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Japanese 3DS Surveys Reveal Awareness Low, Price Too High

Posted by James Newton

Not a winning combination

There's just four months until the 3DS lands on Japanese shores, so you'd expect the excitement to be mounting in the Land of the Rising Sun. Two surveys have uncovered intriguing information however, which may not be good news for Nintendo.

The first survey by Macromill polled 1,000 people, with 56% responding to say they didn't know about the 3DS. Just as many people said they had no interest in the console, a worrying statistic considering Nintendo's high-profile announcement at the end of September.

Another survey by GetNews asked about the price, with just over 20% of respondents saying the console was reasonably priced, leaving nearly 80% to state the machine was overpriced.

Of course, we'd all like the 3DS to be cheaper, and there's no information available about who was actually polled: schoolchildren are more likely to find it overpriced than high-earning executives, for example. As with all surveys, take the results with a pinch of salt: Nintendo knows the machine is priced to sell based on fan excitement and critical reception since E3.


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LordJumpMad said:

Nothing is too Cheap!, it should be cheaper!

I wonder who was that 4%
hint* it Prints Money



ReddLionz said:

I'm not surprised. So, half of the country doesn't know about the 3DS. They're probably just not into gaming, or don't keep an eye on the latest gaming news. The casual gamer. A huge part of Nintendo's profits. And a lot of people would probably put "too expensive" because they don't know really what it's capable of, or what that technology's worth.



Varoennauraa said:

Who is Macromill and what questions they asked?

I'd like 3DS to cost less, but considering its components and graphics, I'm happy to pay 300€(418,76 USD).



NeoRausch said:

come on NL. that was more or less a random internet-poll. with 1000 rando people cklicking along.



komicturtle said:

I'm sure it will be $250 here in the states. That's good, so I can get my hands on it before it sells out. And at that time, it won't even BE the holidays, so double + for me!!

.... And I'm referring to those 'little' kids who want it but parents sure as well won't RUSH out to buy it considering the price and that possible danger for kids under 7 or something. I may be wrong, and it will sell fast (I hope not! Maybe AFTER I get one... and those who REALLY want one )

It'll sell. Survey are there to scare and worry. Wouldn't be surprised if this was a Microsoft or Sony stunt- with doubt... Could be people who got bored. Or, it could be fanboys to reach other fanboys to then say "3DS is gonna fail cuz of grafix and dis. and ghey two screens, duuurrr".

Still shocked that some people are still on about the TWO screens. What? Can't their brain process something simple like THAT? Oooohh, imagine 3D. DISASTER!!! "It has two screens and 3D"
uhduhuhduhuhduh... Don't be surprised when THAT happens. Haha, I CAP too much.. And RANT.. Ahem...

Shantae called



reborn said:

I hope the Law of supply and demand plays its role, but considering the Japanese market, sincerely, I don't expect a decrease in sales according to the price



triforceofcourage said:

they havent even made any adds for it yet!!! of course more people will hear when they make demos, and ads, and when it comes to the states the price will probly go down like $50. and anyway the systems technology will back it up even if it is 300 bucks.



Hardy83 said:

Nintendo would be stupid to put the 3DS over 250. With the PSP virtually (almost) on par technically with the 3DS, the only thing going for it is the 3D screen..Which I believe will be outdated with 6-12 months of the release when mobile devices start using the tech.

Though honestly I think mobile devices over here will take a bigger chunk out of 3DS sales than the PSP.

It won't be a failure like the virtual boy, but I don't think it'll come anywhere near what the DS sold, not until Nintendo gets it's head out of it's own rear when it comes to their online system and potential 3G wireless internet built in.

I'm just talking about the NA market. Japan seems to be okay with carrying more than one device, bah whatever, we'll see in 4 months.



Angaran said:

i really hope this sells because i'm super excited for this so I hope nintendo doesn't worry because many people just like me think this is awsome.

Think people 3D without glasses that just amazing



danschemen said:

i wonder if they will make it cheeper i don't think they need to but that would be nice.



timp29 said:

I must admit, I haven't met anyone else in Australia (not including other Australian users of this site) who knows anything about the 3DS. Lets be honest, we all know about it and are all aware of the pricing and the technology involved, by we are a tiny fraction of nintendo's customers. Our reactions to the device are hardly indicative of what nintendo can expect from its average consumer.

Of course, limited supplies means that price won't affect the sales short term, provided the device captures people's imagination. Cue the advertising.



Rasche said:

Wow! Almost 60% of the people didn't even know about the 3DS? That's amazing to me. And yah, of course we could all say it's too much money, but I think it's reasonably priced.



geek-master said:

why cant nintendo of America just move their HQ to silicon valley California then 3DS's can be made in America, also, Apple needs the competition



SilverBaretta said:

The price is fine, after all it needs to be high enough to cover production costs, marketing, and not to mention those Nintendo Zones to set up. I'm guessing they may have surveyed the wrong type of people.



Moco_Loco said:

I honestly keep wondering. The prospect of shelling out $250-300 for a device that looks a lot like the DSi (regardless of actual capabilities) may not be that appealing to the general populace. The DS and Wii were popular in part because of their price points, which were significantly lower than the high-end PSP and PS3.

People will buy it if Nintendo's marketing people are able to capture the public's imagination the way they did with the Wii. The 3DS is a gamer's dream device, but I keep wondering: is it the ideal device for the casual gamer who just wants to play Brain Age, Clubhouse Games, and Nintendogs? The success of the 3DS will depend on Nintendo a) proving that it truly brings a new dimension to casual games or b) proving that the 3DS is a must-own portable gaming system for every truly serious gamer, including the ones who currently only have a PSP.

Or a combination of a and b.



motang said:

If Nintendo wants to repeat the success of the DS family then need to address the 3DS price and they need to do that soon.



cheapogamer4life said:

3d pictures» $100
3d movies» $100
3d games» $100
Tons of awesome features» free

Sounds fair enough.....imho :/



Kid_A said:

Still, they really should be hyping this thing up more. We gamers know about it, but the general public still has no idea this thing exists. To that extent I think the survey is probably quite accurate.



Nintendoftw said:

Looks like the japenese consumer is getting smarter in terms of money making decisions... Nintendo better lower it to 250$... But if it's 250$ in Japan then it would be 200$ here... Wouldn't that be a bit too low?



cardboardboxer said:

If it doesn't sell too hot would there be a chance the price would lower? Probably not, but one can only hope.



ianmage1 said:

When people who currently don't know about the 3DS find out about it on it's release date, and ask "have you heard about the 3DS? It looks cool," I will not be able to believe that they JUST found out about it when I had know about it since June 15, 2010.



Slapshot said:

What you guys arent getting is that in Japan gaming is a hobby where everday people play games at home in there living room. In Japan its not uncommon to see grown adults at Nintendo DS Kiosk playing Dragon Quest 9/Pokemon, etc multiplayer. Gaming isnt a hobby, its culture. To think that a place so fueled by gaming doesnt realize a new handheld with Nintendo on it is coming out is literally groundbreaking news.

Something just isnt right here. Im really thinking Ninendo is going to do something big technology wise with 3DS wich will end up with a much higher price than we are used to seeing from Nintendo. Nintendo has always had massive hype months out before a new console/handheld is launched. Why not with this one?

Maybe the 3D gimmick isnt being predicted to have a lasting appeal by there testing, I dont know, its just all very strange indeed.

... I will say this, I know several guys my age (28) and they literally said screw Nintendo with the casual wave that hit the Wii and havent even looked back in years. They dont care a dang bit about Wii, Wii2 or 3DS at all and a few years back were Nintendo diehards that would be in line at Midnight for 3DS Launch.



VGC said:

It IS pretty pricey. I don't understand how everyone can just say people don't know the machine's capabilities. My mom won't even buy printer paper, and we have 10 bucks per week to spend on our own food (my sister and I.). How sad.



DangerousDreams said:

Yep, gaming sure is getting kinda expensive nowadays. Maybe its about time I find another way to waste away the hours..., perhaps tennis?
lol just playing guys, i wasn't really gonna quit gaming just because its burning a hole in my wallet. Fooled ya didn't I, huh.



IanUniacke said:

To those who think that the general populace will not be interested in the 3ds, I present to you: Avatar (single highest grossing movie of all time).

That is my whole argument. Thank you good night.



Marvelousmoo said:

Those statistics do not give enough information on how they were taken and who was polled. An assumption cannot be made from these. And obviously people are going to think it is overpriced. Nobody wants to spend money. I bet that a lot of people will still buy it.



Slapshot said:

@Marvelousmoo.... actually this isnt the first we have heard of this. There was a poll not long after E3 that showed the same lack of interest in the system months ago. We are indeed still in a worldwide recession.

@DangerousDreams... It actually is. I have a big gaming budget myself, a lot more than most, and Im not bragging or anything but still I cant find myself shelling out the $50-60 several times a month. Its just tough to keep up with it all lately.

@Ian... How much does it cost to see a movie? 10 bucks, that is a lot cheaper than $250+ for the 2DS and a $40 game to play the thing!



Tsuchinoko said:

'tis true, i'm not surprised. But its not really about the budget, at least not wholly.

The advertising here for Pokemon Black/White, Mario Galaxy 2, Monter Hunter 3, Wii Party, that stuff was EPIC. You can't go on the train, the bus, clothes shopping, anything here without seeing an advert for Pokemon or Wii Party. I can't say the same for the 3DS.

I think I've seen more advertising here for Tomodachi Collection and Fire Emblem than the 3DS.

People will spend tons stuff in general, if the interest is there. Once you create enough interest, it overthrows whatever worried one has about recessions and money. But yeah, I haven't seen the aggressive marketing here



JimLad said:

The core fans and the rich will snap it up at launch, so I'm sure they're not worried.
The DS brand has got to that point now where it would take a catastrophic mistake to break it. Thing is as well, it's so well timed. Coinciding with the whole 3D craze, while entertainment industries are struggling to get it into peoples homes. I think this will be similar to the PS2 release, riding the wave of the DVD boom. (only not quite as big)



NintyMan said:

We want the 3DS to be cheaper, so I'm not surprised about the "It's too expensive" reaction. Nintendo needs to be starting their advertising campaign soon and really get the idea of 3D without glasses to the general public. We gamers already know about it, so regular people need to be informed.



zionich said:

Im getting mine, and I know what ever price point they set, it always is a hit on the console sale. Or in this case. handheld =).



siavm said:

Surveys prove nothing. When this thing hits Japan it will sell out. Quote me on that.



LuWiiGi said:

When the 3DS has been out for a few months, that's the time to start doing surveys. There's not much point asking people for their opinions on a machine that they haven't even held in their hands yet, IMO. And trust me, as soon as they do, they'll take back what they said about the price.



Iggy said:

Well like some said allready Nintendo targets casual gamers and for the 3DS to be 300 bucks the price of a home console is going to scare alot of casual gamers away. I hope this makes nintendo nervous so they give it a price drop but i doubt it. I would much rather have it priced at 200-250



EdEN said:

Considering all the tech packed into the 3DS the price is just right. 3D glasses by themselves are $99+.



MeloMan said:

So, if I said 100,000 people in a survey out of near 300 million people in the US weren't aware of the 3DS and say it's too high, that still doesn't mean much of nothing. Some of those people might not be "gamers" for one, so of course, they don't know, and don't get me started on if they are gamers but are casual. Furthermore, the average non-gamer/casual gamer of course will likely say something is too high for something they won't even want or let alone use very often.

Here's the bottom line: survey 1000 hardcore gamers; the folks that visit these forums the most, read online info, play games dedicatedly day in day out, and shell out the bucks to do so for games and systems... IMO that will give you a more accurate reading of what's what. Asking a person that's barely in the know is like asking a 1 year old what they think of Einstein's theory of relativity.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Funny how they don't know about the 3DS considering how many bought the DS....then again...maybe they are happy with their DS's so they feel they can enjoy their current DS before jumping onto the 3DS, or it could be that with the annual releases of the DSi and DSiXL they are very wary of the 3DS being merely an "upgrade".

As for the price it is too high...not everyone can afford to pay $300...especially for a handheld.



theblackdragon said:

Some of y'all seem to be forgetting that Nintendo (and all the other companies) are desperate to attract new users as well as long-time loyalists. I can see why they'd want to poll a group of average joes who may or may not be gamers instead of a group of video game fanatics. I can also see them doing public events in malls and stuff all over the place to get that word-of-mouth going, but advertising is definitely going to be an issue for them, and the price will certainly put off the average person who's more used to paying $200-ish for a handheld at the very most. :/



Peznaze said:

Yeah, this is bad news for Nintendo. The whole reason they're waiting to release it is so they can get a huge install base as quickly as possible. This will let them negotiate with movie studios and digital media distributors on much better footing. The good news is that they haven't even started advertising for the 3DS yet, and it's still half a year from launch. Most people who know about the 3DS at this point are Nintendo fans. Anyone else hears about it, asks when's it coming, hears "March!" and immediately loses interest and forgets about it.



gatygun said:


you are like compleetly wrong about pritty much everything.
the 3ds isn't on par with the psp. The 3DS dominates the psp compleetly. The psp is far slower then the 3DS, it doesn't got any shaders ( so it isn't getting even close towards the 3DS quality ) and it doens't show 3D.

The 3D isn't a gimmick it really really adds another dimension if used correctly.

About the phones, as you mention. Its indeed true that iphones are going upwards fast on graphical deparment, but you are missing some vital points, which you dont consider.

The pc, didn't kill the console industrial. The pc = basically the perfect console to go for. the mouse + keyboard are superior etc etc.
Why are there still consoles to this date?
Because there is a market for.
Even with the iphone there, and having superior stats. it doesn't automatically mean, that its a winning combo.

Look at the last run nintendo ds vs psp. You cant ignore facts. The nintendo ds was far lesser superior on graphics then the PSP. still it didn't stood up against it.
This has a reason you know. You cant ignore facts. There simple isn't much interesting on the psp. and besides that the battery lifetime was a nightmare etc etc.

the iphone can be seen as the new psp from 2004-5. It will get superior hardware,

  • but you simple cant play your zelda/mario / all your old francieses on it.
  • Besides that, it doesn't "yet" have a 3D screen.
  • it doesn't got any contracts with movie company's
  • it doesn't got buttons ( main reason why people play on a handheld )
  • HF playing your stuff with 2 big fat fingers pressing on your screen the whole time. You never can play for long a serieus game or even for a short while. you simple dont have the buttons.
  • The hardware in it "iphone" needs to be shared with the OS / other stuff that you got running. which already results in lesser quality games for the hardware that is present( look at a pc vs console " a pc can hardly keep up with a 5x if not more lesser cpu/gpu inside the xbox360" because the pc needs to do ALOT more like running a os in the background as 1 of the simple examples in order to even deliver a game on your screen.) A handheld hardware can be used every little bit for gaming.
  • battery lifetime of a iphone 4 is 2-3 hours or lesser while playing with full graphics on. ( main issue of those devices ) while you always need to have your device powered on because its your phone / agenda etc.
  • the price is alot higher, because of high costing hardware to support all those functions, the iphone just simple isn't a gaming device besides some minigame equal games.
  • another really important note is, when you buy a nintendo 3DS. You know you can buy games for it for atleast 5 years with your first device. You can play all the new games that are released for it, etc. Same as the DS phat "first one", you still can play pokemon black and white / goldensun on it that got released like 6 years later?.
    This is why most people tend to jump onto a console to start with, they dont wanna spend countless of bucks on improving hardware in order to play there newest iphone games.
    Because iphone is changing there system + hardware every year.

as for the online system, i really dont see the 3G needed. for what you need it? internet/calling? dont you got other devices for that? it isn't a iphone, this only results in more expensive hardware / lesser battery time etc? and what about the other online system? they are heavily improving with the 3DS on this department, as they stated the strong part of the 3DS will be its online function.

The 3DS will sell like cakes and because of nobody that basicly faces them direct on atm, it will even sell towards more poeple then the ds did, to start with. The only real problem is atm that people simple dont know about the 3DS.
People never heard of it, and never saw anything off it. for all they know its yet another DS version a xxl for example.
but that is where marketing jumps in. Nintendo has always been good at it, and will simple do this the last month before its release.

They will build they hype up, for new people just as they did with us at the e3.

to get back on topic.
the price will be probably 250 dollar and 230 euro ( yes we European people always pay way more then our American fellows. Anyway 230 euro is a good number to go for at the start. this can be dropped like a half year later after the release, when all the "i want one now" people had there versions of the device.

230 euro = 300 dollar, the 300 number is just way to much if it wants to be sucessfull at the US. it will probably be lowered towards the 250 dollar.



Nintendoftw said:

Wrong. Europeans do not pay more than the US, they pay MUCH less. If the USA gets it at 250$ then Europeans will get it at a much cheaper price because their money is worth more.



Nintendo-is-my-love said:

Yeah but it wont realy be lower tho just the number and americains pay alot less then australia we have around the same dollar these days yet u pay US$50 and we pay AU$100 thats for a wii game



reelybigfish said:

I might not get one if it is priced over £180.

@65 Urm no, the prices will be equivalent. It will cost less pounds when compared to dollars, but the pound is worth more so it balances.

In fact America generally gets things cheaper.



Rerun said:

At this point, I don't think I'll be spending more than $$250 for this.

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