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Retro Computer Museum Event Incoming

Posted by Damien McFerran

UK-based retro gamers take note

Those of you with above-average memories will recall that we attended a Retro Computer Museum event a while back, and were blown away by the sheer magnitude of the vintage gaming hardware on display.

If you gazed upon our coverage with envy, you'll be pleased to learn that another event is taking place at the end of this month. The venue is once again the sleepy hamlet of Swannington, which is pretty much slap-bang in the middle of the Glorious Kingdom of England.

So, to recap: the venue is The Institute, Main Street, Swannington, Leicestershire. The date is October 31st and the time is between 10.30am and 5.00pm.

Tickets are currently on sale via the RCM site and on the day will cost £7.00 for adults and £2.00 for children. However, if you order online now you can get them for £5.00 for adults, £1.00 for children. Bargain! The closing date for these cheaper tickets is October 14th, so you'd best get in quick.

Highlights for this year's event include many classic Nintendo consoles and a 10-player link-up contest on the Sega Saturn version of Bomberman - which in our books is practically worth the price of admission alone.


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Corbs said:

I don't remember giving them permission to borrow my stuff.



AndyRCM said:

As always thank you Damien! Be good to catch up with you on the day! I hope to see some of you there! - should be a few arcade cabs too.



JamieO said:

Fair play, it is great to hear about these retro events happening across the UK, the R3PLAY event in Blackpool on the 6th and 7th of November also sounds like a fun gathering. I have mentioned so many times that I want to start becoming more active in the UK's retro community, I'm starting to sound like a broken record. However, by not having a full-time job and with my car out of action, I am finding it hard to commit to attending a retro bash at the moment.

In many ways, it would be cheaper for me to head to the Retro Computer Museum's event, online tickets for £5 are a bargain, so I would only need my train fare. I have read about RCM before and heard Damo discussing about them, so I am really interested in this one.

The retro preservation work of RCM is brilliant, but if I don't make it, then I hope that all the retro gals and geezers getting together in Leicestershire have loads of fun!

**** Edit: I had a little scout online and I had trouble finding the nearest train station for Swannington, to price up a ticket. ****



kurtasbestos said:

Saturn Bomberman is my favorite game of all time and to this day I still force friends into 10-player matches. I am going to tell my friends currently living in England that if they don't go to this, we're no longer friends. Also it just looks a really cool event anyway.



i8cookie said:

i've been meaning to go to this for a while... this sounds like a good chance to finally go. Now i have to convince a friend to come along... 2h drive up the M1 and back just to be there for a couple of hours to look at some old games. Cool!



LuWiiGi said:

@Victoria Lucky, I live down south in Bath, and wouldn't be able to go anyway, I'm just a kid and no way would my dad drive me to Leicestershire to play videogames. Oh well, I guess I was just born too late.



KingMike said:

They get a rare Twin Famicom... and demo it with some Street Fighter bootleg?

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