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Nintendo Declares the Best Sin and Punishment Player Ever

Posted by Trevor Chan

Or something like that anyway

What better game to use in determining who can score the highest than one of the more difficult shooters available? Last month, Nintendo of America launched the official competition to find the nation's gamer who can score the highest on Sin and Punishment: Star Successor's third level on difficult using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk setup. The contest ended on 6th October and, now Nintendo has had the time to collect all the entries, it's time to see who's won.

Andrew F. of Milwaukee scored a massive 68,126,154 points and has been declared the winner, landing him the prize package that includes a customised plaque and a selection of Nintendo products. In addition, his score will be subitted to the Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer's Edition for consideration.

The score was verified by Twin Galaxies International, the official body that records video game high scores and world records.

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turtlelink said:

This is all win for that guy. lol wonder what the plaque looks like and what prize he got/choose.



pikku said:

I think my score is something like 10,000 lol.
I'll check.
man I'm pitiful D:



MasterGraveheart said:

When I saw this article, I thought for sure NintendoLife had an article about me up that wasn't Shantae fanboyism related.



theblackdragon said:

his score will be 'subitted'? :3

Congrats to Andrew F., whomever that is. Sounds like he deserves it with a score like that, lol :3



Kevin said:

There's a gamer's edition of the guiness world records...Must check it out.



PSICOffee said:

Man I haven't even had time to open my copy and try it out and I've had it for months. Seeing that I'm pretty good at shooters and the original game, and that I was doing good messing around at the Gamestop demo, I think I could rank pretty high up there, maybe match or surpass the record with enough effort. Hell I'm sure anyone could if they spent enough time memorizing where everything is in the game and figuring out how to get the best score. That's how you master a game like Contra anyhow. I've played through Metal Storm on the NES and I'm sure there are few games that offer a fair challenge that can be more difficult than that game! Congrats to the winner though.... for now...

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