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Nintendo Claims 1 in 3 UK Homes Owns a Wii

Posted by James Newton

That's a lot of machines

Wii consoles may not be selling at quite the knock-out rate they were during their peak, but according to the latest Nintendo press release it's still passing mighty milestones, with a third of all UK households owning the machine.

With government statistics putting the estimated number of UK households in the region of 26m, that means around 8.5m homes have a Wii sat under the TV.

The take-up rate for DS consoles is even higher, with an estimated 11m households containing at least one DS owner.

In the last financial year Nintendo sold 20.5m Wii consoles and 27.1m DS consoles around the world. It expects to sell 4m 3DS consoles within its first month on sale when it hits Japan in February 2011.


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Zach said:

This bodes well for lonely UK-based would-be Wii Partiers looking for jovial competition and enactment of the Universal Right to Merriment. Rejoice! And go forth, in the age old tradition of that figure of long past, the door-to-door knocksman.



Raylax said:

Caption win I totally want a house monocle now.

Kinda forgot to read the article



ILoveToLove said:

Yeah yeah, but there's a lot of Wii's collecting dust under a lot of televisions. I wonder how many Wii's are in frequent use.



VGC said:


I've not used my wii in a long time, and thought about selling it. I was pretty much SURE of selling it.

Nintendo can't just take a break for a while and not release GOOD games.

I was bored of galaxy 2 after I beat it. Usually mario games are great, but I got bored of it pretty fast after beating it around 7 hours or so.

Bah, I think I'll stick with trying to get a 3DS.



ILoveToLove said:

I mean, don't get me wrong. I love my Wii, I've got a fair few games for it, I play on it often and it doesn't compete for my attention with any other consoles, but I think I'm in the minority of Wii owners.



LuWiiGi said:

The picture makes it look like everyone in Britain has a lovely house. Mine's awesome, but I live in Bath, the most beautiful city in Britain.
And where I'm from, the Wii ain't all that popular, unfortunately.



Raylax said:

@8: And almost out of shot, everyone drives a Reliant Robin.

But that's actually true.



moosa said:

@3 Nintendo has been releasing games. The problem is that none of the other publishers are. Do you think all or most of the good games on the other consoles are developed or published by Sony and Microsoft? Absolutely not!

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