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Multiplayer in Angry Birds Will Resemble "Old School Worms"

Posted by Trevor Chan

So don't lose your temper, the game is still migrating to WiiWare

An ESRB rating back in August revealed that Chillingo was in the process of bringing Angry Birds from the iOS App Store to the Wii Shop Channel, and speaking at the Virtual Goods Summit in London, Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka has reaffirmed that the WiiWare instalment is being worked on.

The upcoming multiplayer to what has been the fastest-selling game on the App Store will resemble "old school Worms," he said, although further, more concrete details have yet to be officially announced.

As for a sequel, Vesterbacka rules out the notion of an Angry Birds 2 but hints at a "surprise" iteration of the game that tells the story from the pigs' perspective. For now, Angry Birds will also be available on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, and that's just "for starters," he said.


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Corbs said:

I'm anxious to try this one out, although I don't care for Worms much.



KanrakusPizza said:

I dont like Worms either, but I dont own an iPhone, so I wanted to get this game. Did they comfirm a DSiWare one as well, or just on Wii?



golfisfun said:

I heard its coming to the Wii,60 and 3. Nice. Cant wait to buy it on my wii. Have it on my Iphone but my gf will love playing it on the wii.



SuperMarioFan96 said:


If this is something that is not added into the iPhone/Touch version, I might just be inclined to buy it. Although I think touch screen controls would still work better for this game than pointer controls.... will there be multiplayer in the DSiWare version?



Percentful said:

I don't know if I would like this or not. I like Birds, but as a portable game I can play for a few minutes while I wait for something. It's not the type of game I sit down and play for two hours.



Kirk said:

Man these guys are making a fortune.

Just goes to show that if you come up with a simple idea and do it well, and also make it very appealing to the casuals also, then you are going to make money.



SwerdMurd said:

could not get into this game at all. Insta-perminant pass, forever. Esp. since most of the morons that have given me 100% god-awful iPhone game recommendations love it (not pointing any fingers at people here--IRL friends people...if anyone's familiar with that concept )



Corbs said:

I think the concept people were wrapping their heads around was utter shock that you have real friends.



maka said:

I think it's great that we're seeing all these iPhone ports but they usually get much more expensive when they come to Nintendo platforms (btw, Angry Birds is free on the Android and it plays great).

Frankly, after seeing the quality of some of the free (or very cheap <2€) new crop of games for the Android (I don't have an iPhone) I'm thinking twice on spending money on Wiiware/DSiWare anymore...



suburban_sensei said:

Yeah this game is a lot of fun, my gf has it on her iPhone, but I won't buy it on WiiWare/DSiWare if its really expensive. I have my pride, and I won't pay like 5+ more times for something you can get for a dollar on the app store...



Ian_Daemon said:

@11 Popyman: "'Old school Worms'? I wasn't aware Worms changed. =P"

Yep, it didn't in the U.S., but in other parts of the world it got better.

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