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Japanese Virtual Console List - December 2010

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Hudson and Capcom serve up some more games

Japan maintains a small lead on the rest of the world next month, by both catching up on two titles that were already released in Europe, and releasing three new games which everybody else will also likely see. There's nothing really surprising here this time!

The games Japan will be getting next month are:


  • Master Takahashi's Adventure Island II (Adventure Island II - The sequel to the Wonder Boy reskin Adventure Island, this one introduces many new elements to make it stand out a bit more.)

Super Famicom:

Virtual Console Arcade:

No Japan-exclusives this time - at least, not likely. Would you partake in some more Master Higgins action if Adventure Island II came to the west?


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Corbs said:

I love all three NES Adventure Island games. Hope these next two make an appearance in NA.



Bass_X0 said:

There's also the fourth game, Corbie. It was only released in Japan though but would be a good import title. I wouldn't download any of them personally though. Not my kinda game.



GeminiSaint said:

Ooh, Adventure Island 2! I hope they bring it to the US soon, followed by Adventure Island 3 and the SNES sequels.
Adventure Island 4 would be nice too, though unlikely for several reasons.



cornishlee said:

Every time I see Capcom mentioned I'm compelled to look in case they're releasing Warriors of Fate somewhere.

One day... Maybe... Just maybe...



Mr_Nose said:

Me too.

'Cept I'm dreaming of Tower of Doom, and Shadows over Mystara. =(



StarBoy91 said:

'bout time the second NES Adventure Island title decided to come to the VC (even if it's only to Japan atm). I only played the Game Boy port Adventure Island, though.



KingMike said:

I've been waiting for AI2, AI3 and Super AI2 (sorta Zelda II-like).
AI4 would be nice, but I don't know if it's playable without translation.



EdEN said:

I'd gladly buy Adventure Island 2 and 3. Hope someday we get part 4 as well.



WaveGhoul said:

I loved Adventure Island II, and the original growig up. Great news!. I don't know how many times I drew and colored the original games Box art when I was a kid.



TheLonelyGamer said:

Great to see Adventure Island II on there. Too bad we don't have Adventure Island 3 yet, it's very rare and expensive to find on NES, and I own 1 and 2.



WaveGhoul said:

Yikes. I didn't even know there was an Adenture Island 3 for the Nes. How does it stack up against 1 and 2? And I remember playing Super Adventure Island for the SNES, yet once again i didn't even know that THAT game had an snes sequal.



GeminiSaint said:

@16 WaveBoy
Adventure Island 3 is sort of a "mission pack sequel" to Adventure Island 2. It looks, sounds and plays pretty much the same. The levels are all new, of course. There's also a new dinosaur friend (a green triceratops), a new weapon (boomerangs), a new bonus type (surfing), and Master Higgins can crouch in AI3.



JDesensitized said:

The VC should have had ALL the Adventure Island games by now. Here's hoping the Super games get added sooner than later.



KingMike said:

I believe AI3 also adds multiple paths (as well as a password feature).
I have the Game Boy version of AI3 (known as AI2, since the NES AI1 was never ported to GB).



Vinsanity said:

They needed the other Adventure Island Games - the ones that are far, far better than wonder boy (II and III for the NES, maybe Super Adventure Island for SNES...though I can't remember that one exactly) - about a year ago. Still, no time to be cynical. I love me some NES games. Hudson, bring these over here to the 'states and I'll download 'em in a heartbeat!

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