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Get Strategic on DSiWare with Glory Days - Tactical Defense

Posted by James Newton

From the team behind Pop Island

Pop Island and follow-up Pop Island: Paperfield are among the best-looking titles on DSiWare, and now developer odenis studio is putting that graphical grunt to a different use in the form of Glory Days - Tactical Defense.

A military-styled take on tower defence, Glory Days sees you building bases, rocket launchers and other weapons to fend off enemy onslaughts. Running at a solid 60fps with up to 300 units on screen at any time, it looks like setting another technical milestone for DSiWare, and you can see the game running in this real-time trailer below.

Olivier Denis from odenis studio tells us the game is finished and has been submitted to Nintendo of America for approval. When asked why the game is so graphically impressive, Denis said:

If the 3D engine is really at this level, it's because we are using the extra power of the Nintendo DSi CPU.

Revel in the graphical and tactical glory below.

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irken004 said:

Hehe, Pop Island: Modern Warfare Looks nice though, might get it if the price is right.



Oregano said:

Nice, I always intended to pick up Glory Days but never got the chance... I shall pick this up and enjoy!



shinesprite said:

If its good and priced like Odenis Studio's latest game (I still need to play Paperfield), then I'll get it. I have the original Pop Island. It has pretty good content for the price, but I felt there was less of a sense of purpose. Hopefully, this new take on the game will remedy that issue.



rosemo said:

Looks good. I agree with shinesprite. Pop Island was good but there was an overall feeling of "what is the point?". Hopefully, this will have more of a story line or missions to complete.



FonistofCruxis said:

I think they should switch the screens around and have the map on the top screen so that you can use the stylus instead of that stupid cube.



KDR_11k said:

As I suspected: Paperfield was a side-product of making Glory Days!

I just wish it was a proper Glory days game, not a tower defense. GD2 was the best Armor Alley implementation I've played.



EdEN said:

Portable Tower Defense games are always great for me and this looks to be a very fun and fast release in the genre. Still waiting for a price point but it will probably be 500 considering their past couple of releases.



kurtasbestos said:

Woah... this looks great! I haven't played any of those "tower defense" games that I hear are all the rage these days, but after being very impressed by Pop Island I'm very excited to try this one out.



Imerion said:

As I posten on the game's page, this looks great! But what I really hope for to set it apart from other tower defence games is a co-op mode. Two (or more) players work together to build a defence, each having his/her own resources. Would be really fun and might work considering how well Pop Island did multiplayer, with single-cart mode and all.



cheapogamer4life said:

I hear nothing but good things about this one so unless Ninty tries to charge us 800np's for this I'll for sure id* Glory Days.



Percentful said:

Interesting. It's almost like a star ship defense with pop island graphics. If it gets a good review, I might get it.



Shane904 said:

AWESOME! I love tower defense games, and I love Pop Island. I am going to get this.
Olivier Denis, you are a genius.



armoredghor said:

This looks really good. I can see that they took a lot from pop island though. The company focuses specifically on the battle system for the game so don't expect story but a very easy pick up and play game that is incredibly fun.



Ickaser said:

@mariofanatic- You can switch the screens on both Pop Islands, so I think you probably can to the extent of you guide the cube with the stylus.



Ickaser said:

And I'll probably have to get it. I mean, Pop Island (aperfield) was really good, so yeah.



Sylverstone said:

Quite on the fence, mainly because tower defense isn't really my genre, also I stopped purchasing DSiWare after Shantae came out.

But still....



Morpheel said:

it's like.. killing small soldiers and destroying stuff in a cute way, i may get this

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