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Frontier Preparing to Blow You Away With More LostWinds

Posted by James Newton

Good news, everyone

LostWinds and its sequel, LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, have been two of WiiWare's most notable hits, so it's good to hear that David Braben's Frontier team is preparing to release more titles in the series

Braben confirmed to Eurogamer that the series was "far from done and dusted", saying:

There are still many more stories to tell from [game world] Mistralis. We'll keep you updated as we have news.

If you've missed out on these WiiWare gems, our LostWinds review and LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias review will get you up to speed.


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CanisWolfred said:


Oh boy, here we go...

Actually, that applies to the topic, too. No matter what they do, nothing will get me to waste more of my money on these bit-sized snacks they call games.



Caliko said:

The second improved on the first one so hopefully we get that trend going.

My biggest complaint though was that it seemed the only enemies you encounter 99 percent of the time were those ridiculously easy blob things. I really like the part on Winter of the Melodias where that centipede creature popped up and tried to eat you appeared, I thought we'd see more of them but unfortunately that was the only one. Weird.



TheSovietChairman said:

Bring it!

My housemates used to fall asleep to the soothing music of the first game. The second had some more interesting puzzles and characters.

Yeah, I'm definitely getting any more they make.



Odnetnin said:

I kind of liked the second. Wouldn't be interested in a third one until I beat it, though.



Nero said:

I like this news since these are some of my favorite Wiiware titles.



SKTTR said:

I know at least 5 people who want another LostWinds. The first one was good, but too short. Winter of the Melodias was amazing. One of the best WiiWare games. Much better than the first LostWinds.

As long as the third game is as good as the second one I'll get it. I just wish there was more action / more enemies and a bigger world. And maybe some 2player-co-op sidekick to have double wind power to solve new puzzles etc.



Zimeon said:

Loved both LostWinds. I really hope the next games in the series is bound for Wii, DS or 3DS. It would be sad if Microsoft bribes Frontier to go Xbox exclusive...



killer6370 said:

if we get a demo of the game(the first Lost winds) well purchase it,aktually i only buy vcgames on wii because i dont know what is crap and what is good.



SKTTR said:

If FRONTIER goes Xbox exclusive they should at least bring LostWinds' main story (that evil Balasar) to an end on WiiWare. Otherwise this series' story would be an unfinished failure.

I really want this series to last longer / to be bigger, but if they go Xbox exclusive at least it's good to know there's at least one more (final?) chapter coming to WiiWare.

I fear it shares a destiny like... umm... Neutopia: At the end of Neutopia 2 it says "To be continued..." but there never was a Neutopia 3. These kinds of things suck imo!

And yes, FRONTIER should also bring a new Elite game to WiiWare.



ArmoredGoomba said:

yay!! Also I'd rather just see a retail release for the next game. Make it 2 to 3 times the size of LW2 add in more replay value and unlockables and sell it for like $20-$30.



Roo said:

The first one bored the arse off me. And I love 2D platformers too



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I haven't beaten the first one and have barely played the second. I remember liking them but I stopped playing after not very long for some reason. Perhaps I should go back to them?



Objection said:

I liked both LW and LW2. Sure, they were short but they were still a good deal at 1000 points. Too many games go for length and wind up annoying or boring in the last hours anyway. Short and sweet is so much better then long and boring. Also, based on 1 and 2's dev cycle, I'm estimating March 2011 at the earliest for LW3. We'll see, though.



Oregano said:

Yay, I loved the first two. Absolutely beautiful games.

Wish Frontier the best of luck with Kinectimals too!



0-Watt said:

The problem is that they didn't specify where we'd see it. I just hope that LostWinds 3 doesn't forget about the major plot that 1 had. 2 sort of lost its urgency that the ending of 1 seemed to portray.



WiiLovePeace said:

I hope they continue the story of LostWinds, I wanna defeat that evil guy! (Whatever his name was... ) Truly amazing games & I cannot wait until a new one comes out, hopefully on WiiWare



thaantman said:

I'm definitely up for a new lost winds. The first one was a breathe of fresh air, though it was short and lacking. But the second one was much more story heavy, and the season swap was ingenious.



suburban_sensei said:

I own the first one, and have yet to beat it. Not sure why, I mean its a decent game, but I just got bored. If I beat it, I may check out the 2nd, and who knows, maybe actually get excited for a third.



Wiilicious said:

I always tough those games should have been release on Ds or DSiware. This would be so good with the touch control. Anyway, I hope they release something on 3ds.



Bassman_Q said:

Yay for Threequels!

Lostwinds 1 was pretty good, and LostWinds 2 was even better, especially since it had unlockables. I just hope they add more enemies and boss fights this time. Also, A bigger overworld would be nice.



Matt_B said:

Yes, it's the same David Braben who created Elite and Frontier. The LostWinds games are the best things he's done since, so far as I'm concerned.



Fuzzy said:

Still need to get the second game, but if 2 is any better than 1, I will look forward to 3, and long as 3 is better than 2.



Golgo said:

@30 and 31: Braben didn't actually have much input into these games, I think. They were invented and directed by some other guy in the company. Brabel is a legend, though, I agree.



jer18 said:

@32 Agreed, I played 2 and it was better than 1. New enemies and wind manipulation tools.



RoyalBlur said:

I've never played Lost Winds one or two because I'm more of the handheld type of person. I hope that this new Lost Winds project of which they are working on will be a Nintendo 3DS title because if it is I'm sure to purchased it. I might buy the Wii Lost Winds games at some point in the near future.



Weskerb said:


The return of WIiWare's best non retro series!!!!

More replayabilty this time please!



RightHemisphereG said:

@TokyoRed I'am just hopeing for One gift this Christmas or in the new year that BigN updates there wiishopchannel to a NintendoShop Channel. so that whether I'am on a DSi Wii or 3DS I can log on to same account where the VC games, DSiWare & 3DSware are sheared and still get club points with my purchase.



FonistofCruxis said:

I've got the first one and I think it's overrated. It is definetley not one of the best games on wiiware. I would give it a 7/10 but I've heard that the sequel is a lot better so I still might get the sequel.



cyrus_zuo said:

Just add that there will be more games in this series on the Wii and I will be very happy.

I really enjoyed the first, loved the second one. They rank up there with World of Goo as my favorites on WiiWare.



Gameday said:

dang to bad i never played the first one. but yea if there is a demo i like to try.



Vinsanity said:

I had no idea that Microsoft tapped these guys to do Kinectimals. I could've sworn that was a Rare game - it looks like a heavily modified version of Viva Pinata -, but I'm intrigued by it now that I know "Team LostWinds" put it together. I'm totally up for additional Lostwinds games:D

Though I'll admit, I'd dig a few ports of Lostwinds to the other systems, just to increase the audience for those titles. Being able to manipulate the wind god with your hand on Kinect, while using a traditional controller to control whats-his-face(the main character) sounds like it'd be really cool.



Mr-Mobius said:

Two of my favourite games on WiiWare. I would definitely get this game if it kept the same simple charm the other two had.

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