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Prepare for Celebrity Overload in Nintendo's Christmas Campaign

Posted by James Newton

It doesn't stop at Jedward

Nintendo of Europe is very fond of having familiar faces present its campaigns: Ant and Dec represented the brand for years, and Irish nightmare twins Jedward were recently brought on board for the coming Christmas period. That's only the tip of the superstar iceberg however, with the full range of personalities now unveiled.

Top of the bill is twinkly-eyed Irish charmer Sir Terry Wogan who'll use his famed warmth to promote Brain Training, with Dame Helen Mirren to be seen enjoying Wii Fit Plus.

Younger gamers will be drawn in by ex-footballer Jamie Redknapp and wife Louise making a comeback to promote New Super Mario Bros Wii, and diddy Geordie pair Ant and Dec will make their triumphant return, appropriately enough, on Donkey Kong Country Returns. Colour coded boyband JLS will also make appearances to promote Wii Party, released this Friday.

By far the most bizarre set-up, however, will be X Factor winner Alexandra Burke and fellow contestants Olly Murs and Jedward teaming up to talk about hardcore Japanese RPG Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, as well as the slightly more understandable New Super Mario Bros. on DS.

All these unlikely combinations will hopefully add up to a winning Christmas for Nintendo, but what would be your ideal pairing of Nintendo games and celebrities? Let us know!


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timp29 said:

It doesn't stop at Jedward?? That has got to be a hard act to follow...

My ultimate nintendo celebrity endorsement would have to be.... the Queen, putting the smack down on charles in SSFIV on 3DS.



GreenSpleen said:

Not knowing what the heck a Jedward was, I googled it and I think I threw up a little in my mouth. I cant stand my fellow American's obbession with celebrity but you people across the pond like some truly crappy crap. Why these two goofs were even given a minute of fame for badly singing old cover songs is beyond me.



Machu said:

Terry & Helen are good moves, but the rest, omg...




imapterodactyl said:

I googled Jedward, and it turns out they're twins named "John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes" and "Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes". Jeeez, do a LOT of people over there have SIX NAMES? Please tell me it's a phenomenon as strange and awful as that of "Jedward". Ugh.



James said:

My full name is James Stuart Darren Damien Anthony Zach Jonathan Marcel Corbie Spencer Bryan Patrick Ron Jacob Sean Henry Laurie Trevor Dave Jamie Mat Philip Desiree Newton. Every person listed on this page is an alt account of mine.



LuWiiGi said:

Oh god, I can't believe Nintendo got the worst possible British celebs they could find. It really does not get worse than this.
Terry Wogan - He's tried so hard but never entertained me. Only popular with women in their 60s.
Jamie Redknapp and Wag - Great idea, ask a Scouser for his opinion.
Dame Helen Mirren - Probably doesn't know who Mario is.
Ant and Dec - No one cares about them anymore.
JLS - Like McFly, but with even less talent. Basically I hate them.
X Factor People - Three (or four, if Jedward count as two) talentless losers from my least favourite TV show.

The only thing Nintendo could do to make this worse is add Brucie Forsyth into the mix. Being British sucks.



edhe said:


I don't know. 'though I'm certainly no fan, JLS do have some credibility and talent (compared to Jedward), but Mirren and Wogan are for the oldies (I don't have much admiration for either of them - especially Mirren)

That leaves Redknapp. Does he still play?!



antster1983 said:

My perfect combo would be Jedward and a tank full of piranhas.

Failing that, Stephen Fry and Brain Training



PSICOffee said:

I really hope we are spared. I don't want Justin Bieber, Johanes Brothers, Hanna Montana, and Kanye West to spread their crap in a very craptastic Crapmas this year.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Angelic Lapras King: Nintendo understands that advertising is meant to draw in people who haven't heard of these games yet, most likely because they haven't been following gaming at all until just recently. As such, it makes PERFECT sense to advertise four-year-old games (NSMBDS) that you're still charging full price for, because those you're selling to have no idea it came out that long ago and probably wouldn't know it existed at all otherwise.

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