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Flowerworks Comes to Europe Next Week at Half Price

Posted by James Newton

Better late than never

It's been a long old wait for European gamers to get their green fingers on Flowerworks as it's been out in North America for nearly a year, but publisher Nocturnal has just let us know the wait is nearly over, with the game sprouting up next week.

In even better news, the game will launch in European and Australasian territories for the bargain price of 500 Points, half its selling price in North America.

If you're after our opinion on this horticultural hoot, be sure to read our Flowerworks review.

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Omega said:

I like garden gnomes. They're creepy but helpful in the garden.



Gob09 said:

This is a really great game, I've probably played it more than any other WiiWare title, for 500 points, I think it is an absolutely must have.



brandonbwii said:

The game always looked about five dollars worth based on style and concept. Makes me think of a quality iPhone app where you don't want to pay too much for it, but you'd likely be glad you bought it at a low price.



Fly_Guy said:

I was waiting half an eternity and now we get it for half the price - I hope it was worth the wait



Sean_Aaron said:

Wow, I didn't realise this wasn't out here already. For 500 points I'll definitely take the plunge!

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