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Gothic Action Heads to WiiWare in Ark of Sinners

Posted by James Newton

Like Castlevania, only Spanish

Here's a WiiWare game you can sink your teeth into: Ark of Sinners is a Castlevania-style 2D romp, mixing classic gameplay with modern graphics.

Played with the Wii Remote held NES-style, with 1 button to attack and 2 to jump, there'll be multiple moves, combos and even special air combos too. The first part of a trilogy and expected to launch at 1000 Nintendo Points, this looks like being a high-end addition to WiiWare's ever-growing stable of quality platformers.

Revogamers has the first exclusive screenshots. Stay tuned to Nintendo Life for more details in this promising title, on the way in Q1 2011.


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Link79 said:

Is Konami ever going to make a real Castlevania for a Nintendo system again? They bypassed Gamecube completely and all Wii got was a crappy fighting game. CV Rebirth on Wiiware was nice but too short.
I want an official CV game not another clone. This Ark of sinners might be decent though. I'll keep an eye on this one.



Bass_X0 said:

Konami have moved into 3D territory for the Castlevania console games (not Wii though). You want a 2D platformer then you either look at downloadable titles or portable games.



Link79 said:

@ Bass xo
Well hopefully Rebirth gets another 2-D sequel.
Or maybe they are cooking up some Castlevania for the 3DS.
If Consoles never saw another 2-D game in the series I'd be a sad gamer.
Mario and DK returned to the old school style. Why can't Castlevania?



Skotski said:

Castlevania Judgement wasn't that bad. Seriously play it after you've tried Tournament of Legends, you'd realize it's a hundred times better.
But seriously, get used to the waggling (it's more responsive than ToL and Naruto games) and camera angle (which only gets problematic with Dracula), and you've got a decent fighter on your hands.
(And those who say "It's Special-Moves galore" don't know how to dodge those attacks effectively)

But yes, a real Castlevania game on the Wii would be good (PS: Judgement was supposed to be a test run for an upcoming-Castlevania for the Wii... seeing that it didn't sell too well, you can realize why one hasn't come out yet).



Sneaker13 said:

Not that impressed by the screenshots. Have to wait and see if it's any good.



jkshaz said:

Sounds interesting. Just one question though? This says it will be a 2D adventure, but some of those screenshots sure like a 3D environment to me.



Moco_Loco said:

It looks pretty good. The writer of the article seemed impressed overall, though he did complain about problems with skidding, especially on smaller platforms. The developers are trying to improve the game, however. The enemy AI is supposed to be good, and avoiding attacks is just as important as building up combos.

The developers spoke about working within the limitations of WiiWare and some of the shortcuts they had to take, such as eliminating some animations and using some models repeatedly.

Overall, this does look good. I hope the final product is as good as the impressions.



Varoennauraa said:

I think these modern graphics looks bad next to Castlevania. I hope that the game is good, but I guess I'm going to skip it if its not metroidvania.



Omega said:

Is this going to be another episodic game which works out to be the price of a full priced disc based game?



Terra said:

I've always wanted to fight the Mexican Dracula.... but this'll have to do



DarkCoolEdge said:

Hi, everyone, this is my first comment but I've been reading for a long time.

I don't like the looks of the game, I'll wait until the first videos come out.



WaveGhoul said:

Barfs* Not impressed by the screen shots. And Combo based attacks? that just sealed the deal for me based on NOT getting this. The 3D graphics look incredibly dull too. And as for Castlevania Judgement, that game ranged from awful to mediocre and the art direction regarding the characters was so off...and completely anime-fied. Simon Belmont looked like he was ripped out of some girly man J-pop band.

Anyways, A ReBirth sequal would be nice....Better yet, give us Bloodlines on the VC damnit!



Imerion said:

Wow, this was a surprise! A new 2D Castlevania-esque game. I really hope this will be good. Title screen looks awesome, but the rest of the screens look so-so. But it will probably look better as development progresses, not to mention it will be nicer in motion.



SwerdMurd said:

combos are always where these games fall apart...side-scrolling games don't need chained-together combos....these games are all about constant, precise character control. One of the many things that made Soul of Darkness feel like a moldy bag of feces was the emphasis on remove-player-control combos and inexact control....this article did nothing to convince me this game will be any different.

If you're gonna copy Castlevania, copy the fact that its attacks are precise and well-balanced and not 5 chained-together moves that launch you all over the stage.

EDIT - it appears it's not entirely sidescrolling...or it's 2.5D.... 10 bucks says it's clunky as hell and animation down-time is the number one cause of getting hit/dying.



odd69 said:

This is the type of game for me, its always nice to see something juicy land on wiiware



motang said:

Awesome! I like the Castlevania remake on Wiiware and this game will sill nicely on my virtual gaming shelf.



Viper6391 said:

Would rather play a sequel to the Castlevania Rebirth game for Wiiware then this. Or better yet, as WaveBoy said, give us Bloodlines already! As for the screen shots, they look really ugly and I'm not to thrilled about the idea of it being a 3D adventure.



aaronsullivan said:

The one screen used for the story is pretty cool, but the other screenshots are sorta ugly. No? Muddy, boring, generic. Hopefully there is something interesting going on with the gameplay. I'd rather it be awesome than mediocre, of course!

Edit: Oh, guess I'm not the only one that is hating on the screenshots. Should have read the comments first.



MeloMan said:

I don't love (or is it hate?) Castlevania enough to play it's clones (this and Soul of Darkness), not to say these games aren't good-- I'm just satisfied with the main series thank you very much.

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