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Gamelion Bringing the Boom Boom to DSiWare

Posted by James Newton

New title on the way next year

WiiWare's Furry Legends may not have quite lived up to all our expectations, but Gamelion clearly thinks the characters and setting is a recipe for success, as it's using elements of its rolling platformer in upcoming DSiWare game Boom Boom Squaries.

Currently awaiting approval at Nintendo, with a release expected for early 2011, Boom Boom Squaries is a chain-reaction puzzler with four different game modes, including 26 levels in classic mode and 40 challenges, as well as endless and time trial modes too.

Gamelion also assured us that 2D platformer Furry Legends: Beginnings is still very much on the way, but has been put on the back-burner for other projects to take precedence, though it should still be released in the New Year.

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SuperMarioFan96 said:

I actually very much enjoyed Furry Legends despite its faults. Therefore.... looking forward to this!



Odnetnin said:

I was excited until I saw 'puzzler.' I certainly hope Beginnings comes soon enough, because a decent DSiWare platformer sounds delicious. I hope all of the puzzle game fanatics enjoy it, though.

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