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Here's 10 Minutes of Retro City Rampage Gameplay and Music

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Download free bleep-bloops from the game written by Shantae, NBA Jam, NES death metal composers

If these soundtrack samples and new video for Retro City Rampage are anything to go by, it would seem that Vblank is barring no holds for what certainly is one of the most ambitious games yet for WiiWare.

Vblank snuck us over a new ten-song soundtrack "mixtape" to show off just how retro that city is going to sound (spoiler: pretty retro) played over ten minutes of new footage. The pedigree of the musicians wrangled up for the open-world action parody certainly has our interest piqued, too:

  • virt (Jake Kaufman) – Renowned chiptune artist, his work includes Contra 4, Red Faction II, Shantae, Batman: The Brave & the Bold, among DOZENS of other titles.
  • Freaky DNA (Leonard Paul) – Has been working on video games since the Sega Genesis and SNES including NBA '95. Most recently Len completed work on the brand new NBA Jam.
  • Norrin Radd (Matt Creamer) – Brought deathmetal to the NES with his album Anomaly.

Hit up the game's official site for the full mixtape tracklist and more information about the artists. And, you know, the game too.

If you dig the tunes then you can snag both the main theme composed by virt as well as the entire mix. All without having to worry about lining up two cassettes and jamming Record at the same time, too. Just Right Click and Save As these screwball MP3s. Totally bad.

virt - Retro City Rampage Theme

Retro City Rampage Soundtrack Mixtape

Got 'em? Good. Now, about that video:

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burnedmatch said:

Love the music but did I see a fabby-o's cereal billboard and a wileys roadkill grill with a tnt BBQ sign in the window. this looks like a day one buy to me. Cant wait.



SKTTR said:

  • Contra
  • Duck Hunt
  • Elevator Action
  • Bomberman

haven't seen those references before



Kriedler said:

"I WAS FEEL ASLEEP!!!" I love it. And death metal on the NES? Am I dreaming? Happy day



PSICOffee said:

I only saw half the vid but I'm already sold. "I am (null)" was great and its cool to see mario pipes! This game will be very addicting and pretty fun.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Not watching, because I'm definitely picking this up and don't want to spoil even one second.

Can't wait!



Philip_J_Reed said:

You don't need to obtain the rights to anything in order to parody or satirize it. It's fair use.



suburban_sensei said:

Amazing, simply amazing. =] That part towards the end with the car reminded me of Super Mario Bros 2 (the location).



Link79 said:

I'm not even waiting for a review on this one. I know awesome when I see it.
Also when I hear it for that matter. The music alone is enough to flood my senses with nostalgia. Ahh 8-bit memories. Those were the days!



Rerun said:

This is GOOD! I wonder what the impact would've been if this was released during the heyday of the NES. Would it get Nintendo's Seal of Approval?



WiiAboutU said:

Is that the van from TMNT at 6min. 55sec. mark? I really hope this is released soon. We never received a GTA title for Wii and even the DS has. This is probably the closest we'll get to Chinatown. Even though I'm sure they could've easily fit that entire title into a Wiiware release. )<:

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