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Racers' Islands: Crazy Arenas Takes Aim at WiiWare Next Week

Posted by James Newton

Zallag's driving follow-up on the way

Okay, so Racers' Island: Crazy Racers didn't quite live up to our expectations, but next week sees combative successor Racers' Islands: Crazy Arenas swerve to Europe for a more reasonable 800 Points.

Essentially transplanting the game's drive-and-shoot gameplay to an arena setting, it still supports 8 player action via sharing the Remote and Nunchuk between driver and gunner. It's not all just deathmatches though – the game includes five different variations that should hopefully keep gamers' interest high.

Racers' Islands: Crazy Arenas launches on WiiWare in Europe on October 22nd for 800 Points, with a North American release to follow.

Five lively games designed for the multiplayer experience!
The game offers an atypical gameplay which is not just about driving a vehicle. You need to know how to aim and shoot with each character’s special weapon to adapt your strategy for each challenge. Drive with your Nunchuk™, aim and shoot with your Wii Remote™!
But the best way to play in Crazy Arenas is the multiplayer mode: all the arenas have been designed specifically to have fun with friends. You are therefore able to play with up to 4-player in split screen. You may even want to share the controllers for each driver to go up to 8 people simultaneously. The one drives while the other shoots: here’s something to get you stuck to your screen for many hours!
Look for a golden Totem in a lost temple, capture it and bring it back to your base! Don’t lose your way!
Can you take on this extreme survival mode? Dash in a wild ascent to an infernal mountain peak before the rising water catches up with
Free-for-all frenzy! Be the first to score 10 points in this Japanese paintball contest powered by engines.
The concept speaks for itself! Toss a time bomb to your opponents as quickly as possible, before the countdown reaches 0.
Compete with your racing car in a wacky ice hockey tournament with penguin goalkeepers!

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RantingThespian said:

Sadly, my expectations are really low for this one. But maybe that is a good thing! If this is actually decent then my expectations will be blown out of the water . . . but I doubt that.



Yasume said:

A sequel already? I really want it to be good though, because WiiWare could use a few good racers, but like the previous poster I don't expect much of it.



JohnshiBRPG said:

@ slavm

I have to agree. according to the press release about the 8 player idea, it has been loosely inspired from Mario Kart double dash, but I don't know how well it's implemented.



SKTTR said:

I don't think it's a sequel. It's one game divided into two pieces: The main racing mode for 1200pts and now the battle mode for 800pts. I bet in NA both games will cost 1000pts.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Mario Kart Wii's Battle Mode sucks, but judging from the previous release, I'll probably stick with Mario Kart Double Dash and Sonic All-Star Racing for Arcade Kart Battle Modes.

However, if this actually turns out decent and allows you to play alone against the AI (something none of the others support), I'll get it.



akacesfan said:

Hockey? With cars? Thats not gonna work.

The only kind of hockey I ever want to see in video games is real hockey, the kind that actually involves ice skating and whatnot.

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