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Iwata: More Developers Interested in 3DS Than Were Into DS

Posted by James Newton

Strong third-party support boasted again

3DS already has the support of major third-party publishers including Ubisoft, EA, Sega, Capcom and plenty more, but Satoru Iwata has spelled out the level of commitment from overseas companies, saying the console has more support than the DS did before launch.

To say the least, our overseas publishers are not taking a passive approach to Nintendo 3DS at all. In fact, it is safe for you to think that they have been fairly proactive in thinking about this new hardware from the start.

Hopefully this means there'll be a range of quality third-party titles available around the console's launch, but it's not just games developers taking a strong interest in the console: Hollywood film companies are said to be enamoured with the console's ability to play 3D movies on the go.

When it comes to the opportunity for them to be able to show 3D movies, however, people in Hollywood currently do not believe that 3D television sets will be able to spread into ordinary households with rapid speed. I have the impression that they see Nintendo 3DS as a strong candidate to become the very first 3D device to be able to spread into the mass market in massive volumes.

Considering Nintendo hopes to sell four million 3DS units within its first month, we think those Hollywood bigwigs could be right about it finding mass market success.


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DrCruse said:

3rd party support is often the deciding factor in which console will come out on top.



Omenapoika said:

No matter what anybody says at any point. This console is going to be hauled like hot cakes.



MeloMan said:

I'm reserving day ONE... I will not be left waiting for 6 months to a year waiting for my own 3DS when they all run out, like I spent my time with Gamecubes and Wiis of the past. This system is so win it ain't funny AT ALL. Music? Movies? Games? 3D? Anything after that I consider bonus.



danschemen said:

@#1 i would buy that
anyway i still can't wait for it to come out so i can buy those 2 resident evil games.



Caliko said:


That's rubbish. I bet that number will rise to about %80 BEFORE the 3DS even arrives. It's nonsensical to reveal the number of people who are unaware of a product far before it's even released.

Most of the public didn't even know what a Wii was until it was on display, got its first advertising, after release day etc.



DangerousDreams said:

Quite the delightful little report on third party support. Though while reading this article a very worrisome thought leaped in my mind, and this is what it was, after watching several 3D movies I have grown considerably tired or perhaps exhausted of the 3D phenomenon,at least in movies. Finally (and the most frightening ) I wondered if I would become just as passive towards 3D video games as i am towards 3D movies. My only option ( and what a cruel one) is to wrap my hand around that magnificent piece of hardware Nintendo likes to call, the 3DS and find out for myself.



Scizor said:

Hopefully the third-party games for the 3DS won't be like most of the ones out for the DS now. Seriously, when a DS game gets marked down to $10 you know it's just plain terrible. I want the 3DS to have third-party games that I'm proud of.



NintyMan said:

The 3DS will definitely have the best thrid party support of a Nintendo console since the SNES. Consider this handheld heaven a contender for my overall favorite Nintendo console, including other gamers.



gatygun said:

@14 movies is all about pop in your face every 10 seconds. This is tiring but fun for the 1,5 hour that it lasts. If you visit to much movies in a short time you get tired of it indeed.

For gaming this would be hugely ennoying.

That's why nintendo uses the depth with 3D. You can hugely increase the depth feel etc etc. which will be incredible usefull on platformers or other kind of games. This isn't tiring.



triforceofcourage said:

i heard nintendo already recently got a partenership with Dreamworks (movie maker). But i hope they have more than just Dreamworks movies.
And @ caption to pic; everyone does



Stuffgamer1 said:

I should think it a foregone conclusion that the support is better than the original DS pre-launch, given that most people found the machine a bit crazy before it started selling like same. Now that the basic DS concept is a perfectly accepted part of gaming culture, the 3D evolution is bound to be more popular from the start, especially considering all the positive feedback from those who've already had their hands on the thing.



astarisborn94 said:

That's what happens when you adversite a system with a lot of potential in it and with a lot of adversiting.

@triforceofcourage: I'm sure there will be more then Dreamwork movies. IIRC, there was a 3D Disney movie confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS.



Wolfo said:

Nintendo recovers the dominion of the market with the support of the developers, amazing.

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