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Digital Leisure's Mix Superstar Decks WiiWare on Monday

Posted by James Newton

Get musical for 500 Points

Whilst DSiWare enjoys a fine array of musical downloads, including Rytmik, Rhythm Core Alpha and Abylight's Music On series, but WiiWare is completely devoid of tuneful tools. Not for long however, as Digital Leisure is bringing Mix Superstar to the wheels of steel on Monday.

Unlike those DS games, however, Mix Superstar will allow you to share your music with the world much more easily. You can send songs to friends via WiFi Connection or even export them to the Mix Superstar website before downloading them to your computer.

You can also use Wii Speak or the Logitech USB microphone to lay down some vocals, and purchase extra loops for your compositions from the Wii Shop Channel. Every sample is royalty-free as well, meaning if you create something really spectacular you're free to earn money from it without paying royalty fees.

How much will this music package set you back? Just 500 Nintendo Points. Start tapping your toes to the launch trailer below.

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edhe said:

So how would I go about transfering music onto my computer?

With the DS, it's as simple as plugging an RF lead in and recording with audacity, but I've got a feeling it'd be a bit more complicated to record sound directly from a TV.

But I'm still interested in it - even if It may not be a "game".



Sneaker13 said:

I have to say that I love that you can download it afterwards and play it on your mp3 player. What I fear however, is how much there is available from the start. 500 Wii Points is not much, but it's a different story if you need to spend 2000 Wii Points just to make a decent tune.



edhe said:

Oh...but it's currently only announced for North America.

I hope we don't have to wait too long...



dizzy_boy said:

that tune is sounds almost like "papa`s got a brand new pigbag" that came out a few years back.
also. i might get this because i liked music on the ps1.



SandMan said:

While obviously the 5 year olds here (aka Bulbasaurus Rex) will only appreciate things that have random jumping and bright shiny colors, the rest of us will enjoy this fine application and wish Digital Leisure the best of luck.

And yes: insta-buy.



kurtasbestos said:

How can I "unlike" Bulbasaurus Rex's comment? Ahaha, I kid, I kid! Sort of.

Aaanyway... this looks like a pretty awesome download for people interested in making music in a semi-lazy way. Personally, I don't like making music using samples (especially if I'm not making the samples myself), but the fact that the Wii is getting audio software is in itself surprising. I'm curious as to how much freedom you have to edit and tweak things, and 500 points doesn't sound bad at all so I might just give it a try. If nothing else I can make some weird songs to send to my Wii-owning friends.



SwerdMurd said:

it's a place-the-loops program... Not enough flexibility sadly...gonna have to be a pass for now despite it looking interesting...



edhe said:

Just watched the video and my first question may be answered - but what are the specifics of transfering music from the WiiWare game to computer?

I hope they introduce rock samples or make a seperate rock app as well, because generally, I'm not that into Dance.



imapterodactyl said:

Lots of you guys are gushing over this, but have you forgotten? Digital Leisure's track record outright blows. I'm guessing this is gonna be awful. An app like this belongs on a PC where it can actually have a decent feature set. While this isn't a game, it's surely nothing more than a toy. My expectations are very low... it's like getting a guitar for Christmas, but it turns out it's a Fisher Price. Or in this case, a crappy Fisher Price ripoff with faulty parts that fall off and kids choke on. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised, but I highly doubt it.



dizzy_boy said:

^^^ well, the 500 point asking price is a thinking point on this one. but then, would you want to pay more for it.
atleast there are extras that can be bought, but we'll have to see what they are, and whether they`ll be any good.



sillygostly said:

This sounds almost too good to be true. I'll wait for a review or two before blowing my points on this.



Robo-goose said:

Had this been on something more portable, it would have been an instant buy. I guess rytmik is good enough for me, although, I hate the fact that you can't save songs to an SD card.



EdEN said:

Well, 500 points is nice and if the extra loops are 100-200 at most it will sure be a fun diversion.



seed said:

If it gets good reviews i am totally buying. I liked that ir comes with 1000 loops and you can change the BPMs of the tracks. The fact that you can download it at your computer and play with the track in some music software like Audacity or Sound Forge is even better.

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