the camcorder and record some of mine!



NintyMan said:

Finally! There hasn't been any new Big Name games in a very long time. There's still plenty of big names that can make some cool microgames.



Golgo said:

The best developer-made microgames so far (IMHO) have been Fly Home and the one from Pixel. The PIxel one is astonishingly clever, artistic and well-made. The rest - from Gaijin dude, SuperMeatBoy dude, World of Goo dude, and Metroid dude - were just rubbish.



SMW said:

Glad to see more big name games. I had thought that they gave up on DIY.



LuWiiGi said:

Forgot I even had D.I.Y! Better get downloading 'cos I haven't got the willpower to make any more of my own (anyone with my FC played Dodgem Dodge? Yeah, it's awesome. And you can play it endlessly, too.)



brandonbwii said:

Man, WarioWare DIY has been on my video game waiting lists along with Dragon Quest IX due to too many other games that interest me. As someone who loves dabbling in various art forms I'd love to dive in and start going microgame crazy.

Unfortunately Spirit Tracks is on a waiting list too, so no telling when I'll get around to any of these titles.



Bassman_Q said:

@Golgo (4)- Couldn't agree with you more. Pixel's had amazing graphics & music and the Fly Home game was quite clever with its 4 different endings. Everything else was pretty meh, especially the games made by Treehouse. Gawd those were horrible!

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