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Wii Party Enters UK Charts at Number Ten

Posted by James Newton

Decent showing for party title

Wii Party is likely to be one of Nintendo's sleeper hits this Christmas, its deadly combination of Mii characters and a bundled Wii Remote all-but assuring it'll sell shedloads in the run-up to the Yuletide season.

Its first weekend on sale in the UK has seen the game take a respectable 10th position on the charts, just behind perennial groover Just Dance.

With Nintendo's Christmas marketing campaign having kicked off recently with a series of adverts featuring chromatically co-ordinated boyband JLS we'll soon see if the game can rise up the charts like the teen favourites.


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Aviator said:

I will probs pick this up to get my hands on a 4th remote, hopefully they will stock it in black or red.



Machu said:

We had lots of fun playing this on Saturday night. Defo the best minigame package yet. Just add boooze!



suburban_sensei said:

I think i'd like Wii Party much more than Wii Play, but still not picking it up since Kirby is coming out this upcoming week. .



LuWiiGi said:

Wii Party isn't the sort of thing I'd like. I can imagine playing it once and then leaving it to collect dust (I'd never be able to get my family to play it).



Token_Girl said:

Really would like to get this, but I'd need two other remotes. There are some people we do game nights with, but neither of them have remotes to bring over, and I don't want to shell out $70 for two more Wiimotes and only play this game a couple times.



Dodger said:

My little sister wants it. No idea if she will get Kirby's Epic Yarn or this.



Sneaker13 said:

I'm curious how this game will do in Holland. It didn't make it on Saturday's list last week. So not many pre-orders or day one purchases for many people. But it have been heavily advertised on tv. So I really can't wait for next Saturday and see how it is doing. Don't think I'm going to get this game though.



Pod said:

It comes with the standard Wiimote, and not the Wii Remote Plus. They're not fooling me again.

Incidentally, I wonder if they will bundle Skyward Sword with the Wii Remote Plus. I'm putting my money on it happening.



XSakiX said:

Nintendo need to realise they need to start making some great games, the new Zelda Game is going to be a hit! Skyward Sword.... but people are running for Xbox & Ps3, its a shame the 3DS didnt come out becuse nintendo would have made so much money. i know people who will trade a game console just to get a wii back for skyward sword, then once they have passed the game ( when it is released of course) they will run back to xbox & Ps3.

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