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How Telltale Games Approached Back to the Future: Episode I

Posted by Trevor Chan

Behind-the-scenes part III talks discusses new narrative ideas

Telltale Games is continuing the release of its behind-the-scenes videos on the upcoming Back to the Future series for WiiWare and the latest talks about how the production team stays true to the franchise yet strive to offer something that people who have yet to see the films will still enjoy.

Dennis Lenart, director of Back to the Future: Episode I explains that his main role was to filter the development of the game through a fan's eyes, so that when they play the game, nothing feels out of place. The first episode takes place six months after the events of Back to the Future: Part III and will have players in a variety of time periods. Playing as Marty McFly, players will come to the aid of Doc Brown and one of the interesting concepts that the developers have come up with is what Doc would have been like when he was younger.

Hey, maybe it was Marty that knocked his clock off the wall as he broke into his bathroom... for whatever reason.

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Aviator said:

5, I fear that we will see a similar fate to Tales of Monkey Island on the Wii. So if I do buy this, then I will probs stick to the PC version.

Also, Telltale are now accepting pre-orders for the PC version, going for $24.95. Purchase of the game also gives you a free version of Puzzle Agent, and $1 of every pre-order will go toward the Michael J. Fox Parkinsons charity.



James said:

The latest press release sent out by Telltale mentions Mac, PC, PS3 and 360 platforms but not WiiWare. I've contacted Telltale for clarification but don't be too upset if the game isn't heading to WiiWare.



Chris720 said:

Now the big question... Will this suck, or will it blow you away? I really don't see how a time travelling game can work, I mean... I doubt it will ever see action or boss fights ect.

Its just travelling back in time. Awesome movie idea, bad game idea. But that's just my opinion.



theblackdragon said:

@xDemon720x: Chrono Trigger and Turtles in Time both say 'hi'. the former is regarded by many as one of the best RPGs (if not games, depending on the individual being asked) of all time, and the latter was an excellent beat-'em-up for the SNES. I know I spent a good week playing the hell out of CT to get all the endings available in its FFC incarnation, and i have fond memories of being parked in front of the SNES with my little bro playing Turtles in Time because it was so much fun. Both are totally centered on time travel.



RantingThespian said:

@xDemon720x Well, they did Tales of Monkey Island with you going back and forth from island to island, and then even from Limbo to the real world. In SBCG4AP, they did movies, concerts, and even traveling through video games themselves.

I am sure they can find a way to use Time Travel and make it work. If not, they can just travel back and time, and cancel the game, can't they? Or is that paradox?

But I bet this on being nothing short of Great!



edhe said:

Well it obviously doesn't matter, because we won't be getting it any time soon.

On the official webpage, the footer lists the platforms it'll be appearing on, which only lists iPad (yeah...), PC, Mac and PSN. The best we can hope for is a £40, yet horribly optimised retail disc.



taffy said:

If you want to talk about time travel in point n' click games then you should look up "Day of the Tentacle". Also sucks this isn't going to be on Wii



Ren said:

I don't get how time travel would automatically make for a bad game. I won't even defend it, it's a silly notion.

As far as bosses and fighting it's just not that kind of game. There was a whole genre of extremely popular "point and click" adventures in earlier PC days like Police Quest, Kings Quest, leisure suit larry, indiana jones, that is focused on discovery, puzzles, and good interactive plot.

Kind of a lost genre until Telltale unearthed it recently. If it's not for you than fine, but bad games it does not make. Just games not based on fighting is all. Personally I'd love to see more of that now, but still only Telltale seems to find any value in that design.

In fact I think that's a much safer route to go with movie plots. it would've been fun to see some other recent movies done that way, with action parts mixed in creatively instead of failed cash ins; (ahem, matrix - spider man - any 007 or hero movies, inception?)



Ravage said:

Yeah, I can`t wait to try out the first episode. I hope it is kind of like the remastered classic Monkey Island games, I prefer the style of those to the newer ones.



mjc0961 said:

Why is GameTrailers calling that exclusive? I saw it on YouTube yesterday.

Shame on you for lying, GameTrailers.

@11: Majora's Mask? Masterpiece? Not really. If you want a good example of time travel in Zelda, you would pick OoT or Oracle of Ages. Majora's Mask just had a stupid time limit where if you didn't finish your goal fast enough, you had to go back in time three days and start all over. It is certainly not a good time travel mechanic, it was just an annoying hindrance to gameplay.



theblackdragon said:

@mjc: when you did certain things by the time Day 3 hits, other things would be unlocked for you to do when you go back to Day 1. time limit or not, that kind of mechanic wasn't bad IMO, and it was a decent enough example of how time travel (of a sort) could work in a game.



CorusFace said:

@18: no way, majora's mask was one of the most incredible games ever conceived and a fresh approach to the zelda franchise. you must not have gotten very far if you hated it so much.

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