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Cave Story Hits DSiWare November 29th

Posted by Corbie Dillard

And this time you can take it with you

Nicalis has just announced that the portable rendition of its WiiWare hit Cave Story is set to make its appearance on the North American DSiWare service on November 29th.

Gamers can enjoy a little portable Cave Story goodness after they've woofed down their turkey on Thanksgiving. No word yet on a price, but we'll let you know as soon as we know. One thing is clear: November has been one incredible month for Nintendo gaming and looks set to end on a high note.

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shinesprite said:

Good, if you like Cave story. This is yet another game I'll pass (not a fan of shooters okay) unless there is a wiiware/dsiware demo. I know that on PC it is free.



Linkstrikesback said:

"November has been one incredible month for Nintendo gaming."
Unless you're a european cavestory fan, in which case, nicalis hates you.

How on earth do they get it released twice in america before they can even get the first one out in europe, despite their promises that they were going to get it out in europe first then do a patch for america, which obviously didn't happen in that order. Bah humbug



brandonbwii said:

Big fan of Cave Story. Recently downloaded the fixed version. Hopefully everything will work right from the get go on DSiware.

Since I own this on WiiWare, I'll have to give this one a pass. If this was the one released first, I would've definitely chosen DSiware due to portability. This has to be the second biggest DSiware release. First is Shantae of course.



sfog said:

I'll pass on this since I already have it on PC and WiiWare, but it's nice that DSiWare is seeing some more quality releases.



2-D said:


I want it for WiiWare, if that's at all possible? It's probably just me being annoying, but I'd quite like it to actually be released at some point.



Radbot42 said:

My DSi is gonna be in love
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Cave Story!!!
Even though I have it for WiiWare I think I will buy it for the go. Def better on the go than at home

Edit: I wonder if it will have all the features of the WiiWare version



pixelman said:

What? Nicalis is releasing a game without a 6 month delay after a 6 month delay after a 6 month delay? Unthinkable.



Hokori said:

Man do I wish I DL the DSiWare version instead of the WW one. I want CS on the go!



edhe said:


Both Cave Story (WiiWare) and Shantae are imminent in Europe.

Cave Story's developers, Nicalis say they're "working with Nintendo" to makes sure EU/AUS/NZ players can play Cave Story ASAP (that could be any number of months from now!!) and Shantae is in submission and is expected to reach EU DSes in 3 - 8 weeks. Both are obviously to be released at NOE's disgression.

I think in a way, NA getting the DSiWare Cave Story first is good because I can wait for a review and decide which one to buy. I imigine I'll be skipping the DSiWare one anyway - what is the point, really?



SwerdMurd said:

already got on wii/pc....maybe if i get extra points i'll grab a mobile version as well.....not likely though. Spent enough money on this free game



Azaris said:

Pay twice for one game is bad enough but you can't use your ww save file either=no buy



Birdman said:

Knew it when I checked the Nicalis's Twitter link when it got posted in the forums. Can hardly wait!!



MasterGraveheart said:

Cool, cool. The WiiWare game that got the most play time out of me in a portable form? Love it. Shantae, you have some company... but you're still queen of DSiWare. <3



Scottie said:

That's taking the mickey for poor Europe Nicalis and NoE you should be ashamed. We have been waiting over eight months for Cave Story here. It is not good.



Brainhost said:

Ah well, if it's imminent (which both shantae and cave story have been for about 3 months now) I won't worry about it.

But awesome to see Cave Story brought to the DS anyway. As much love as possible for this great game. Europe wants to participate in this lovegiving though. So badly.



SilverBaretta said:

I guess this means I'll be owning both the WiiWare and DSiWare versions, mostly because I may actually get more play time out of this version. I tend to boot up some DSiWare when I have my DS on but am done playing the retail game that's in it.



Punny said:

Cool! That's not too far away! This, along with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Epic Mickey, will make the week leading into December fantastic and fun!



Monkeh said:

you, Nicalis, and your EU hating ways.

EDIT: Lol, my post was edited so that it doesn't say I hate them? Why is that?



Bloodysaber said:

Definitely been wanting this for a long time. Didn't know there were plans for it but I'll be picking this up for sure.



PowerGlitch said:

Can't wait to download this little (or should I say big) gem! Another "Metroidvania" game on my DSi is perfect for me!

Btw, I'm sorry for you, Europeans...



Weblaus said:

Well, I do know that Nintendo Europe seems to have review code for Cave Story on the Wii available if you're willing to jump through various hoops and sign agreements and stuff. Therefore, they're at least aware the game exists and there's hope that it really will show up some time.

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