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New Donkey Kong Country Returns Screenshots Beat their Chests

Posted by James Newton

Ape action incoming

Donkey Kong Country Returns is Retro Studio's take on the graceful gorilla's platforming antics, and judging from our E3 First Impressions it's going to be a cracker. These new screenshots from Nintendo certainly prove it won't be a slouch in the graphics department too.

The shots show off the game's two-player co-operative mode, with Diddy and Donkey teaming up to take on everything from giant spiky balls to hungry hungry sharks.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is out on November 21st in North America, and reaches Europe on December 3rd.

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chadthegamer said:

Gosh, the enviornments and backgrounds look magnificent. There's something about that sunset screen that takes my breath away.



Punny said:

The game looks much more polished than it did at E3. I love how Retro continued Rare's tradition of giving the Kongs exaggerated facial expressions.



xAlias said:

Labrat7 flexes his muscles and beats his chest, hoping for applause
Can't wait for the game. Looks fantastic!



CanisWolfred said:

This game better not be derivitive, G-d knows what horrible word-plays they'll think of next.



Golgo said:

To those who've been lucky enough to have early hands-on, is the game focussing mostly on coop or solo play?



Link79 said:

Can't wait for all the whining and moaning of Rabid fanboys. Like the Metroid fans and Sonic fans who can't wait to rip the newest game a a new corn shute. I'm so tired of how pissy everybody gets when a game doesn't turn out the way they wanted. Sorry DK but It'll happen to you too.



CanisWolfred said:

I want Team Ninja to make the next Star Fox game. An over-the-top storyline and action would be perfect for a Star Fox game, at least in my mind.



motang said:

Simply can't wait for this game to come out, good thing it's not too far off and I have my reserved.



Fuzzy said:

I was getting worried that this wouldn't have as much character as the originals, but it's starting to look like it will!



JimLad said:

I love the fact that co-op in 2D platformers are on the rise, with this, NSMBW, Kirby, Sonic Colours...
Co-op games that don't require a split screen = win



Spoony_Tech said:

This game looks to play ever bit as good as the original. Man does it look pretty to. Retro looks to have done a great job as usual. I hope its as long as the first one and challenge doesn't scare me. Bring it on Retro!



LordJumpMad said:

I really don't see anything new here in gameplay, and it could use a little more polish, The Donkey Kong Juglie Beat is more polish then this.

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