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Fluidity Flows to North America on December 6th

Posted by James Newton

Wet your appetite

Whilst Europeans can experience Hydroventure on Christmas Eve, WiiWare fans in North America get a small headstart, as the game will be released on December 6th under the name Fluidity.

Priced at 1200 Points, the game is a physics-based platformer based on the three states of water: steam, liquid and ice. Players have to master different properties to overcome puzzles and challenges, with Nintendo promising plenty of complex obstacles to test your gaming skills.

Here's the original trailer to get your gaming juices flowing.

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Paperclip said:

Sweeeet. So glad they priced it at 1200. That's how much I've got left from Bit. Trip Fate. =D



iphys said:

Nice, I'll wait for the review to be sure, but this looks good so far.



Yadoking said:

I've been looking forward to a release date for awhile now. Hooray, time to add to list of things to get when I'm not poor.



thaantman said:

This game definitely slipped under my radar, don't remember hearing about this which makes the 1200pt price point seem kinda steep, but since it's from nintendo it should be worth it in the end.



SwerdMurd said:

this game came out for PS3 already, except it was cheaper and allowed you to fly a ship and shoot....



suburban_sensei said:

Swerd_Murd is talking about Pixel Junk Shooter, it has a very similar art style and puzzle basis. I am really excited for this game, and Dec. 6th is just around the corner, so maybe i'll get 2,000 points and buy this along with an SNES game.



GammaGames said:

This looks awesome! Ive wanted it for a while, but I want to buy the DLC for Black Ops when it comes out. If I get points though I'll probably get this!



zeeroid said:

@15: Even assuming I agreed with your assessment, I would happily take more PixelJunk Shooter gameplay at any time. Still waiting on its sequel. This game does look excellent though. I think of it more as a cross between LocoRoco and PJS.



ThreadShadow said:

Oh yeah! I was really hoping for a December release. Really looking forward to it, and will probably get it day one!

BTW: @1, and @4; great puns! : )

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