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Surprise! Pikachu DSi Charger Coming to North America

Posted by James Newton

Just in time for Christmas

There's no doubt you remember this incredible Pikachu DSi charger that raises questions of exactly how the little electric mouse is charging the console. Well, North American gamers will soon get their chance to inspect the accessory close-up, as Hori is bringing it Stateside.

You can currently pre-order it from Amazon for $39.99, with the release set for December 23rd. Whether it'll turn up in time for Christmas is just part of the excitement.


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SolarJetman said:

Uh, what exactly is Pikachu doing in that photograph? He's pantless and seems very happy.



LordJumpMad said:

Don't The DSi comes with a Free Charger?

I don't see a point of getting this of less, this Pikachu can poop Money



ToastyYogurt said:

@JumpMad: Well, the charger that comes with the DSi is just a cord, this is something you can put on your desk and pop your DSi in whenever you aren't playing it. And even if Pikachu can poop money, it would still be pointless because it's charging your money printer, isn't it?



HiroshiYamauchi said:

The only chargers that interest me are the ones that allow me to play my games while the console is being charged. I have to say that i'm very concerned about that on the 3DS, because that charge cradle don't look so confortable.



Delso said:

Completely STUPID!!! I like my regular DSi charger better!!!! And it comes with it!



GamesX99 said:

Isn't this pointless? I mean only people who are gonna keep their DSi or arent going to get a 3DS will get this (not including freaky collectors)



VGC said:

I would SO much rather play my game while letting it charge. Now why in the h*** would Nintendo make the 3DS not be able to play and charge!?



GammaGames said:

I hope 3DS charger station lets you play and charge! or it has a retractable cord that you can plug in if you're playing it, then when your done just set it in cradle. I have 1 question though, does the charger station (3DS) use a port to charge, or one of the couch charge things, because those don't normally work too well.



XD375 said:


I'm what one may call a "hardcore fan" and even I'm not going to buy this.

However, I do think it is cute and I wouldn't mind owning one if I had a large sum of cash with absolutely nothing to do with.

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