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Limited Edition Mario Kart Wii Bundle Under Starter's Orders

Posted by James Newton

Wii, Remote Plus and the game

Want a Wii this Christmas but not interested in the red machine with New Super Mario Bros. Wii? This dark beauty might be of interest to you, then.

Nintendo Europe has just announced a limited edition black Wii bundle featuring racer Mario Kart Wii, a black Wii Wheel, Wii Sports and Donkey Kong pre-installed on the system. The package also includes the new Wii Remote Plus in black, though again there's no MotionPlus-enabled game included.

The new bundle is set to speed off shelves after its release on Friday November 26th.

A limited edition black Wii bundle including Mario Kart Wii and all the accessories needed to celebrate Mario’s 25th anniversary in speed and style will be available across Europe from 26th November 2010.

As well as a black Wii and Mario Kart Wii, the Mario Kart Wii Pack contains a black Nunchuk, black Wii Remote Plus, black Wii Wheel and Wii Sports. As if that wasn’t enough, the bundle will also include Donkey Kong original edition pre-installed on the Wii, in homage to Mario’s first ever appearance.

The first Super Mario Kart was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1992 in Japan, seven years after game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and his team put the finishing touches to Mario’s first major adventure, Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Since then, there have been 6 versions of the game for Nintendo’s consoles, with each game seeing players dive into frenetic racing action on tracks themed from locations in the Super Mario series of games. Mario Kart Wii has sold more than 24 million copies worldwide since its launch.

Mario Kart Wii allows you to race up to 12 friends and family simultaneously using Nintendo Wi- Fi Connection, ensuring everyone can get behind the wheel and celebrate Super Mario’s 25th anniversary with the Mario Kart Wii Pack, launching across Europe from 26th November 2010.


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User Comments (38)



LuWiiGi said:

I saw this on the Nintendo site an hour ago. I'd rather get the red version tbh.



Neo_Yor said:

Nice, too bad I already have a wii... and mario kart... and live in Chile...

Also, it looks like the games doesn't come in a box.



Tasuki said:

Nice. I like this bundle better than the red one. I am so tempted to get a black Wii but I have to many VC games on my current Wii that I dont want to lose and have to rebuy again.



FierceRegalia said:

I bought the first white Wii, then sold it after playing for 4 years. Now I decided to buy one again.

I already have Mario Kart Wii and Wii Sports, but this way I can have a Wii Remote Plus and the black Wii Wheel.

Please, make it to the US!



andyutd97 said:

Ive never really played on my wii sports resort so i dont think that will be a big loss



rdvid said:

wow... nintendo realy want to make us to buy new wii's even if we have them already !



bboy2970 said:

Oh great.....Don't get me wrong, I like special bundles but c'mon! I was able to get the money together to get the special edition red Wii and red DSi XL and have enough for All-Stars. But now there's ANOTHER Mario's 25th Anniversary special pack!? I can't keep up Nintendo!!!!!



WaveGhoul said:

Nintendo's clearly trying to rake in the dough this holiday season.
And they definitly will with these 2 Bundles. Really though, shouldn't there be a Super Mario Galaxy 2 bundle? It would make much more sense.



winter123 said:

Release these editions at LAUNCH! Give your loyal fans what they deserve by releasing special limited edition colors within the first month then everyone else that's not a real fan can get white!



Linkstrikesback said:

I was under the impression the wiimote pluses were bigger than normal wiimotes. I guess they aren't if they fit in wii wheels



DrCruse said:

I bet they planned the whole Wii motion plus thing since the Wii release.
Sell remotes, sell add ons to make more money off of people who already have as many remotes as they need, and then combine the two into a single package to sell even more.



danschemen said:

if i had to buy one this holiday season it would be this one! mario kart wii is the best online racing game you can own for the wii, you have to have it!



Pj1 said:

I think this is a tad odd to be honest, Nintendo have made too many black wii's maybe. Strange that it doesn't come with Wii-Sports resort with the motio plus, if you buy it it comes with it but with the controller you don't need it. Unless you buy another wii-mote that doesn't have motion plus. A Mario Kart pack, interesting...



RedYoshi999 said:

A black Wii Wheel? Interesting. It would go well with my black wii remote plus I'm waiting on to arrive. Other than that it seems Nintendo Europe copied Nintendo Australia with a Mario Kart Wii pack except ours is a white Wii pack and we have SMB pre installed with the '25' Blocks instead of Donkey Kong. And ours is already out.



Gamesake said:

I'd wait for Nintendo to make a "Wii Slim" with more internal memory before buying anything.



D33G said:

I'm trying to get my aunt to get a wii, and when she heard about the red wii she said "I'd rather have a black wii." Now, I don't think there's any excuse!



Monkeh said:

Damnit, why must the black and red Wii look so damn sexy?! It makes my white Wii look so pale.



Splat said:

I have never used the Wii Wheel that came with my MK not one time.



Hokori said:

now all we need is a bundle with MKW, Wii Fit Plus, Balance Board, Wii Remote Plus, Wii Wheel, WSR, WS, CCP, ACCF, wii speak, and SSBB. How much would that Box weigh?



Rasche said:

Very cool! I am so regretting buying the Wii when it first came out since now they have black and red which is SO much cooler than white! Lol! This is a cool bundle tho, but I think the red one is a better bundle!



Capt_N said:

I wonder if the DK Original edition is really the arcade version of DK, not the Nes port? I've already stated this here, & on Gamefaqs, but next year marks the 30th anniversary of the original Donkey Kong(the arcade game ~ realed in 81), & I wouldn't be surprised if that was going to hit the VC next year.



James said:

It includes the Cement Factory level apparently, though I haven't been able to verify that myself sadly



StarDust4Ever said:

The NES version of Donkey Kong is encumbered by the unnecessary absence of the Cement Level. There are other slight differences between the NES and arcade versions of other games, such as missing cut-scene animations, "Portrait Mode" titles such PacMan and Galaga being reformatted for play on "Landscape Mode" TVs, etc, but the missing cement level in NES DK is a real unforgivable travesty. I held off for years on buying VC NES Donkey Kong, due to the missing level, which they claimed was omitted due to memory constraints, which is BS. Later on they managed to fit both Donkey Kong and DK Jr on a 32 kilobyte PRG ROM without mapper support. I finally downloaded it after I received a download voucher (1 free NES game of my choice) last year as reimbursement for the Internet Channel.

Nintendo, please give us the arcade version of DK with the cement level. To those of you hankering about the upcoming 30th anniversary, there was no arcade release for the pacman anniversary either.

I believe the following evidence is pretty convincing:

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