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Multiplayer Brawling Comes to DSiWare with Cosmo Fighters

Posted by James Newton

Download Play battling from Abylight

Taking a break from its array of musical titles, Spanish developer Abylight is bringing some old-fashioned fighting action to DSiWare with its upcoming title Cosmo Fighters.

The title's focus is on sharing the game with friends, with Download Play allowing up to four players to face off against each other using just one copy of the game.

Cosmo Fighters has just been sent to Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe for final approval and should be scrapping its way to DSiWare later this year.

“Cosmo Fighters” for Nintendo DSiWare.

A Multiplayer fighting game supporting DS Download Play

October 4th , 2010 - BARCELONA

Abylight is proud to announce that after several months of developing “Cosmo Fighters” for Nintendo DSiWare, the game has entered its final QA phase and soon will be available at the Nintendo DSi Shop in America and Europe.

“Cosmo Fighters” is a fighting game for up to four (4) players that supports DS Download Play which means that just with one copy of the game, everyone with a portable from the Nintendo DS family can play.

Nacho Garcia, Abylight CEO, says “the other night we [some members of the team] went to our favorite Japanese restaurant and while we waited for our delicious 'Okonomiyaki' we got out our Nintendo DS and played “Cosmo Fighters”. We had a blast. This game works really well for impromptu multiplayer games. Keep in mind that there were only one Nintendo DSi and 3 other Nintendo DS”.

“Cosmo Fighters” has two battle options: all players for themselves and team play, both with the capability of adding CPU fighters. There is also a mode where one (1) player can battle against up to three (3) CPUs.

Release date and pricing will be announced soon.

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sykotek said:

...This would be an awesome game to have on DSi, but I think it'd be waaay better if it were a side scrolling beat-em up rather than an arena fighter. I couldn't imagine playing this game much, but I also don't do things that generally cause me to wait in an area for an extended period of time (movies, conventions, DMV, etc).



LordJumpMad said:

Looks alot like Sonic Battle mix with City River Ransome.
If it has online, then its a good buy, because no one wants to fight alone.



VGC said:

Last paragraph, sentence has improper grammar btw

This sounds good. Too bad there aren't enough games like this for wifi.

Sounds fun enough though. I'll check it out.



V8_Ninja said:

At first, I thought this was an article about how Nintendo's bringing a Smash Bros. game to the DSi.



James said:

@V8 Ninja I tried to avoid giving that impression but it's not easy to find synonyms for fighting that don't conjure up images of Smash Bros.!



MeloMan said:

The look of it makes me think of River City Ransom as well... if the game is even slightly in that mold I'm sold, but of course, I'll hang out for impressions and the review.



Ickaser said:

If this is generally like Smash Bros gameplay-wise, then I'm sold. Problem is that I need to save for the 3DS.



Birdman said:

I'm wary of this title. I was all for BlayzBloo, and I was let down. I'll definitely wait for the review on this one.

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