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Nintendo Download: 8th November 2010 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

No demos here

Whilst Europe welcomed the return of WiiWare demos last week, there's no such luck for North American gamers, who are demo-less for at least one more week. There's still a decent mix however with five games in total, if you could call Discolight a game.


Gods vs. Humans (Zallag, 1200pts) – This deity-based strategy game receives a lower price in the States, dropping from 1500 Points to 1200, which might make it a little more alluring. We weren't hugely impressed, as you can read in our Gods vs. Humans review, but a 300 Point decrease might tempt you into picking it up.

Mix Superstar (Digital Leisure, 500pts) – WiiWare's first music creation tool, Mix Superstar lets you create your own tunes from a range of royalty-free samples, even sharing your creations online with other users via WiFi Connection. We'll compose our thoughts on this and bring you a full review soon.


Discolight (Kaasa Solution, 200pts) – Complete the set! Following the release of Flashlight you can now turn your DSi into an all-purpose rave wherever you go. Our Discolight review tells you everything you need to know, which isn't much apart from "save your money."

GO Series Pinball Attack! (Gamebridge, 500pts) – A crazy mix of pinball, platformer and shoot 'em up, this one's not quite as fun as previous GO Series releases. Our GO Series Pinball Attack! review should save you from flipping out.

Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine (Gamelion Studios, 200pts) – A slot machine title featuring three themed machines: Hawaiian, Pirate Treasure and Mexican Heat, each with its own tunes, graphics and special features. We'll try our luck and see if this one hits the jackpot.

Fast-forward past the press release to start discussion about why WiiWare demos aren't available if you like.


Nov. 8, 2010

Whether you remembered to set your clocks back for daylight saving time or spent Sunday wondering why everybody else was running an hour behind, Nintendo is ready to kick off the week with new releases that can be enjoyed no matter what time it is. Additions to the WiiWare™ service include Gods vs Humans, a strategy game that challenges you to wield divine powers, and Mix Superstar, which invites you to craft your own pop-music masterpieces. You'll also find new downloadable titles for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service that let you experience pinball-themed adventures or vie for giant jackpots in Las Vegas.


Gods vs Humans
Publisher: ZALLAG
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Comic Mischief, Cartoon Violence
Price: 1,200 Wii Points™
Description: Embody major gods from the fabulous mythologies of Scandinavia, Egypt, Rome and Japan. As a god, you have enough power to rule the humans – all but the cheeky ones! Some of them want to enter your domain, and they've decided to build a tower to confront you. Use your divine powers to bring them down and show them who's boss. Be careful not to hurt them, though – you need people to believe in you. There are 16 playable gods with distinctive powers, four hysterical bosses to defeat, 16 additional challenges for experienced players, 60 levels for the solo campaign and a special split-screen two-player mode.

Mix Superstar
Publisher: Digital Leisure Inc.
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: Think you can be the next big music star? Now you've got all the tools at your fingertips with Mix Superstar. Create, mix and record your own royalty-free musical masterpieces right on your Wii™ system. There are more than 1,000 Dance, Hip Hop and Techno loops included across multiple instruments, including Drum, Bass, Synth, Guitar and voice tracks. Once you've created your next hit, it's time to show it off. Mix Superstar lets you export your music creations and load them onto your computer so you can take them on the go. You can also use the WiiConnect24™ system to send songs to your Wii Friends and even collaborate on mixes. The game includes full support for both the Logitech USB Microphone and Wii Speak™ accessory (each sold separately) so you can lay down your own vocals. The Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection Pay & Play service even allows you to enhance your music creation experience with additional loop packs from a variety of genres. Go on and make some noise!

Nintendo DSiWare

GO Series Pinball Attack!
Publisher: Gamebridge
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Comic Mischief
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points™
Description: Developed by ArtePiazza, Pinball Attack is a unique fusion of pinball, exploration and shooting. Control the flippers of a pinball machine as you go on a magical journey under the sea, inside the earth, through a jungle and into space. As the scenery passes by in the background, use the pinball to fight off enemies such as a giant blowfish, collect bonuses and grab power-ups. Defeat bosses at the end of each level to progress to the next world.

Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine
Publisher: Gamelion
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: T (Teen) – Simulated Gambling
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: Try your luck on three slot machines: Hawaiian, Pirate Treasure and Mexican Heat. The one-armed bandits in Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine are not only uniquely themed with tunes and graphics, but they also have different special features: numbers of reels, extra buttons, winning sequences and custom bets. End your around-the-world trip in Vegas and bet the remainder of the small fortune you've inherited. You have to be good to be lucky! Will you acquire more luxury goods like jewelry, a bike or your own jet? Or maybe you'll lose everything. Whatever the outcome, all you can do in Las Vegas is go for it!

Publisher: Kaasa
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: Not Rated
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: Party on by changing your Nintendo DSi™ system into a disco light. Choose between music genres such as Love, Hip Hop and Rock. A special "Disco Disco" feature will display colors that change with the rhythm of the music. Place several Nintendo DSi systems together and create your very own disco!

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User Comments (53)



LordJumpMad said:

No demos here..........

Another Pinball game, I wonder if this is better then Pinball Pluse



seed said:

Im probably gonna get Mix Superstar, unless it gets bad reviews.



TheBaconator said:

The only good thing that comes from not getting awesome games every week is that it saves me money.



FoxKelfonne said:

You know, I really feel like developers aren't taking the WiiWare / DSiWare services seriously. Aside from the few real gems on the service, it just seems like Nintendo's download service gets hit with an inordinate number of crappy cell-phone style games. (Or useless junk like Flashlight). Whether this is because of size limits or what I don't know, but it just gets tiring when every week is another bunch of nonsense.



manleycartoonist said:

Fox: you have to admit that the Wii also gets hit with a ton of crap on Disc too... I guess that is what happens when you take the family friendly role in the videogame wars.



danschemen said:

MixSuperstar sounds interesting so i will eventually try it out but not for a LONG time still saving up for other games.



MeloMan said:

I've inherited the soul of mastergraveheart-- except my game to complain about is myDiary. Where's myDiary Nnooo?



suburban_sensei said:

I hate to bicker, but yeah not a great week. I just want to spend this 500 pts. I have had sitting on my DSi! hehe, maybe Chronos Twins, I hear pretty good things about it.



Robo-goose said:

One more week is all we have to wait,
I'm sure that some of you are man enough to have a little patience.



WaveGhoul said:

If there's anything dissapointing about the Wii, it's the ridiculous lack of Virtual Console games, or GOOD VC games for that matter as of late. Sure there are tons of classics on there, but we havent gotten anything good in ages for the most part. It's lazyness on Nintendo's part, hell they didn't even give us a special halloween horror-like virtual console game. Castlevania Bloodlines, Splatterhouse 3 or Decap Attack would of been ace!



LuWiiGi said:

This week is so crap that even Discolight doesn't look out of place! Damn!

Oh wait, I just remembered I'm not American.



Bass_X0 said:

If there's anything dissapointing about the Wii, it's the ridiculous lack of Virtual Console games, or GOOD VC games for that matter as of late.

You'll likely get Rival Turf! next week then Super EDF two weeks after. And SpinMaster in five weeks.

Castlevania Bloodlines, Splatterhouse 3 or Decap Attack would of been ace!

You can only blame those games' publishers for not getting them. Nintendo has nothing to do with them.



EdEN said:

Well, the 300 point reduction for the game IS great since I was going to buy it for 1,500 but at 1,200 it's an even better deal for me.



FonistofCruxis said:

I feel sorry for the Americans getting so many crappy updates. Their vc is in a pretty bad state tooo. Since they normally only get one game each month or two if they're lucky while europe gets two each month or three if we're lucky.



WolfRamHeart said:

The only game here that I was slightly interested in is Gods vs. Humans but considering that it got only mediocre reviews there is no way that I am paying 1200 points for it. Oh well, at least we got Discolight this week.



warioswoods said:

That's alright, I just demoed Discolight by igniting a dollar. I'm curious to see the second half, but think I'll hold out.



Hardy83 said:

I can't believe people still bother to hope for good stuff on Nintendo's online service. lol Silly people



Jnes4 said:

No new demos ? aww...
The only thing I am interested on the list is mix superstar, I hope that it's at least decent enough to warrant a purchase



odd69 said:

Wow I'm kinda disappointed this week. Wiiware has hit a dry spell.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@26 We still get a VC game every other week. We got one last week, so nobody was expecting one today.

However, I am disappointed that we didn't get the demos today. I was hoping to try out Jett Rocket this week. Also, the WiiWare games we did get are pretty lame and don't interest me at all, so nothing for me this week.



SwerdMurd said:

@Waveboy - yeah bloodlines kinda're not missing much. Decap attack is kind of a muddy-physics-ed mess too and the music is grating...1600 points could be better spent imo--not missing much there.

more useless DSiWare apps...can't say I'm surprised as people eat this kind of trash up on iPhone. Mix Superstar looks kinda interesting despite being super limited-scope/functionality...wouldn't mind seeing it in motion.



Morpheel said:

So, why is the Hot machine "Mexican"?
Seems to be more about deserts and spicy food.



fishman100 said:

Slot machines, eh? i guess i'll try this since i can't gamble yet...

good practice for Vegas!



Capt_N said:

Dear Nintendo, I is a prgenent ldy, & wld lyke MOAR games sent top me free. Thnkx!

No, really! Nintendo needs to stop being cheap, & utilize some of their cash-age for access to licenses. Disney/Capcom stuff would be a good start to boosting the VC library of what licenses are already available on the service. & the Wii lifespan may only last a year, or 2 more. They need to release their VCs quick. Who exactly cares if their VC well runs dry before the Wii's life ends?! Nintendo still would have WW.

Edit: I mean N shouldn't stretch out their releases til the Wii's life is over, or near-over.



Moco_Loco said:

Say it with me, Reggie. De-mos. DE-MOS. It's spelled D-E-M-O-S. These are good things, which help to sell good games.



barneygumble said:

Since month I dont check the N store anymore. With those games ( and no VC Games ) a waste of time. Shame on you Nintendo



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Hardy83: No argument here. I forgot to even check the release this morning, and I can see I didn't miss much. I'm looking forward to the eventual release of Mario Party 2, but I'm not going to keep EXPECTING it week after week and getting disappointed. It's just a waste to stay on that emotional roller coaster.

@Abgar: I think you just answered your own question. I'm assuming this game was not developed in Mexico, which means those two things perfectly fit the stereotype. Okay, so they forgot the sombreros.



killer6370 said:

lol looks like nintendo doesnt like amerika enought to offer demos, i think you should buy more stuff from them not only ps3 or 360(or gamestop) but wii so they know that there are some players out there and show more love



Skotski said:

I sincerely hope there's a review of Gods Vs Humans.

For two reasons:
1. I'm really interested in the game, and look forward to it.
2. To quiet everyone who's saying "There's NOTHING good this week" despite them not knowing the games. (this is only referring to the ones who don't know the games)



Skotski said:

Ah, nevermind, I just got quieted after following the review.

...well, I'll shut up now.

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