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New Conduit 2 Trailer Heavy on Talk, Light on Action

Posted by James Newton

A little less conversation, a little more action, please

Whilst previous trailers for Conduit 2 have focused on the game's massive amounts of bullets, bangs, booms and bombs, this latest trailer shows off the game's cinematic leanings.

New voice actors take up the story after the final events of The Conduit, with Agent Ford drawn deeper into the conspiracy that threatens to topple the world's already delicate balance. It might not be Shakespeare, but as a prelude to some big explosions it looks like it should do the trick. That and the All-Seeing Eye's new voice saying "hurry Michael" puts us in mind of Knight Rider's KITT, which is always a good association to have.

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PhillepinO said:

i think theyre trying to improve their story, because their multiplayer gameplay was pretty much flawless (except for the hacking crisis).



DrCruse said:

I hope they really improve the single player campaign for the sequel. The original had amazing multiplayer (for Wii), but the Single player was just mindless shooting nonstop which is only fun for a few minutes



JimLad said:

Vague generic dialogue is vague and generic.
I can't wait for this game, but honestly that voice acting sounds terrible.



Kirk said:

Parts of this feel like an animation students project rather than a high quality trailer.



Chris720 said:

Awesome tagline!

Haven't had the pleasure of viewing the trailer, since I'm head deep in GE at the moment. I think it'll take A LOT to make me buy this...

Anyways, why don't they just make it online only? I mean, I don't buy FPS games for the campaign, since its usuallly short, boring and very generic. The only exception is Metroid Prime, but it focuses more on story rather than multiplayer.

And most of my friends buy FPS games for the exact same reason, just to play online.



KrazyKain said:


well some of us actually play the story first THEN go to multiplayer... if multiplayer was all that mattered then EVERYONE might aswell give up making fps games because Call of duty and battlefield are kings of that



Sean_Aaron said:

Yeah, I'm really not bothered about multiplayer, though I will be pre-ordering the headset pack-in version of this one because The Conduit was my fave online multiplayer experience on the Wii to-date.

I just finished playing through the first game for the 3rd time and I still enjoy the storyline and the little touches like radio play and the interstitial bits. If they are indeed making the ASE more versatile then this is really going to be great. 1st-person games that are all shooting just bore me to tears.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Besides, the story in the first game ended in a cliffhanger, so they have to continue the story in this one.



koops330 said:

already pre-order can't wait for this game I just wish the first game was longer



timp29 said:

Looks like it may be more story oriented. Certainly demonstrates some atmosphere in that clip.



Tails said:

ehh I still am kinda wondering.. Should i try it again? Maybe.. Maybe not.. even so good trailer.



lex0plex said:

wooo hooo! im jittery with excitement!

I havent played the first, but this look really good!!!



Wolfenstein83 said:

This looks way more interesting than the first.
The first was good and for a Wii game the graphics were above average but I thought the story needed some more work.
I will buy this but I hope the online aspect is fixed, that was such a nightmare.



darklinkinfinite said:

This looks great, I know I'll be getting this as soon as I have the money for it. My biggest disappointment with the first game wasn't the plot itself, which I rather enjoyed, but the way it was presented. Everything, aside from the revealation of the alien, seemed to happen away from you and never in front of you. Instead of seeing anything happen you were informed of it either in the inter-level briefings or via radio communication. Looks like there will be more storytelling in front of the camera this time.



zionich said:

Looks like I might have to go grab the first one. Normally I dont care for FPS games, but what the heck. ( LOOOOOVED Metroid Prime Trilogy, but I dont classify that as an FPS)

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