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Wii Speak's Time is Officially Over

Posted by James Newton

Update: or is it?

Update: Nintendo UK has contacted Eurogamer to state that, in fact, Wii Speak has not been discontinued.

Nintendo's Wii Speak room microphone may not have been the most well-supported of peripherals in its time on the market, and now the machine has an official headset it seems the time to lay Wii Speak to rest is at hand.

According to Amazon's listing for the accessory, it's been officially discontinued by Nintendo, the final nail in its crackly coffin.

If you were after one of these microphones for a spot of Monster Hunter 3, Animal Crossing: City Folk or any of the other handful of titles that supported it, start scouring those second hand shops.


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Junkface said:

Awe thats too bad. It barely had a chance to get movin. The whole friends code to talk is what killed this one I think.



Bloodysaber said:

I was never a fan of this device. In fact, during my stay on Monster Hunter Tri, early on I would ask people if they had a 360 and instead utilize the built in party chat there. I actually found a group of people to play some 360 games with that way, but I always found it amusing when someone would hop in our party and ask what game we were playing...."We're playing with our Wiis"



DrDaisy said:

Well that must be a real stab and subsequent twist in the eyes to those who actually supported the peripheral. I was actually considering buying one myself. So does the official headset you mentioned work with games that supported Wii Speak?



Tasuki said:

Ok maybe I missed something but I didnt see anywhere on that page where it said it was discontinued. Did I miss something?



Capt_N said:

Yet another peripheral N doesn't utilize to even 1/5 of it's possible potential, & therefore gets scrapped.



y2josh said:

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #358 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)
#25 in Video Games > Wii > Hardware
Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes



Tasuki said:

@y2josh: Ah ok. Yep I missed it of course it is pass my bedtime but instead of going to bed I am sitting here posting comments and such. Lol



3DS said:

oh for F**K sake i only just got it this year with monster hunter tri ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH



erv said:

Ok good.

Wii speak is the worst Nintendo product I've ever owned. It sucks in audio quality, you can't make out what anyone is saying. Let's get a proper voice feature device thingy out there eh?



James said:

@DSi This just means it's no longer being manufactured - as far as we know there's no plans to drop in-game support for it



Big_A2 said:

If they're not making any more, then chances are, they're not supporting it anymore.



James said:

@Bulbasaurus Rex I meant there's no intention to drop it for already released games, i.e. Monster Hunter Tri, though I realise I didn't make that clear, haha.



Kirk said:

Nintendo really didn't do much with this one.

They should have encouraged developers to use this in their games as opposed to telling them not (they told High Voltage not to use it in Conduit 2 for example).



Sean_Aaron said:

I just unloaded mine last month. If Goldeneye had supported it I would have hung onto it, but given support in Conduit 2 is for the new Headbanger headset I expect that will see more support going forward.



Victoria said:

I was just thinking about the WiiSpeak the other day, wondering if any other games ever made use of it. I actually used it quite a lot while playing Animal Crossing. But no-one ever plays any more, so I packed it away. Shame.



KrazyKain said:

wow, I feel a bit ripped off, I only ever used it in one or two games of animal crossing... nobody ever had it in the conduit and nobody ever seemed to accept my friends requests in MH3....

Guess I'll eventually get the headbanger



taffy said:

@Kirk: Nintendo told them not to use it cause of the new head banger headset and unlike the wii speak, you DON'T need friend codes to use it



47drift said:

Well shucks... I was a big fan. I used it to send voicemails to my brother overseas and during many a game of Monster Hunter and Animal Crossing...

It was actually quite nice to not have to wear something over my ear.



astarisborn94 said:

If this is true, I will be rightfully infuriated at Nintendo because I and many others were rightfully rip-offed. That being said, this isn't official confirmation as Amazon isn't always the company that tells the truth. It's about as reliable as the source that said Earthbound is not coming to the Virtual Console, which has not been confirmed by Nintendo yet.

Edit: Read the link to #25. So they aren't discontinuing Wii Speak after all? Looks like we got official confirmation. So many people got worked up over nothing.



SuperPeach said:

I own a wii speak and I never even took it out of the packaging. (It came with Endless Ocean Blue World)



thanos316 said:

sometimes nintendo gets it right. sometimes they don't. the wii speak was one of those times that they didn't get it right. nintendo had a good concept in the wii speak but it wasn't practical for todays gaming. there is still a lot of things that they will learn from the wii speak that will be useful in the future..



Fuzzy said:

I got one free with monster hunter tri. Never took it out of the box. Apparently it didn't work well anyway.



sfog said:

Got mine free with Endless Ocean: Blue World and it's still in the plastic, although I did download the Wii Speak Channel for the heck of it, even though it's useless without the mic.



Chris720 said:

Well it wasn't the best peripheral out there... but if its supposedly still alive, due to your update on the article, maybe more people might buy it? I think the fail in the peripheral was it didn't pick up your voice very well, meaning the sound quality from the TV was awful. :/

I didn't pick it up, for this very reason. And I see no point in chatting to someone on a channel, it make more sense in AC:CF and MH3, but on a channel of its own? No thanks....

And I haven't met anyone who has the Wii Speak peripheral on MH3 or AC:CF. :/



Crunc said:

WiiSpeak may not be discontinued, but as it stands it should be. It never worked very well for us and it had the annoying property that (in Animal Crossing at least) once it was on and you were in a chat, you were not suppose to change the volume on your TV! In order to change the volume you have to turn off the Wii Speak, adjust the TV volume and then turn it back on. Then repeat because you discover you didn't make it loud enough, or you made it too loud. Terrible.



Burn said:

I've talked to, maybe, one person with my Wii Speak in MH3. I was really hoping that CoD:BO would support it, I'm not exactly down with buying the headset.

Whatever. I supported the e-Reader for the GBA and Nintendo soon bailed it that as well.



Robo-goose said:

I didn't even get to use mine once, and I got it day one with Animal Crossing: City Folk.
Oh well, this just makes it a collector's item. (as everyone else before me has stated)



DrDaisy said:

Does the new official headset work with games that were designed for Wii Speak?



kevohki said:

Anyone at Nintendo that thought Wii Speak was a good idea should be fired and pelted with gaming headsets in the town square.



MeloMan said:

I had this on my "to get" list forever, but I guess there's no point now. I always rather preferred a headset anyway TBH. Plus, I wanted to use it for an overseas friend and my other friends, but none of them got Wii-Speaks and my overseas friend turned in his Wii, so that killed that. Plus I discovered Skype at that time, so that took care of overseas talking AND video. What I think Nintendo should do is analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Wii-Speak, and for the next system, have a headset right out the box, ready to go, ready to set up. This will also help re-enforce that Nintendo is getting more serious yet about their online. All up to the big N...



Sneaker13 said:

@JunkFace, that's the same reason I don't like the bloody thing. I'm really pissed off. I bought it in the hope to talk to strangers while playing Conduit, but it only works with FC. I hated that and I never used it because of it. I want my money back.



Tails said:

I had one but never used it as much as i do the PS3 voice chat. Wii speak rest in peace.



koops330 said:

I actual liked my Wii Speak but it didn't to much use thanks to nobody eles really owning one. I used it like once for Animal Crossing and like 5 or 6 times in Monster Hunter Tri



Gameday said:

Man i bought Wii speak before i knew about the bundle package for hunter which i bought in the bundle with the black cc pro. I feel really let down from Nintendo as anyone else that has invest in this device... It echos has a spasm sometimes when your friends talk to you and they didn't put it in any games that demanded support. Nintendo wants to be different fine understood , but don't go making just anything. Now they got the headbanger i mean it looks to be a big improvement but we'll see and still im not impressed with the cord making it limited already unless there's one without i don't know about.? I have a hand full of games like Brawl , Tatsunoko Vs Capcom , And Goldeneye with no Wii support.... I'm serious why make hardware you have no intention of pushing forth into your games.....??? I have one Wiiware game UNO that supports Wii speak what a shame are there even any more , i dare ask.? Dead or not , new or old still no games to play and utilize its real potential and that's a fact.



SilentJ said:

My brother picked this up with Animal Crossing and has yet to use it once. I might use it if I ever get Monster Hunter 3. It'll continue collecting dust for the time being.



Sonic1994CD said:

Its Nintendo's lose, they had alot of game's that could have use this.

P.S. I want my money back Nintendo.



MasterGraveheart said:

Wii Speak is a nice option. I got it with Animal Crossing... but never used it aside from a couple of voice mails. Mostly because I live in a house with others... could get pretty hectioc if I were chatting with strangers on Conduit or Monster Hunter Tri.



ToastyYogurt said:

@qsdsd: Yes, it did. Everyone knows that. Or are you trying to say something else?

@Everybody saying something like "I need to pick it up fast!" or "Darn it, I just bought one last month.": Not only is the Wii Speak not being discontinued like the update says, but even if it did get discontinued, it will still work in your games. They wouldn't be able to drop support for it anyway unless they took the entire game server down, which wouldn't happen if the game got discontinued either.



Hokori said:

Wii speak is good, i think they shouldve use it for Sonic and Sega All-Star, and Onslaugh, and did an update for SSBB and MKW



kkslider5552000 said:

I don't care either way. Xbox Live has turned me off from wanting to hear people's while playing online games ever again.



Machu said:

I got lots of use out of that damn thing, but only in AC, Conduit and voice messaging. I was looking forward to using it in MHT but as others have stated the quality was awful and I ended up using the keyboard. Shame.

I'll keep it for future Wii-Speak channel use, but it's sad to hear no new titles will utilize it.



Noire said:

Wii Speak, what is that. You all exist in my head anyways, why would you need to talk through a microphone. D:



Hardy83 said:

Why ever would they stop making it? I mean only every store I go to has had the same ones from when they shipped. lol did ANYONE buy this aside from the Animal Crossing pack?



HipsterDashie said:


I bought it to use in The Conduit, but I only ever managed to use it once, and even then the guy on the other end didn't have his set up properly.



XCWarrior said:

I got the Endless Ocean: blue World bundle and use it for Monster Hunter Tri on multiple occassions. Its not horrible by any means, but its no headset.



rjejr said:

Got this with Endless Ocean: Blue World but have never used it in game. My parents - kids grandparents - send a message on WiiSpeak Channel every couple of weeks and my kids send 1 back or whenever they are in the mood. Their out of state cousins are getting a Wii and Wiispeak for Christmas so I suspect the Channel will get used a lot more but that's it.



Crunc said:

How does the headset work? Does it plug into a Wii Remote or is it plugged into the console? Or is it wireless? I hope it's wireless.



DrDaisy said:

I'd prefer a piece with a battery in it that can be optionally wired to the Wii's USB port. 10 feet seems like it should be enough (barely), but who wants to trip over their wires?



ItalianBaptist said:

Got mine on clearance but it's only been collecting dust. Thankfully, with Mix Superstar and my piano, I might have a use for it after all



Starwolf_UK said:

@Zaphod Beeblebrox
Doesn't the balance board count as one of those remotes hence the most a game being able to use is 2 of them (as I assume 2 remotes are also needed for navigation).

As for Wii Speak. A headsets whose microphone is next to the noisest part of the room (i.e. the TV speakers) always was going to be a nightmare in games that actually have modest levels of sound coming out the speakers due to audio feedback (i.e. MH Tri) but Wii speak wasn't designed as a traditional headset but rather something the whole family could gather round and phone each other putting a telephone on lodspeaker on the coffee table.

It probably isn't discontinued in the sense Nintendo still have stock of it if any retailers want to restock it (hint: they don't, it rots on shelves, even at £10 bomba price) but ceased production. That is probably definite.

That said I hear it works well on Wheel of Fortune.



Kirk said:

If it were supported properly I actually think this could have been rather good but Nintendo really didn't do much with this at all.



HapsNinFan said:

Gahh! Should I Get This Before Its Gone?! I Only Have Animal Crossing For It And The Wii Speak Channel Looks Cool! But I Heard Its Very Bad Audio D:



uechiblu3000 said:

They need to give us a refund on our damn money. They don't know how to change up their own damn programming to make it more user friendly? Talk about stupidity, and the waste of a good peripheral.

They need to hire a professional field goal kicker to launch his foot into their mid-section every time they do something stupid. That's quality control.

There are people who don't have jobs, that can come up with better if given the chance.

Mario Kart would have helped sell the crap out of the Wii-Speak. Mario Kart needs to be updated to support voice chat.

If New Super Mario Bros were ONLINE playable with voice, that would be perfect.

Sales are dropping due to motion gaming added to other systems like the PS3 (which is basically the WiiHD) and Xbox, but Nintendo feels that they know best and won't lower the price of the system. NOA CEO was shocked about the low sales of Metroid: Other M, he needs to be shocked about the freaking business strategy.

You don't make sales by being impossible, and developers that could use the Wii-Speak mic don't even get encouraged to do so, some avoid it to avoid jumping through hoops with Nintendo's complications.

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