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La-Mulana Finished, Submitted and "Out This Year"

Posted by James Newton

Bish bash bosh

The long and arduous wait for La-Mulana will soon be over: the game is complete and has just been submitted to Nintendo for approval, as revealed on the La-Mulana developer blog.

The blog states that if the game passes the inspection with no difficulties it'll receive a release date, but the team seems confident that it will see a release this year, though it doesn't specify in which territory.

Start practising your old-school platforming skills, as designer Takumi Naramura claims the game will be very hard indeed.


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wes008 said:

Well since Super Meat Boy probably won't be coming to wiiware now, I guess I'll go with the next best thing. Pricing? (I like to get my points early )



jkshaz said:

So let me preface this by clarifying that I am not a programmer and have no knowledge of that area. How does a game that seems to be as expansive as this fit in the wiiware limits imposed by Nintendo while a game like Super Meat Boy will not. I'm sure someone can enlighten me.



James said:

Downscaling the graphics (no need for HD) and compressing audio (voices, changing mp3s to MIDIs) would probably be my best guess, but even then that's not going to trim 100MB I wouldn't have thought.



PSICOffee said:

Awesome, hopefully it won't be like Cavestory and be delayed for a year for no reason just for Nintendo to accept it, only to have it released all glitchy.



0-Watt said:

I'll guess it'll hit 1000-1200 points, with the release in question being the Japanese one. Nicalis has to get it through NOA for publishing, so who knows where that'll lead.

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