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Konami Has a Quartet of Franchises Heading to 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Contra, PES, Metal Gear Solid and... Frogger

That long list of third-party 3DS titles contained plenty of mouthwatering prospects from countless publishers, but one title that particularly stood out was the prospect of a new Contra title from Konami. Now the Japanese firm has announced it'll be bringing the run-and-gun epic to Europe, alongside three other 3D titles.

A new instalment in the long-running Pro Evolution Soccer series will also head to the handheld, alongside perennial amphibian adventure Frogger and the increasingly impressive Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.

No dates or other details have been given, but confirmation of Contra's impending European release should be enough.

Four of the Best for Nintendo 3DS
KONAMI brings new versions of classics titles to new Nintendo handheld in Europe, including Metal Gear Solid, Pro Evolution Soccer and Contra...

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced details of its first titles for the new Nintendo 3DSTM handheld system for release across Europe.

The publisher has confirmed its support for the new hardware with four new titles, including the Hideo Kojima-developed Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater; a new Pro Evolution Soccer title; classic run’n’gun shooter, Contra and perennial favourite, Frogger.

Interest in all four titles is already soaring following their overseas announcement, and KONAMI will be releasing further information on the four titles in the coming months. “We are delighted to confirm that KONAMI has four major titles in development for Nintendo’s 3DS system,” offered Kunio Neo, President for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “The chance to explore popular franchises such as Metal Gear Solid, Pro Evolution Soccer, Contra and Frogger within a 3D realm is an exciting opportunity, and we cannot wait to share more news in the coming months.”

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Link79 said:

While you're at it Konami how about getting the original Contra on the Wii VC?



WaveGhoul said:

No kidding hey? Contra II and Contra III have been available from the start, yet where in the hell is the first!?. Boggles ze' mind! And it annoys the hell out of me because the original is easily one of my favorite games of all time.



Big_A2 said:

@Link79: Didn't Contra IV have the original game as a bonus or something? I wouldn't know, I'M NOT AMERICAN >: (



WaveGhoul said:

@Big A2
Yep, I've played a bit of Contra and Contra II which are included with Contra IV and it just doesn't feel right playing those 2 on a hand held. You can either have a fixed camera where it's kind of zoomed in I think, or where it's normal, but based on what i remember it just didn't look right, could be wrong. Either way, I didn't enjoy playing those 2 on the DS. As for Contra 4, solid game but good lord is it diffucult, it's a beast!



Link79 said:

@ Big A2
Yeah it did but It would still be nice to play the original on a TV so I can see all the bullets flying at me. I can't figure out what's keeping it off the VC.



Shiryu said:

No Castlevania? Oh well, can't complain, I assume they will get around to it. =)



The_Fox said:

Frogger? Ha! That franchise is utter crap beyond the arcade original, and that trend will no doubt continue regardless of the platform you stick it on.



LuWiiGi said:

Yep, practically every successful game franchise known to man will be revived on the 3DS.



PSICOffee said:

replace the soccer game with Rocket Knight Adventures. Serioulusly Konami. Sparkster doesn't get enough love and respect as is because you aren't willing to give him more attention. I know there was a new game released recently on Steam and Xbox and all, but a game that was equal or even better than the original has not yet happened, so now is your chance.

When has a soccer video game EVER been remembered? It's just going to end up in the bargain bin like every other sports game. It's the nature and destiny of all sports games to be worth $2 eventually, except NBA Jam. Rocket Knight is the perfect series to rebirth on the 3DS and give it the audience it deserves!



shinobi88 said:

No game has ever topped Contra in terms of makin you feel like a bad dude who was saving Earth from a horde of alien scum. Gears of War is the closest thing. So every new Contra goes in the top 5 hype meter. I'd like to see 'em mix in some 1st or 3rd person levels w/ the traditional side scrolling.

Froggers got a bad rap. You can't control those little croakers and not get a smile on your face. They need to find a way to get people excited about the franchise again, similar to Pac-Man Champion edition or Space Invaders Extreme.



shinobi88 said:

Amen to Rocket Knight. can't get cooler than a possum dressed up like a knight with a jetpack strapped to his back. make a new one, Kid Icarus Uprising style and have the Genesis game as an unlockable



Hokori said:

well Japan did get the original MSX contra on there VC back in Feb, so I hope we do to



CanisWolfred said:

Metal Gear Solid - not liking what I'm seeing
Contra - I can't imagine this'll be any good...
PES - Soccer sucks
Frogger - goodie, now I can get run over in 3D.

I'll just go with everyone else and say: where the hell is Castlevania?



Sylverstone said:

Wow. Frogger just won't die.

Being run over by cars and other things for about (insert how long he existed here) really doesn't him, doesn't it?




I 3rd bring us the original Contra! So awesome and one of the few in the series I could actually beat.

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