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New Golden Sun Trailer Light on Talk, Big on Excitement

Posted by James Newton

Summons, battles and... Kraden?

With Golden Sun: Dark Dawn around six weeks away from the Western world, there isn't long left until we can get to grips with Camelot's newest RPG, its first in seven years. This trailer might just make that wait a little harder to bear, showing off as it does some of the new Summons, Psynergies and a returning character from the previous games.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is out in North America on November 29th and reaches Europe on December 10th.

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Objection said:

Cannot wait. I played the original two back when they came out so this is a long time in the coming.
Not looking forward to those damned "puzzles" though.
@pixelman-lol, its so true.



Noire said:


This game is going to own. OWN.

only six weeks now oh my goooooooooooood~



Hardy83 said:

I'm a great game, only to suffer horrible sales with a lack of promotion from Nintendo and the release of the superior looking and steal the show even if they suck, 3DS software.



kurtasbestos said:

Only six weeks left... I need to quit my job so I have enough time to finish re-playing the first two! Also, those battle scenes make me desperately want to play Shining Force III again (for the millionth time) for some reason.



mjc0961 said:

Do want! Also I hope we finally get to fight Alex. I still need to plant a nice Ragnarok spell on his face.

@2: I think they just mean the trailer is light on talk. If that really was Kraden, I'm sure he'll be yakking and yakking and yakking and yakking and yakking and yakking...



James said:

@kurtasbestos You can never play Shining Force III enough times. I recently lost my save file that was halfway through the final scenario, so maybe I'll join you and play all three discs again



Radbot42 said:

So Spade has a stretchy hand, and does anyone like the camera moving around a lot more when walking through dungeons and cities. I understand the graphics are 3d but there was nothing wrong with the old camera angle



Rensch said:

This game looks gorgeous! I liked the first game but I hope this one's not as heavy on redundant dialogue.



Amorous_Badger said:



I'll confess to being hugely ignorant of the vast culty history of this game, but it looks like Zelda with turn based scrapping.




Bloodysaber said:

I am so unbelievably psyched for this game I can't put it into words. There are few games that get me this excited. I've waited so long for this and it's finally coming to fruition.

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