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Disney Epic Mickey Music "Will Make You Cry" says Warren Spector

Posted by James Newton

But it'll make you smile too

It's not long until you can see if Disney Epic Mickey lives up to the promise of its title, and this latest behind-the-scenes video might sway you one way or the other as it discusses the game's musical score.

Composed by Jim Dooley, the man behind countless scores including The Simpsons Movie and Madagascar, has created a soundtrack that's already been nominated for Hollywood Music in Media’s Best Original Video Game Score award.

Warren Spector, the game's director, is so pleased with the score he's promised it'll bring gamers to tears. There's a little taster below, so see what you think.

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irken004 said:

I believe this was already nominated for an award because of it's music. From what I hear so far, it sounds good.



blink83 said:

I dont wanto cry. I wonder how to move the camera hope its not dpad used!



ArmoredGoomba said:

Probably not picking this up on day one. But if it's gets good reviews I'd get it for $30 or less.



Nintonic said:

Anyway cool game, I can tell that this is one of the only games that really
focus on the music. Lots of other games slap on music and call it good, but not this.



she_gamer said:

Wish the clip had more to listen to other than them just telling us it sounds good, but from the little I heard, should be good



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I was, despite my insane excitement for this game, ready to post that Warren Spector needs to stop talking because he is hyping this game up WAY TOO MUCH to the point that it's pretty much impossible for any game to live up to this hype, and yet, I watched the video and the music did sound fanatastic. I hope this can be as great as it looks (and sounds! ).



Malkeor said:

Ninth!! j/k
Defiantly a positive note for sure!
If the soundtrack is just beautiful i'll stay in one spot and listen to the track. If the music fits the mood and is pleasing, just makes it all the more enjoyable to play.

Glad to see this is gonna have awesome music, just gets me more hyped for it as one of my most anticipated games =]



TheBaconator said:

I really want this Warren Spector guy to zip it. He's saying all of these things, which is good when trying to sell a game, but he is taking it over board.



A-SWE said:

Did anyone else notice the weird graphic glitch at 2:00? or is it supposed to do that? ^^



fishman100 said:

A good soundtrack always sends a shiver down my spine. I'll be looking forward to hearing this (sorry, bad pun)!



Odnetnin said:

I love all the nigh-impossible-to-live-up-to statements Warren is making about Mickey. Pretty hilarious.



Kid_A said:


Seriously. I've got the game preordered and I'm very much looking forward to it, but Warren is digging himself a hole with all this ridiculous hype.



SamsN_ite said:

James Newton- Forum Police! that sounds Hot, like the FaceBooks. Keep up the good work! Just don't arrest me for this comment! Wait, I'll save it; excited that a game like Epic Mickey will live to it's name and music hall of fame!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

@Odnetnin What? You don't think this game will have platforming as good as Mario? Or music that will make you cry? Or cause Mickey to become as iconic a gaming character as Mario or Zelda? REALLY?!!?!?
I still think this game will be awesome regardless though.



CorusFace said:

i'm expecting this game to be kinda sucky. that way, once i get it, it won't matter how good it is or isn't! it'll still be better than what i had counted on! now that was it!



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

I WANT THIS SO BAD! Almost as bad as I want a 3DS!
EDIT: and I don't mind Warren Spector's preposterous comments because he's just a cool guy who can pass that off.
ANOTHER EDIT: I don't mean pass off as in actually live up to those statements, I mean he can just say that without being really annoying.



Maggots said:

Sonic Free Ruff Ryders looks way better than this... who would want a wonderfully designed game full of intellegent and intuitive controls... backed by a score that makes you cry ... when you can jump around like a friggin idiot waving your arms and have way more adventure fun land times!? KINECTIMALS FTW!!! ...
but no really... Epic mickey wins...



PSICOffee said:

I'm sure it will make me feel sad in some parts. It IS a dark Disney game however so how could you not expect it?



NintyMan said:

I saw this video as soon as it was new on Youtube, and I agree that the music really does sound wonderful even in the traliers. Good music is a part of what makes a good game after all. And even with Spector hyping this game even more than people did Super Smash Bros Brawl, I have no doubt at all that it'll receive glowing reviews all around.



zeeroid said:

Got this one preordered. Really, really excited. This is a great season to own a Wii. I was cautiously optimistic in the beginning, and still am to a lesser extent, but I have little doubt that this game will be superb. Every time I see it, it just gets me more and more excited, and the production values all-around look fantastic. The only thing I worry about is whether the whole morality system will really pan out or not; this just isn't something you can get a handle on from one or two hands-on impressions or gameplay videos. So, for this reason, there's a sliver of a chance that I may return the game after it's shipped to me, upon reading the reviews. At this point it would take some serious flaws to get me to do that though. I mean, I'm already picking it up for $45, with a $10 gift certificate thrown in as a pre-order bonus, so it's almost like getting it for $35.



Mayhem said:

I had to laugh when they were using clips from "Symphony Hour" in there... if you've never seen that short cartoon, go look it up and see how sound can be a powerful comical tool. Gosh...

And Martin Galway is working on this?! Anyone not recognising the name, go reference all the stuff he did on the C64, and then Origin. He's lost the Texan accent he "adopted" while out there mind you!



MasterGraveheart said:

Looking good, sounding good, I'm enjoying this little bit of awesomeness. I hope it lives up to expectations.

Wow... Nintendo has a whole load of Game of the Year nominees this year, doesn't it?



Feld0 said:

Indeed. And to think we've then got the 3DS coming next year...

I haven't seen that vid yet, but I'm curious as to whether the soundtrack of Epic Mickey can really possibly stand up to the likes of Super Mario Galaxy.



RyuZebian said:

Yupp. What a downer in an otherwise good looking trailer! Hopefully it will be less glithy when you actually play it. I might pick this up if it gets good scores, because I really want it to do good! The developers are obviously trying hard.



Starworshipper said:

I'm afraid of this game now, because of all the hype. I mean, is it really going to live up to it? With this hype, it has to be outstanding, or else it's gonna be a disappointment. Wich is really not what Disney, Nintendo, and myself need.
Looking forward to seeing the first reviews emerge.



Capt_N said:

@A-SWE: Yes, I seen it. Maybe it might be a Youtube glitch. Y'know, in converting the file format perhaps? Maybe not...

I'm right now on the fence about this game.

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