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Super Scribblenauts' UK Marketing Scheme Involves Eggs

Posted by James Newton

Anybody know any good egg puns?

Wordplay and eggs: they go together like boiled egg and soldiers. What better way to celebrate the launch of wordsmithery sequel Super Scribblenauts than to tie-in with leading ovum producer Stonegate Eggs, then?

Specially branded boxes containing so-called "Intelligent Eating Eggs" will bear the likeness of Maxwell and his iconic rooster hat, with a dedicated website offering puzzles to be solved, presumably by boosting your brainpower with an egg or two. Clever customers could win themselves a DSi and one of ten copies of Super Scribblenauts, which launches on October 29th.

Warner Bros' UK sales and marketing director Spencer Crossley is very excited about the cross-promotion.

Intelligent Eating Eggs is a great match for Super Scribblenauts, providing a clever link outside of our usual advertising arena. Stocked nationwide in Waitrose, Intelligent Eating Eggs with Super Scribblenauts branding will allow us to reach new audiences and broaden the market for the game.

Waitrose and video games: a match made in heaven.


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James said:

But you have to buy them in Waitrose, which means they'll probably be more expensive than a DSi.



James said:

It's easy when the source material is this good. VIDEO GAME ABOUT WORDS + EGGS = MARKETING + ???



Fuzzy said:

"Intelligent Eating Eggs" hey?! Might need to get me some of those.



Eclipse_Dj said:

Cracking idea, I don't mind shelling out for this product!

Maybe they can get Maxwell on a similar named coffee brand too!



_mikero_ said:

i'd eggspect this to be an eggscellent, eggciting, eggstrordanairy eggstravanganza



LuWiiGi said:

"Intelligent Eating Eggs with Super Scribblenauts branding will allow us to reach new audiences and broaden the market for the game."

Good thinking. Everybody loves eggs!



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

"Waitrose and video games: A match made in heaven."
Well, this is for a Nintendo handheld, so yeah...
(For you poor deprived folk who don't know what the crud I'm talking about, Nintendo means something along the lines of "Leave it to the heavens")



Zak_Canard said:

Why did it have to be Waitrose? I'd be more inclined to "shell" out if it was one of the big four supermarkets, instead I've got to do a 30 mile round trip. No ta. Knowing Waitrose those eggs won't be a "poultry" sum either.



X-145 said:

Ultimate adjective epicness contained in an itty-bitty egg shell!
Crack it before it EXPLODES!!!

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