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North America Gets In On WiiWare Demo Action Next Week

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Four games lined up for initial offering

Had your eye on a few WiiWare games but have been hesitant to take the plunge? Want to try before you buy? If you live in Europe then you've probably been enjoying the new demo service for WiiWare. Anywhere else? Not so much.

Next week is a different story though, as Nintendo of America has announced that the demo program will return to the New World. Demos for BIT.TRIP FATE, And Yet It Moves, Jett Rocket and ThruSpace will hit the Shop Channel on November 22.

Additional demos will be added on Mondays and, just like in Europe, will remain available for a limited time. So if you see one you like added, grab it as soon as you can to be safe.

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rjejr said:

Good to hear it's finally here so we can stop waiting for it, wish they would've picked different games as I already own Jett Rocket, And Yet it Moves killed me on PC, those Bit Trip games don't do it for me and Thruspace has a great title but turning shapes to get them thru a wall seems really limited in gameplay. Will DL them all for the "hits" or whatever Nintendo might be looking for but probably won't buy any of these. glad to hear more in the future, want to try out Furry.



shinesprite said:

FINALLY! Does this mean demos will become a regular thing?

I was on the fence with Jett Rocket and was planning on getting FATE(after I'm done with Excitebots of corse )



Atlantis1982 said:

Its still bittersweet.

Sweet that I can try these games (hopefully we'll get Chronos Twins soon after the first week), but it still infuriates me that they just don't keep them in the shop, and bring back last year's offerings.



Ian_Daemon said:

Cool. "BIT.TRIP FATE" and "Jett Rocket" are two games that I considered buying, but spent the time/money on GoldenEye instead.



SMW said:

Yes! They all shall be mine! I must download every single demo that appears.



Crunc said:

I will download all of these. I wish they'd quite with the limited time nonsense. I really just don't get the reason for that. What good is it to have demos go away? Who wins in this? The consumer doesn't and neither does the game developer nor Nintendo. Infuriating. I don't mind that they are rolling them out gradually, I can see why that might be necessary, but having them only be available for a limited time? Incredibly stupid.



iphys said:

Have the first two games, but will definitely try the demos for the other two though.



shinesprite said:

@16 demos=free entertainment The demos are there to help people make the decision on whether to buy a game or not. Reggie is probably worried that the consumers will see the demos (free entertainment) as an alternative to actually buying games!



thaantman said:

Better late than never I suppose, other than thru space I been wanting to play all the other demos available.



WarioFan63 said:

@20 Why is Reggie involved? Reggie wouldn't affect how Nintendo handles demos in Europe in Japan.



naut said:

Awesome! Been wanting to try all those games--except ThruSpace, haven't heard much about it. But I guess that's what demos are for.



kurtasbestos said:

Neat! All four of those look interesting, so I'm glad I'll get a chance to try them out. I really wish they would release more demos... I keep downloading highly-rated WiiWare games and finding out I'm not really all that into them.



Jnes4 said:

It's about time we finally had some demos in here ! better late than never I guess...



Crunc said:

@20 on the Xbox 360 there is a free demo, on release date and for eternity, for all Xbox Live Arcade games and Indie games. Guess which platform I've ended up downloading far more games on? Was it the platform that gave me "free entertainment" or the one that gave us none, and now only a pittance of time limited demos? I think you can probably guess that one. The reality is that when you are able to try a game, you are more likely to either: A) end up really wanting to buy it or B) don't buy and don't get buyers remorse, which makes you feel great about the platform and confident about future purchases. Demos make for higher sales. If Nintendo doesn't get that, then things are looking bleak.



OverlordMao said:

awesome, I totally want to see if Jett Rocket is worth the ten bucks...that I don't have anymore...because the demo service took too long to get here...


Oh well, I don't regret my 800 point DKC3 purchase.



burnedmatch said:

About time but I got these games already. Looking forward to see what comes in the later months.



BulbasaurusRex said:

It's about time! I'll finally get to try Jett Rocket on Monday, and I'll give Bit.Trip Fate a shot, as well.



brainofj said:

Already got AYIM and FATE, but I'm interested in ThruSpace. This'll come in handy, since VC is all but deceased.



Sneaker13 said:

Awesome, we have the Fate demo as well. Since I was disappointed by Runner, glad I can try it out first now.



Paperclip said:

Gah, I already own all those except ThruSpace :C

Oh well, good to know demos are back.



Moco_Loco said:

Awesome! Demos just in time for be...out of town, hundreds of miles away from my Wii, until Sunday night....

Good news, all the same. I agree that the demos should really just stay there, but Nintendo just always has to be different. They come around eventually, but they always seem to try everything but the common sense solution first and then settle on the common sense solution after they've figured out that what they were doing doesn't work.



SilverBaretta said:

Cool, I'll grab them all
And I assume one of the reasons they're there for a limited time is because you can just save them to your SD Card and keep them indefinitely, as the article so kindly points out.



Paperclip said:

Hey guys, it looks like it's staying for a while. The guys over at Gaijin Games say:

"Be sure to rate the demo via the Nintendo Channel’s rating system though, because games that score higher than Bronze will get to keep their demos longer! Otherwise, this sucker’s gone in 4 weeks!"



kurtasbestos said:

Crunc -> For those of us who only own a Wii out of the current generation, it's not like we can download different demos for our Sega Saturns. Man, that would be sweet (though I'm not really missing anything for that system). Anyway... since I don't have the time or money for games I used to have, missing out on demos is disappointing, but it's not going to make me throw my Wii in the trash and buy some other system. Also... I don't get the complains about limited-time-release demos. If you spend time on a site like this you should probably know about them when they exist. I haven't played the first round of Wii demos since I first downloaded them, but I sure haven't erased them.

MetalMario -> You don't need a demo of Cave Story. Just get it. That is all.



MeloMan said:

@ 17. amk93091
AYIT... And Yet It Turns maybe?

Speaking of which, I have AYIM already, but look forward to Jett and will likely download FATE since I downloaded BEAT the first go around with demos. Once Gaijin is done with this series (1 more game?), then I'm downloading ALL the full games and am gonna have one big Bit.Trip joygasm.



Token_Girl said:

My thoughts exactly. I guess they don't want really old games to steal sales from new games. Since they haven't had demos since the beginning this might be an issue. However only letting SOME
"big name" titles that have been released in the past few months up at a time is hardly fair towards all other releases. As we saw from sales spikes last year these games have huge advantages.

The problem with limited-time demos is, especially with Wii, not everyone is checking out sites like this regularly. People also may not log into the shop channel every four weeks. Therefore, many will miss out on the opportunity to try games they might like (which wouldnlead to more purchases). If there were lots of demos up at a time, people could just download whatever looked interesting when they were interested in a new game and would be on the shop channel more all the time. Now you just have the core audience that follows gaming news logging in once every four weeks when demos change.



brandonbwii said:

Finally some more demos. ThruSpace, And Yet it Moves, and bit.trip FATE for me, only because I already took the plunge with Jett Rocket.



kobe1724 said:

Sweet! I'm definitely trying out bit.trip FATE. who knows i might just give the other ones a shot just for the heck of it.



WiiOwner619 said:


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