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Super Street Fighter IV Trailer Shows New Modes in Action

Posted by James Newton

Little bit of gameplay too

Fighting fans will be spoilt for choice on 3DS: the trailer for Dead or Alive: Dimensions looked pretty sharp, but this trailer for Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition could sneak a first round victory.

As well as showing the super-smooth fighting action, it also shows off two modes that make use of the 3DS's new StreetPass system. Figure Collecting is an automatic battle mode that happens when two 3DS consoles in Sleep Mode pass each other, whereas Arcade Standby lets any nearby Street Fighter player take you on without setting up a lobby, just as if you were playing an arcade cabinet and another player inserted a coin and pressed Start.

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LordJumpMad said:

Better late then never ....

But it was about time we get a Street Fighter game for a Nintendo Console.



zezhyrule said:

All of this Street Pass stuff might make me take my 3DS more places.
...Not that anyone in my town would even have a 3DS, and it's not like I just walk around everywhere. Ah, the country life...



HolyMackerel said:

Arcade standby sounds amazing. Soon I'll be in the arcade no matter where I go!

I really like how they called this "the definitive Street Fighter IV experience" (over the 360 and PS3 versions). It's really exciting that they're giving the 3DS so much support!



Oregano said:

The arcade standby is a really revealing feature. It's already been confirmed that you can enter the OS whilst playing 3DS games and use other apps and this seems to imply that it can wirelessly seek players whilst just fighting which means the system must have some decent RAM.

Combining that with the fact that the 3DS doesn't have accessible on-board storage(instead using SD cards) I think we could probably assume that IGN's rumoured specs were BS...



postmanX3 said:

Yeah, definitely a day-one buy for me. But the thought of playing Street Fighter without an arcade stick is frightening...



Peznaze said:

Wow... Could they have hammered the "Nintendo 3DS!" any more in that video? New fight modes... ON THE NINTENDO 3DS! Your Trophies fight with other trophies... ON THEIR NINTENDO 3DS! Get your butt handed to you by random 8-year olds.. IN 3D ON THE NINTENDO 3DS!



PSICOffee said:

Capcom is really pushing for this game. Nice. I never had the chance to play the original SF4 so this will be awesome for me to pick up. I like the "new opponent has entered" thing.



HolyMackerel said:

@7 Actually games like this need to be played in an arcade, but seeing how they all but died out in the west (poor you!), creating an ad-hoc arcade anywhere is an awesome solution.




While they may be good ideas, I still question the effectiveness due to this to work effectively, there must be a large amount of people on arcade standby at all times. Same thing with StreetPass, is there really going to be people carrying around their 3DS's everywhere?



Peznaze said:

@15 After they release a Pokemon game where they fight via StreetPass? Absolutely, one 3DS will be carried in every bookbag, briefcase, purse, and fanny pack.



CanisWolfred said:

Figurine Mode = useless
Arcade Standby = Good for conventions and clubs, but useless in everyday life



TheBaconator said:

Really liking this Steet Pass feature...To bad I'm never out in public playing a DS, my town's population is 70% seniors, and what are the chances someone next to me will be playing Street Fighter on the 3DS. Still picking this up though. I'm really interested to see how street pass comes into play on other games.



Frango said:

@ 15. GabeGreens:

Maybe they will, in Japan.... Well, here in the west, all I can say is I'll do my job, always trying to keep it in my pocket and on wireless while at home... I just hope more people around here, in Rio de Janeiro, buy a 3DS, besides my brother o.O... It must be fun to walk around with your handheld and when you come back home, you see a green light indicating you found someone else's 3DS and exchanged data... =D



WaveBoy said:

Day one purchase! There are going to be too many awesome 3DS titles at launch! As for the Figurine mode....I agree with Mickeymac it seems pretty damn useless....I mean whoopidedoo, your figurines that you've collected go face to face against anyone with a 3DS near by, like litterally nearby as in walking That's going to be a bit of a rare occasion. On top of it all, it's just a guessing game battle, and for what? So you can collect more figurines? I guess that's what makes it not so useless, but I could care less either way

Online and VS mode are going to be where it's at. And there better not be any Online Lag or there will be waves of tears blasting out of my eyes. And Arcade Standby will basically be useless for me. 2 Extra modes that sound kind of cool, but are practically useless and won't be used for the most part.

But ya...Will there be any exclusive characters or new stages in this 3DS version? And finally the only reason(and it's a big reason) I'd rather play SSFIV 3DS over the PS3 version is because of the 3D and the fact that it's portable.....Otherwise I'd rather be playing it on the big screen with 5.1 Dolby Digital(DTS Master HD Audio would be amazing if it supported it)Surround Sound



Alphack3r said:

I think it's awesome that they still use the prefix "Super" to show when something is epic. SUPAH NINTENDO 4EVAH!!!! xD lol



timp29 said:

This is quite revolutionary the random challenger at any time. I like where nintendo is taking this. I feel that they're losing the console war, but they are going to be dominating the handheld market for years to come.



mushroomer said:

Anyone remember N+ for the DS? That game didnt use friend codes either. SO, i hope this isnt just a 3rd party thing. I can imagine Nintendo keeping them in for their games...



CanisWolfred said:


As do I, man, as do I. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 was the best puzzle game I had played in a long time.

Which makes me wonder, has Q games announced anything for the 3DS?



WaveBoy said:

timp29 You feel like Nintendo is losing the console war? I wan't what you're smoking!



LuWiiGi said:

The great thing about 3DS is that you can do things with games that you could never do before. StreetPass is a big addition to Street Fighter, so it should lead to other developers who previously worked on other consoles bringing their games to the 3DS, and making them even better than their console counterparts. Halo on 3DS, please.



moosa said:

People, please understand that the 3DS's wireless range for features like StreetPass is much more than a few feet. The video only portrayed it that way for style.

This game looks really fantastic. Really, there is SO much more on offer here than with DOA:D. Dead or Alive is far from the best 3D fighting series out there, and the 3DS version doesn't appear to try anything new whatsoever. Of course there could be details that have yet to be revealed, but as of right now it looks to be a terribly generic fighter with the only other selling point being hopes for a 3D shower cutscene.



Kirk said:

If you watch the footage closely it's obvious some of it is from very very early versions of the game with the backgrounds almost just flat shaded polygons and no crowd etc. I'm hoping all this stuff gets added in and tweaked before final release, which I think it should considering how respected this franchise is by Capcom and the fans.



Iggy said:

Im buying this game at launch no doubt about it. I was disappointed that the wii never got a street fighter. But the street pass feature really isnt anything great. A figurine collecter is lame its not really even a feature if you ask me. Its something they could go with out. And the arcade standby is cool i dig that you dont have to wait in a lobby so thats different but its just a local multiplayer given a fancy name. I really hope they use the streetpass system better as time goes on.

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