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Exclusive: Nintendo Bringing Back WiiWare Demos

Posted by James Newton

Updated: Nintendo confirms return

Last November Nintendo ran a brief trial of WiiWare demos, offering free trials to Wii Shop Channel users, but the service ended at the end of January. Now Nintendo Life can exclusively reveal that demos will be returning to the Wii Shop Channel in the near future.

We've spoken to several WiiWare developers who have confirmed that Nintendo has just started accepting submissions for the programme. No solid start or end dates have yet been given, but we understand the service will start later this month and run until at least Christmas.

What games do you hope to see available in demo form?

UPDATE Nintendo has confirmed the demo service will start this month with four titles to download.

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blurays said:

Hopefully they will provide demo's of some of the more
expensive Wiiware games like Cave Story and Sonic 4.



iphys said:

Nice. I guess if they're going to have demos in the 3DS Shop they should have them for the Wii Shop.



Odnetnin said:

BIT.TRIP BEAT (I know it was there last time, but still)



Cipher said:

A demo of one of the Mega Man games would be amazing. Or another one of the BIT.TRIP games, the demo for the first was great. I'd love some Art Style demos as well, really wanna try them out but never been brave enough to buy one.



sonic_brawler95 said:

I hope there are demos for Super Meat Boy, And Yet It Moves, Tomena Sanner, and BIT.TRIP RUNNER. Mostly because these are pretty much the only WiiWare games that interest me in the slightest.
I'm glad that Nintendo will be bringing back the WW demos, last year the demo of World of Goo inspired me to download the full game, and I never once regretted that decision.



Neo_Yor said:

@3 download the (free) PC version of cave story... THERE'S your demo.
(I did that =P )



DrCruse said:

Art Styles, Bit Trips, and Sonic 4.
I would personally like to see demos for all WiiWare and VC games. But I know that will never happen.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

The more obscure games deserve it. Which would mean none of the games people have already mentioned. Besides, those sell well enough. Why not give the opportunity to smaller developers who are having a harder time selling their games, because not many give them a chance. But that's just my opinion.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Bit Trip Core is what I currently want a demo for since I am up in the air about getting it. Robox is another one. I also agree with CB that the art style games are perfect for the demo service.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"Why not give the opportunity to smaller developers who are having a harder time selling their games."

Well, they do have that opportunity, it sounds like. They just need to apply for it...nobody's going to go ring their doorbell for a demo, but it seems like the possibility is certainly there.



Chris720 said:

Took ya long enough Nintendo. I mean really, a frakkin' year before we get it back? Ahh jeez.

I'd like to see a demo type lay out on the Nintendo Channel for the DS, but for the Wii Shop, that'd look epic.

Maybe games that cost 1000-1500, because those can some times be a bit iffy... and maybe games that aren't as well known or look like total shovelware, such as "Last Flight."

Oh, oh any mayyyybeeee... make the demos a tad longer so we can actually get a feel for it. I felt they ended abruptly without getting a feel for it, that's what drove me away from Bit.Trip Beat. :|



James said:

The developers I've spoken to are all "smaller" teams so hopefully there'll be some variety on there.



2-D said:

I'm hoping for a demo of RUNNER. Never got round to it, but I really like the look of it.



ETLN said:

Why till at least Christmas? Why not have them all the time? I know I often like to try a game first to see if I like it, i've certainly brought games just because I loved the demo so much.



DavidRY said:

I remember d/l the demos on my family Wii. Does anyone know if they would have stayed on the system or is there a way for Nintendo to put on expiration date on them?



irken004 said:

@Stuffed The demos stay on there until someone deletes them. I still have the Nyxquest and Pokemon Rumble demos on my Wii,



Punny said:

Cave Story, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, BIT.TRIP FATE, Max and the Magic Marker, and Fluidity.



JadeGirl said:

@The Fox, yeah your right that would be so AWESOME if they had a demo for every game.

This is Awesome, I didn't get a chance to download demos last year. So I will surely download them this year! I would love to see lots of demos to download and I want FPS to download, one is Sin and Punishment



rjejr said:

Can't think of any at the moment but more than 5 would be a good start. Though last years five should be put back on also for those who missed the relatively short window. Anything 1000 points or more should have one.



GammaGames said:

FLUIDITY! It looks awesome! And, I still have all the demos from last time (except the pokemon one) and they should bring back the pokemon one back! The one where you where the toys



koops330 said:

woo demos I was glad I kept the old demos can't wait to try some more. I want to see cave story and sonic as demos



Tsuchinoko said:

Now guys remember! As some people have stated, once you download the demos they're yours permanently. I still have my My life as a Darklord and Nyxquest demos, so if you want to keep the demos even after they get taken down, don't delete them!



Awesome5 said:

Rage of the Gladiator needs a demo, so does Swords and Soldiers and Lost Winds 1 and 2.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

The Bit.Trip games deserve it just because they deserve to sell a billion kajillion copies. But I don't know what I'D want a demo for.....



Percentful said:

I agree with The Fox. I think they should just have a demo for every game, or at least the top 20 games (sales wise). I would certainly buy more games if I knew if I would like one or not.



Kingbuilder said:

All of the Bit.trip games, And Yet It Moves, the Art Style games, and the two Lostwinds games.



juanduran1 said:

Cave story, sonic 4, And Yet it Moves, and Castlevania the adventure rebirth are some demos i would like to see.



brandonbwii said:

I still don't like this "for a limited time approach", though I see from a certain perspective it makes since. If they do that though then they should do more to let people know the games exist in the first place.



irken004 said:

I'm guessing that if the popularity of the demos is strong enough, Nintendo will continue using them. After all, they are bringing them back soon anyway.



V8_Ninja said:


Hopefully this won't be another one-time stand. I wanna see demos last forever.



TheBaconator said:

Cave Story(I want to see what's so special)
FATE(I already bought it and I can tell the game is for an acquired taste)
And Yet it Moves(See Cave Story)
Max and the Magic Marker(See Cave Story)
Fluidity(The game does look interesting)



Splat said:

I agree with the people that said Cave Story I would like to see what the hype is about.



theblackdragon said:

Let's see some more Bit.Trip demos, heck yeah. I think a lot more people would buy their games if they could just get a feel for which one(s) they'll like.



Token_Girl said:

All new games, all the demos from before, and anyone else who wants to make a demo should be able to have them. And no more of this "temporary" crap. How hard is it to just keep them there?



Moco_Loco said:

I'm grateful for whatever we can get, but I am disappointed that it looks they will only be there for a limited time. Quite frankly, developers should have control over whether or not they wish to offer demos, and those demos should be there as long as the developers want them there.



FonistofCruxis said:

After the new gameplay vid, even if last flight does turn out to be a good game (which I hope it does) some peole may still be unsure so I think last flight would benefit froma demo. As CB said, the art style games would too.



jkshaz said:

Great to hear. This has been an underutilized tool. I think this could really be beneficial to the online service.



vherub said:

I'd like all games to have a demo, and that demo not then be listed on the most popular chart



Kid_A said:

Not sure why this wouldn't just become a permanent feature--especially considering the sales spike the Shop Channel saw after utilizing demos last year--but I'd personally like to see some Art Style and Bit.Trip demos. I've never played them because I've never really been sure about what they are.



Other_R said:

bit trip fate!!
chik boom!
and most of all, retro city rampage and last fligth!!!!!



NeoShinobi said:

Its a little sad that so many people are getting this excited over a feature that really should have been here since the start, or atleast since last year.

What's also sad is I don't think I'll even be able to get my Wii connected again any time befor Christmas...



shinesprite said:

I'd like demos of games I'm interested in, but don't actually own.

They need to just do what they did in Brawl and add a timer to all the games. Mostly, you can tell if you'll like a game after 5 minuites (unless there is a lot of story/dialogue/cutscenes).



MasterGraveheart said:

I want demos of the BIT.TRIP games, Art Style games, Jett Rocket, And Yet It Moves, Super Meat Boy, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, ExciteBike World Rally, Contra ReBirth, Gradius ReBirth, La Mulana, and Bonk: Brink of Extinction.



hylianhalcyon said:

Allow the developers to offer demos if they want. Only offering demos for a select few games, and then not for others is stupid.



thaantman said:

Man I got to get a new wireless router, it blew out like two weeks ago. I want bit trip runner & fate, cave story, excite bike, jett rocket, and yet it moves



iwiica said:

And I would definitely like to see chick chick BOOM.
ivica - tons of bits



Sadsack_Awesome said:

I would like to check out the Bit. Trip games and Pokemon Rumble. Is it possible to keep the Demo version on the Wii after the Demo versions have disappeared off the Wii Shop Channel?



Hardy83 said:

Pfft, this is pathetic. They throw demos out for the holiday season when it's blatantly clear that they should be year round.
I mean they should've gotten it in their thick skulls to keep demoes when all the demos last time shot up to the top spots and the developers confirmed sales increased.

But nope, that would mean Nintendo would have to point out that it's it's online service is a mess and is need of a fix, not their typical "we're always improving so next gen it'll be much better" BS they always spout.

I love a handful of games on WiiWare, but WiiWare itself is a complete write-off and should go the way of WiiSpeak and the Dodo.



StuffyStuff said:

Pretty sure I suggested they should do this in an article posted a couple days ago. I'm glad to see this happen. I'd like to see Jett Rocket. They should keep the demos permanent, then have them expire like 2 weeks after they've been downloaded.



Belgicario said:

Yay! Great news. I really want a MegaMan/chick chick BOOM/Bit. Trip. RUNNER demo. I downloaded the Pokémon Rumble demo last year
But... no DSiWare demos? I really want to try Flashlight...



theblackdragon said:

@Sadman: I downloaded the Bit.Trip BEAT demo when it was available before just out of curiosity, and i kept it after the demos were taken down... it still works just fine from my SD card. :3



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

This comes way too late. WiiWare can never compete to the superior download services XBLA or PSN anyway. Nintendo should just focus on Virtual Console again. The back catalogue is by far the biggest advantage Nintendo has to offer for their download marketplace.



JimLad said:

That's great news, but why are they only temporary again? It doesn't make sense. :/



James said:

I've not had confirmation that these are temporary, the article just says they will run at least until Christmas - they could last longer, maybe even forever, but I've only had confirmation that they'll be around at Christmas time. Still working on getting more information!



NintyMan said:

Good, this is what they should be doing. Too often I have to wonder how some of these Wiiware games play out.



Belgicario said:

Official Nintendo Magazine UK says you'll be able to download demos for Furry Legends, Jett Rocket, ThruSpace and Zombie: Panic In Wonderland.



James said:

haha, nearly! Our post went up at 10:50 - your comment was 10:55. Nintendo issued a press release this morning but you so nearly scooped us. Keep on trying!



James said:

We don't know just yet?! But when we know we'll let you know?! We promise?!



Sampras said:

If all the wiiware games had demos, wouldn't that solve the weak marketing complaint from developers?



jbrodack said:

hopefully demos will be counted separately from paid games unlike how it was before.



LuWiiGi said:

Well, I hate demos, but yay for other people! Also, the PS360 fanboys now have one less thing to hate the Wii about.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

@LuWiiGi: How can someone hate demos? And why should Xbox360-/PS3-fanboys care about WiiWare demos? Anyhow I guess you don't care about demos being available on XBLA / PSN?



madgear said:

That's cool - I still have the demos from last time and play them from time to time. Yet to actually buy the games, though - I'm more a VC gamer to be honest.



danschemen said:

Now thats really cool... as long as it's for every game because there are some games that i have been keeping an eye on.



DrDaisy said:

What Crunc said. I've bought some duds and there are probably some games on WiiWare that I'd find myself really liking if I had the chance to test them out.

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