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Stand Back, This chick chick BOOM Video is About to Go Off

Posted by James Newton

Duck and cover

chick chick BOOM is notable for two things: one, a fast-and-loose approach to capital letters, and secondly for offering the cutest virtual chicks this side of Sexy Poker. Developer tons of bits has just sent over the first gameplay video that shows off the intriguing turns-based battle system in action.

Taking a few cues from Worms, chick chick BOOM changes things up by including gestures to perform attacks: to launch a bomb you must join the dots to draw the explosive device, for example. The defending team also gets to take action, drawing a box around its chicks to protect it from the incoming incendiary.

The official chick chick BOOM website has been updated with all the attacks available in the game, along with the appropriate defensive countermeasure, which should give you a headstart later this year.

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Yasume said:

I'm positive that this will bore you pretty quickly. The gameplay doesn't seem to be very varieting.



Robo-goose said:

Heh, heh, heh. This looks fun, but as Yasume said, it looks like it will get boring very quickly.



Aronos said:

This seems like an interesting game, but is it only multiplayer? Cause it seems like the game might be very wierd or the AI messed up since there's a lot of decisions and cursor involvement. Probably great for couch buddies though lol.



Aviator said:

"Fat wog said to the skinny wog, oi you, you slept with my cousin aye".



Metal_Slime said:

I think this looks pretty sweet, I think I would have a good time playing this with my friends! Can't wait!

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